SCHOOL BUS 24 HR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE! (w/ my divorced parents)

SCHOOL BUS 24 HR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE! (w/ my divorced parents)

All right, so I’m going to leave you two in here to hang out. I’m definitely another brother, by the end of tonight. SAVAGE INTRO Oy! Hi, how are you? Good morning Logang! What’s poppin’ Follow me on instagram @sirzato2 ALLWAYS PLUG Add me on snapchat Drizzyjayda Where the f*ck is my bird? Maverick? Maverick? Maverick? Maverick! What are you doing bro? C’mere!! Thass ma boy! Anyways, Good morning Logang! Whass poppin’? My sweet, sweet mother–thinks she’s a savage πŸ™ Wait, Yo! Maybe she is! I mean, the maverick likes her more [Maverick fly’s away to savage mom] Like why bro come on! Maybe and we’re as much yes. Look up Pam-he likes me. Yeah I can tell maybe because you’re a savage. Pam-Maybe! Pam- And maybe because I wear his merch AND YOU!!! The number one savage of them all it’s my boy Kong! Kong look over here. Whoa. He’s being stubborn What are you doing, buddy to show the Logang some love! NO! rough morning, buddy? I’m sorry What’s goin on Kong? What’s goin on Kong? You OK? Is your little tongue out? No? As his dad. Nothing makes me more upset than seeing my child sad- BUT, BUT, BUT!!! This is bad but this is my favorite part about having my mom in town. Pam-I have to organize his life I-I appreciate you reached you mom! I can’t do it myself! I’m young and dumb! This is ridiculous! Pam-Kong wouldn’t even fit in here Let’s try! This is the moment of truth mom! You said he wouldn’t fit! Pam-That’s a good way to give him a bath! Yo! Not only does he fit. I think he likes it. Kong! What are you doing, bro? Full savage! So obviously my dog is sad about something.of us all you said what’s going on? He’s not being himself but nothing a little dancing can fix right? [Music] Maybe he’s going to do like dog Puberty I’ve never been a dad before so don’t know but okay What’s going on today? Shortly here? I’m heading to set for my movie Valley girl. They will be my second day Oh, you want to get off? Second day of the movie? And this is big day like it’s in an emotional scene today, so although I’m happy right now. I’m going to be sad in a little bit [Logan falls backwards in chair] Don’t worry! Kong is fine! But I’m not so fine. Ow, Ow Pam-What the heck happened Pam-I think you were trying to lean back Do the Rockaway [Music] Let’s go to set! Yo! I’m here-sort of. I’m at base camp right now, [but] as you guys know my character’s name was Mickey Well, the movie takes place in 80s. He is the definition of a [Chacha] literally This kid is awesome, but also not. I see my characters car my car and all I gotta say is oh my God Oh my God It’s a bronco a yellow Bronco the tires are so clean the rims are shining maybe after the movie is done I can buy this car. Yo, how sick would that be! okay that idea is on the back Burner. Let’s go get ready We got Bobby oh My God no no, no, I’m not recording Hey, can I pause real quick? What’s happening here? Hon. Jim is Mickey coming soon, or is He back What a lady, oh, I got my tennis wife I feel good okay mickey you’re so fine. You’re so fine You blow my flower because right now. We’re actually going to test drive the yellow truck We saw earlier for safety purposes to me. I don’t know why I mean you guys [know] that you watch my vlogs looking I’m a professional job over. Oh my goodness there it is There’s my baby as you guys can see a lot of people coming along with it, okay So they’re playing this really safe everyone has these yellow vests on so don’t get hit by cars and or me because as you guys Know I’m a tree, but obviously I don’t have to put one of those on because my pale skin reflects the sun enough. Oh, sorry [Safe] community you guys do that That is not a closure this mobster officer Kerrie right here, [though] Make sure we are abiding by what our permit said and what is safe for both us and the neighborhood already? Way too much going out into the road everyone should be on your [sidewalks] on the north way, which is nice It’s a nice [row] feel like I’m driving like a giant Spongebob Does it drift? Now yeah, and [I] was going to do that. So that was dope, but just like every other toy in my life I don’t need it I would really like that car, but that guy [I] [love] waiting to shoot the scene right now And it’s really interesting because this movie takes place in the 80s so like besides my car It has to deck the whole street out [in] 80s car. That’s an old car that’s an old car. That’s an old car That’s an old car then this is our set right here and this scene I have to wear sweat they have not given it to me yet, but it’s like 90 [degrees]. I kinda like the angle Okay, but yo I’m I wanted die bro. No