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  1. Rest peacefully beautiful angel spread your wings and play in the heavenly park with all the other angels that have gone on before you…. 😒😒😒😒😒

  2. My prayers are with her family and friends and may she rest in peace with the Lord and it is so sad. Take care everyone.

  3. Many of these drivers don't yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk. As you walk they're still turning and look at you as if you are the problem despite having the light to go. No patience just terrible

  4. LORD HAVE MERCY LORD!!! Slow down. Put flashing lights on. Watch out for CHILDREN. Drive safe. 😱😬😬😬😬😬

  5. After tragedy, all tragedy profiteers in the neighborhood come out as victims and demand their self serving grievances be addressed and stop signs, traffic cameras, and everything in between be implemented in their bubble… sad !

  6. Another main reason why the City of New York should be considering enforcing the driving and traffic laws. They could've done law enforcement regarding driving in NYC decades ago. In other states within the United States, the authorities take these driving laws very serious. But NYC tarnishes these laws. This is why summonses should only be for the people that don't follow the traffic laws. The way how that driver was doing was bad. The City should issue a summons on that school bus driver since he wasn't following the driving rules. I hope these enforcements can be done as soon as possible. The sooner it gets done, the better things will get. Everyone will feel much safe to drive once the laws have been enforced.

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