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  1. If she is also a bus driver, parents are allowed to have their kids ride their bus. Heck, I've had a driver take a seat to strap their toddler in for the ride. There's a solution to every problem.

  2. The fuck is this shit about bus passes? I've gotten on and off the bus just fine by myself since I was in Kindergarten, I know where I live.

  3. We need to start telling the head offices, district managers, school boards etc… the list of people and agencies giving these cookie-cutter, form-letter responses are endless and people, parents, reporters, we all need to begin saying NO! We do not accept this response. We are sliding down a slippery slope and every time we accept these replies, every time the PD or any other crooked policing or government agency like the TSA wins, they spread more oil on our slope and now we are descending so quickly that there's so much shit we are slamming into before we see it coming. We have to start organizing and protesting this crap or we might as well fly our white flag, lay down and give up now. I'm an old disabled woman but I don't want to leave my children and grandchildren living in a state of the government policing every aspect of their precious lives. From what we can say (islamophobia), to what we see (filtering the internet), to what we can wear (insane school dress codes and prom filtering of female-only outfits). Obviously, there are tons more but we have to start somewhere. So start freaking organizing, because crap like this is unacceptable!

  4. Guys, if your African American and if people bully you by saying insults, just laugh it off because those people are trying to make you feel bad.

  5. Who would bring a 5 YEAR OLD TO THE MAIN STREET

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