bro. Don’t I get hot so easy when you’re ready Bill you’re me make me do it bill. I’ll do it. Oh, I was naked [oh] [God] yo, I was hot like me. I guess he did kidding uh who I’m good. I’m good I think today was a good scene got [a] busy falling wardrobes gonna hate me. He’s a really dirty ground I think it was a good day to do a little bit of an emotional scene, but even though I’m a man It’s sometimes good to display a man Like that that was sad anyways now y’all we are going home for some real fun dude So get ready for symmetric but first my baby. Oh my God look actors It’s been so long [why] I don’t mean what I know I Got makeup on here. Uh yeah look that’s what happens when you’re an actor kissing [buses], okay? So I feel like now’s a good time to tell you I tonight I’m doing an overnight challenge in my school bus I have been wanting to do this [for] so long I’m a job my baby once again And I want to go to the store get some sleeping blag blag why bags Flashlights, ETc obviously I need to do with some friends And I think [I] have a couple of months my boy is on the road again Anything let me have a job you like this Oh my God Who’s when you learn? Who’s any letter? You school that’s coming through window get it hands in the wheel cuz my blogging Oh my God bro guys this thing is literally like driving a cloud a giant clouds are delivered you to education. [who’s] Taking a hard right now You’re cutting across parking lots. I don’t give a damn. We have arrived at our [destination]. This is not sponsored. You’re welcome Target Oh my God feels good to be king also one quick. Thanks, mom. I’ll be right back maybe don’t move good bus definitely gonna need one of these I bet people are going to look at me funny [eh] [cuz] [I] had this haircut and Because I’m vlogging for you know. What’s crazy about that. [I] don’t give a shit I do it And you know why guys it’s because I’m a maverick son. [I] rep baby. Let’s come okay It’s time to go on a little shopping for some bedding Sleeping bag like this bitch up with some lantern some fire for roasting Marshmallows Marshmallow roasting six Marshmallows more stuff more some more stuff some noodles cuz noodles are dead and wine for my mama some drank for the boy it might Get a little stupid okay guys. We got [a] lot of stuff, and I’m loading up the back of the bus [I] hope I didn’t break you, and there’s some low gangsters with it Yo, what were you guys singing when I cost you help me help you I know what you’re trying to do cuz I don’t got a clue. No. I ain’t no scooby doo [ah] no I love it big news the video just hit 10 million views Got good news for you. This may be the last time you see this bus yellow makeover time Time you [had] a good time you gotta be had a good job [alright] no no, no I gotta run the circle Alright. Yo, nice to meet you guys I love the low get low game like thank you need to be a mountain boost on D’Angelo’s. I’m go home now. Okay [now] We are back home, and we are working on getting some friend into a decent job. So far you do [much] This is [opera], [bro]. This is okay. Come on. Stop it. [oh], we got my mom. She’s a savage [loophole] marshalling in description We got Maverick [repair]. We got my boy car. We got my boy John No overnight challenge in the cool bus first. [I’ve] never sleep over with [alright]. Oh, you’re feisty today. Huh, I think knowing oh [yo], how do you know your boy good job never come down come on [donabrook]? [ooh] good good? Hi guys, we were walking to the bus. I parked it over there. We got everything we need for the ultimate sleepover Hey, those are my pants my mom’s wearing my pants, but yo you’re a savage you can handle he’s fitting in my pocket Yeah, probably cuz you’re not designed to go there. Yo. [he] fitting [drives] away, and there is our home for the night Yeah, oh sick. I love the lights on classic. Loki Kong’s first visit in the [cubot]. Yo buddy. Come on in here That’s my boo. [help] you guys so obviously rule number I Move your hands rule number one is we gotta get some legs in here I bought some let it move your hands for their light like that the stores are [in] yo What are you doing, bro? The last one [wasn’t] my hand I was a dick Hey, I hear the lenses we gotta get these set up Where’s this [winch] with the switch open [Amano]? You only got intruders what you doing man? Well now. I I keep going don’t want you to go We’re gonna have intruders all night. Oh my God. Did you get here? We have a toilet [I] logan we have lived this bus over lancers it what the fuck you doing, [bro], and it is literally lit ah I’m vlogging we did at the same time? How you doing? How you feeling? I’m good hungry. Yoko we’re set We’re gonna get some food let’s order the food to the bus like it’s our home Yeah, I like and they’ll come visit