School Bus Driver Keeps Driving as 9-year-old is Attacked, Family Says

School Bus Driver Keeps Driving as 9-year-old is Attacked, Family Says

Officials in Prince George’s County, Maryland are investing an attack that took place on a school bus. The entire incident was captured on a cell phone video. An elementary school girl was beaten by her classmates — severely enough to give her a concussion. In this video you can see a
group of students taunting 9-year old Saraia Collins and you can even hear her saying, “I’m not going to fight you.” The bus continued on its route as the verbal assault became physical. The bus driver reportedly is not allowed to break up physical fights.
Frustrated with the school district Saraia’s family went to county police. The school system says the bus driver is under investigation. The girl seen in the video inflicting the most severe blows has been suspended. More suspensions may be coming. School officials are currently interviewing other students who witnessed the incident.

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  1. This happened to me once. She picked me up, me being light it was easy. She threw me in a seat then poured Kool~Aid all over me. I tried to tell the bus driver but he just told me to screw off.

  2. the girls better been lucky that that's not my sister because. I would of been suspended and they would of been beat up😭😳😡

  3. nardis you took a little girl had a fight and I know you don't want to hurt nobody but it's all right if he got for his self and it's not the Parents full it's the way she wants to get ready but what you trying to beat up a nine-year-old only kids don't got no respect these days.

  4. Bru if is was in the bus i would have kicked and punched them all in the guts. Wouldn't you like the comment if you would too.

  5. Oh let me be a 9 year old girl and some one do that to me. Already know what's bout to happen.violence isn't the answer but to know to me some times it has to be an answer for some things.

  6. As much as I would love to have kids, I just don't feel like I could handle it. I would have to beat a kid's ahh after finding out something like this happened…smh kids need their ahh beat.

  7. I would've beat all they ass and defended that girl and they suspended that poor girl those boys would've been beaten so hard by my squad they would've dropped blood

  8. Poor girl l I is I was there to help her

    Ok so yah I'm shy but if I saw this happen and I was there I would go full rage mode… Moral of the story… don't get on my bad side

  9. Her family sued the school and won $100,000.

    What is with the fat lady going nuts with her hands and blocking half the screen!?

  10. Omg 😲 she didn't even want to fight and they did that to her she didnt deserves that type of bad treatment

  11. the apple does not fall far from the tree! those wicked children are mimicking their parents behaviours! in the UK kids as young as 10 years can be locked up! parents should be fined/punished for their children's behaviour! I assure you there would be less juvenile delinquency

  12. is why now and day people are doing home school no more public school is to much drama no one believes anyone and sometime kids will do thing for attention no one knows and probably the bus driver didn't know because of the sound of the bus everyone do what ever they want . We really need to pray.

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  14. Fuck suspension, she should be murdered in front of her parents so next time they get a child they'll learn to raise them properly

  15. If I was one of those kids on the bus and these other kids started hitting the 9yr old I would get up and litterly punched them all and scream at the bus driver to stop the bus I'm 11 and if I ever see this happening on my bus I would be saying in my head fuck The bus stopping get up and stop all of this as in grabing the kids hitting and then try to push them as far as I can then sit by the little girl and just stare at the other kids if they tried anything

  16. The people who were bullying her should stop. That's annoying for others and hitting a girl who said she doesn't want to fight doesn't mean that girl has to do it -.- I hope her parents keep her grounded for 5 months.

  17. I road the bus in Carroll county school system in Huntingdon Tn n bus driver Harold Carter would have taken every one involved straight to the principals office no questions asked ..RIP Mr. Carter

  18. My family really doesn't like school buses… some bad experiences and whatnot… We got a pretty good public bus system where we are so one of my cousins rides that home instead of the school bus.

  19. The kid needs to learn to defend herself. Bullying is a natural thing, it serves a purpose. I get both sides. I’m cool with it to a certain degree.

  20. I would’ve took my long nails and put my hands on the person that is beating me up and press down until they bleed

  21. Oh so she got her head slammed through glass then he wouldn't be allowed to do anything oh that's a perfect rule just let kids get hurt and then you complain when parents yell at you will guess what it is not their fault it is your own fault for setting that stupid rule

  22. If someone said they don't want to fight go find someone who does i just wanted to jump through the screen and beat their ass

  23. Sweet baby girl I'm so sorry that happened to you I hope you are much much better now I pray that God protect you throughout your life in Jesus name I pray amen

  24. That’s my school and I was on the bus , she wanted to fighter her because of he said she said 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. I i was on that bus if she was my friend or not i would help her fight off those girls they going to probably like 7th grade now

  26. I remember this day , it happen bc they girl was talking abt the other girl so onna bus she wanted to fight her and the girl was like ion wanna fight uu and some girl said it’s my birthday I wanna see a fight and the girl went over to her seat and start fighting her .🤷🏽‍♀️

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