School Bus Tiny Home Conversion – Epic Road Trip Ep 1

School Bus Tiny Home Conversion – Epic Road Trip Ep 1

Hi my name is Phil and I bought a bus I’m travelling around the country and I converted this bus into a Tiny Home The bus conversion is complete, I now have a Tiny Home Be sure to follow along and subscribe to the blog to watch my US Road Trip Each week I am going to be uploading a new video

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  1. What was you budget on the build of you don’t mind sharing? Nice conversion, simple enough and functional. Enjoy the journey, can’t wait til I begin mine still deciding if I want to convert an 90s RV or customize a schoolie. Trying to see where I’d get to stretch my budget better on.

  2. obviosly no insulation on this conversion
    are you cool with temperature inside ??
    nice work thought , i like how cosy final result looks like

  3. I love your conversion. Perfect bus size for traveling. My favorite blue color. Instead of closet can a small bathroom fit in this size of bus? Planning to get this size for rv conversion. Thank you ! and have a safe travelling.

  4. awesome I am planning to do the same…I am from Europe and these busses are quite cheap in the States…I will ask my relatives in California or Tennessee if I can register the vehicle to them then travel around North America, maybe Mexico if possible. Then ship it back to Europe if all goes well…did you attached the floorboard to the floor of the bus? or is the wood just loose without moving? what type of paint did you use for the outside of the bus?

  5. Ok… cool… I was thinking that you did all that good work, but no bathroom and kitchen. Because I've seen some vids where some are ok with just using the facilities in rest areas. But I think it's way better to have your own kitchen / bath. Just so much more convenient.

  6. Wow just found this. Great job!
    Where did you get a bus with low miles like thar for only 5k?
    I'm in the market for one.

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