with a good while you live it in a school [girls] [leave] Mmm. Trying to get some pizza, Pika-Pika the pizza place is right across the street under 20 feet visibility under 23 I kids throw her [in] at the front door the pizza places like that. [hi], mom What do you want pepper [alright] stop [not] [I] still think we should order. I think we’ll be funny to get the guy’s reaction Oh, Sheila order to the bucket. Yeah Mom sucks what you want? Yo? Uh froze so I just trying to make a good vlog I just think his reaction be funny like why are we living in a school bus tour mom. Are you really texting what you want? I’m still doing it again. I’m still doing this with some special notes in here across the street in the bus You like come in the bus. It’s [dirt] Yo come on. You guys are ruining all the fun. You’re ruining all the fun I’m still doing the guys for the [logan] all about that content big that’s really delivered 25 minutes. I’ll be so stubborn, bro I don’t know. No rule number one always this year guys, okay guys. I’m [excited] to say my order has been placed mom What are you doing? Mom? Mom? What fucking stop you’re done walking? I’m ending your vlog forever, okay? I’m sorry. [oh] By the way, how is it possible that a dog is so cute? Oh my gosh? Oh wait? I know why cuz my boys in the loge a hey Mom stop, huh, what are you barking at my boy? What’s going on? What’s up Junior, bro. I told you I was gonna happen, what up g [ha] oh He knows we got a little gangster. Yeah Tonight, we’re camping on this bus dude. [oh] for our open ice challenge Be like it subscribe [cuz] I’m so sorry I’m waiting from a pizza and a goddamn [cigarette] [oh], you got the party pooper at the party pooper. Hey, I got good news And I got good news in with the good news. I brought pizza and a new friend. That’s gonna be with a fireman What wait what hey dude? Why is he so [quiet]? Because he’s like yo who would actually be sleeping in a bus right now as far [as] [a] low [gang] row is he really saying With us like a bride just don’t know you that’s [the] thing yeah, well hard what I mean is You can you talk you talk about let’s date to get specialized you talk okay? What’s okay can save? Hi guys, man. I’m just trying to make good content. I’ll need it. What [did] [he] talk why don’t you talk? Why is he talked? He doesn’t talk go potty Kong story. I’m gonna take care of you and be a good dad go Pod we’re doing Is [awesome] sir? [oh] my God you’re a shame for you to [also] [wear] [for] the dog off I just see a fluffy little [butt]. What are you doing on the gross? Why are you talking my dog guys the night has just gotten started and it is an interesting one He went potty like a good dog or did you get dessert? Yeah? Oh my God? Yo? This is joke, bro Anyway, this is why I got the noodles though because I know these are going to be fun and occupy me in [taizo] board over There that when your food is ready They’ll just wait you I ever do anyway cuz I got [summer] delivery [Mugen] of a country [Christopher] country Beautiful and such a fucking wet noodle. Yeah, where are you Jake Paul with your Disney comedy, bro? He must be hungry My buddy like really appreciates you coming in Come on. Come on the bus. We’re having a good time. What’s your name? I’m good Jasmine is crazy because he made such a big deal about this and then he has to go get a ticket and now he missed It so that’s not her dad. Ben let me introduce you the crew. This is Mama I’m George Logan Paul’s on his way. This is JD [cost] too much you gotta because because it was your piece all right. This is perfect Why is she on the [pot]? We’re not kidnapping you? I don’t think I don’t know no honest to [God] if I knew postage is just cute I would have hold up wait wait. You are really cute. What the heck? That’s awesome I take for you to stay on this bus [although]. [I’m] not Kidnapping Rose did we weren’t no [Mackay] nothing. I am I hurt you yeah, you heard me, but the camera I heard that you I miss it bro. No cinema blog. This is a book which is In Marana, Sora’s [ration] you too. Yeah, you don’t know who he is that’s jay Paul. You’ve heard of the Jake Polish Down boy down it’s a pretty shirt bro. Hi, Eddie – g – my name cutsies got the pizza Yeah, [I] put on the floor with you He’s just really upset. He missed it. Don’t stop talking. Yes, ma’am. Good work George He’s still not saying anything. [no] [it]. [just] means honestly more people and alcohol Let’s go. Yeah Yeah, okay anyways. Oh, yeah [welcome] to the party [guy] [read] the calzone. You got ordered. [I’m] post me. It doesn’t come with the bus No, you gotta order it. What is this the calendar comes with the puzzle [nope] mm. Oh yeah? Are you eating my boys leaving cuz there’s no calzones [at] the phone. Oh wait the vegan pizza ain’t got no Vegan pizza, bro well How much is rent through one night on this bus they don’t be at least five dollars My stock is going up, and he’s up well doesn’t member for a second. I know you can’t really give me a diet I think I don’t know I’m like a dad. Hi boys we digging me out here. We go. Yeah I got boy. I’m talking that good good. [oh] my gosh. Oh, no, oh, oh [they] almost ran over my camera Fuck oh, God. We got Jake Paul not oh, it’s great Okay Take this and prosper. Yo, I love it. How everyone’s were in low gamer [stroll]. Let’s go. Yeah, check it out There’s a girl you divorced when she had me High so yo, what’s the move what’s [up]? We got a bus. We got the farm. We got the squad Oh, we go one bed. Well don’t look behind you bro No up above the seat broke no mark get up and look over the seat bro. [true] sleeping bags, bro I didn’t do the math right on the 90. We don’t our middle. Son. Yeah What? What wait hold up no no? No you are you guys [usually] later to edit? Why? Why to bankroll you got for me wait hold up? You’re just gonna leave him with me bro. He didn’t talk Take it none. Come on bro. Like no like I don’t know what I’m saying, bro. You’re making me so nervous Guys my boys my boys. [oh], okay. [oh], it turns out. You’re leaving all right bye guys, I guess Hey divorced parents. [oh], what up I’m drinking up this you might have [don’t] you [cook] we’re going to talk don’t worry mom I got some wine a little bit classier than straight vodka. I so. I’m gonna leave you two in here to hang out You know I’m definitely another brother by the end of tonight We’ll call Jolokia, and he’ll be the leader of the [locusts]. I’m just kidding. I’m not leaving them alone [hey] Well it stop stop stop. What happened here Why do you have the wine and why do you have the handle vodka vodka was always your mom’s favorite don’t hang it doubles and s’mores, we’re not divorced parents come here, Ma dreadwing this Mm-Hmm. Yeah is it dumb to try to do this out of us yeah cool. Let’s do it. [oh] Hi, guys were roasting marshmallows instead of [blood]. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of I think we’re doing it But we’re roasting marshmallows on a bus with like divorced parents this isn’t crap How does that when we want to put it out? You know? Hello gang. I have laid out the sleeping bags. It’s time to go to bed. Are you guys ready to sleep? Well, I’m not staying what yeah things do [goobie] What do you want you to do? You came on vacation bro at least I have you mum No I’m out why? You know the [splatter]? Mom when you get it renovated with the bathroom, Elston. Oh my God. It’s [like] [my] guys Deal with [the] system, and [I] buddy just me a new kong okay, so no intruders come here We don’t lantern going on and turn all missing a snack doesn’t take my shoes off your eyes. This is enormous amber I’m designer trying to make good content and everyone this means. I’m getting in my sleeping bag Colin come here color with me rope everybody come here. Okay? Low guys I’m going to sleep. I’m Gonna try and stay into the morning Okay, guys. This is [just] [freakin] crazy if I don’t live um if I don’t make it I just want to say don’t forget to be a Maverick and Just like [it] [comfortably], I’ll see you guys in the morning. Good morning. Y’all kong-Kong [ha] ha oh my God what he’s so cute. Come on out, buddy. It’s time to go home Oh my [God]. Yo, that was actually [dull] screw another. Oh man the boy had a little cuddle session to my cool bus I’m happy This is awesome like legit this place is a home dude, and it’s just beautiful like there’s people outside But I just slept in my bus. I could make this place my home which may or may not be happening Makeover coming soon. I don’t know [okay] guys this is weird But that is the hall if you’re not subscribed make sure to subscribe to join the low gang because as you can see we are Late if you want to wrap the family as well I said this a thousand [times] you can get your merge link in the description Logan Paul calm /op Maverick do things that other people don’t do Ii’s it [ha] lo que I love you, and I will see you tomorrow Tickety-boo Hey Oh-oh-oh

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  1. Why did your parents divorce and also not trying to be pushy but how old were you
    OK bye sorry they did divorce πŸ™

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  4. R.i.p Kong. You will be missed by Logan And Logang. We all love you Kong, You are in a better place NowπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  5. Logan Imma big fan of you and i wish i can visit you cauae u are cool and funny and cute. And I hope you have a good life and I'm praying for you and your dog KongDaSavage and i hope he's 8n a better place

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