Screw Drive Vehicle – Extreme Off Road – Part 10 – THE END

Screw Drive Vehicle – Extreme Off Road – Part 10 – THE END

alright so I brought the beast out into
the wild here to do some testing I’ll just go through
a few things that I’ve done to get to the point where I feel I can
start playing around with it %uh first off I have done some reinforcements on the front here you
can see I have this brace here thats going to stop it torquing this way cross piece all this is quarter-inch
thick tube so I’m pretty happy with that i think
it is adequate I didn’t put cones on the front here yet
or anything like that because I’ve actually acquired to large hundred pound propane tanks i
think im gonna make some new parts there about sixteen inches in diameter instead of 8 should give me some
better flotation so I’ll leave that for now I’m just gonna play with it as it is try testing the drive train out got the fenders on and the seat on. You can see i’ve put these handles for the controlls so that’s all
kinda taken care of I did end up having to cut this one
fender to fit around this brake caliper you can see I’ve
done lots reinforce on the back here the only thing I could
really think of have to stop this from twisting in was this big plate around here which
had to curve around the caliper so that’s helping pull this way then I
also put a receiver hitch on with the pintle so I
can start using that for pulling that’s all
reinforced in here and this all obviously as well has
tied all this together from pulling had also put a spring loaded chain
tensioner on the side so which is adjustable their just pivoting on a bolt there another thing I did as I did also taper
the end of the fins they’re not just 90
degrees anymore so it doesn’t get hung up on a rock
or anything so… I think that’s pretty
much it gonna give you look of it here and then do some testing its a really wet weekend out here really
rainy so we’ll see how it performs in this muck on also mounted this bison sweet
Manitoba hood ornament this is kind of a project i’ve been working on for
a few years now i’m digging this huge hole for no
apparent reason can see its full of water right now it’s
probable 5 feet dep i’ve been mining it out
with my little excavator but since the big rain its full i’m going to have to pump it out again but i think i’m going to attempt to drive the screw machine through the muck here maybe go through this wet stuff and try
to make it up the other side as a kinda first test %uh not sure what it’s going to do as far as inclines
and that stuff is probably a foot deep muck so hopefully i don’t just end up just
getting stuck to right there like I said the screws are not perfect I
don’t have a cone on the front that’s very good right now so hopefully doesn’t just plow too
much, but we’ll see what happens well… it’s screwed i don’t know if you can see it on the video
here but it actually broke the transmission there is a huge crack there on the axle shaft and it actually bent this axle shaft you can see how the disc is
no longer even near the brake pads the torque of going through that muck bent the
axle blew the transmission so ahhh….fuck! basically I’m screwed well i have have extracted from the mud pit and the damages are severe the more i look the more i see whats happened here so i’ll show you at the actual axle shoaft from the
tractors is bent,its cracked the case i don’t know if you can see it. it’s getting dark and stormy
today but the case on the axle shaft is broken and also bent
the jack shaft on this side and bent the gear on this pod as well so basically catastrophic failure again I don’t really know where to go with it now so i think it was a fun project but I’m not sure if
it’s gonna make it you know it’s so much torque on those
pods that i don’t think i have a strong enough gear here to turn them really even if I did replace the transmission
now I don’t feel confident with that setup because basically all it was doing is driving up a bit of a slope but it wasn’t a crazy grade or anything so this might be a might be the end of
this one unless i come up with something else in the near future. but sure looks

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  1. Might as well pick up the fucking thing it's that slow, but man I love it and want it. Remove that seat and put a platform on it, small table and chairs, umbrella and some heaps of vodka.

  2. Use hydraulic motors. You needed pillow bearings on the end of the shafts but theres a crapload of torque there.

  3. Great project though I'd try with larger diameter tanks and an direct drive dc motors at around 36 volts

  4. This has been tried before,good try though, with more rienforcement and larger fins who knows. But I think their is better combos out there.

    ? झूठ में आकर्षण होता है, पर
    स्थिरता " सत्य " में ही होती है.. ?
    : ✏शब्दो का वजन तो बोलने वाले के
    भाव पर आधारित है !
    एक शब्द मन्त्र हो जाता है
    एक शब्द गाली कहलाता है
    वाणी ही व्यक्ति के..
    व्यक्तित्व का परिचय कराती है..✍?

    ।। ??* ?? ।।

  6. I have an idea. Why not putting some round elements that turn on the direction of traveling and not perpendicular? Wouldn't that be more efficient? You can start with 4 of them for more stability.

  7. What about running a hydraulic pump off the engine to 2 separate hydraulic motors on the pods? It would simplify things and you'll have better control without the need for brakes and your weak points of shafts, chains and sprockets. I understand that it's not a cheap gamble, but it's more forgiving and much easier to control with a 2 lever valve system. Having forward and reverse all run by hydraulics is just a better engineering aspect and independent drive motors running off a central pump would be best. I'd recommend a log splitter style 2 stage 16gpm or larger that way the pump won't overrun the engines power when your load changes aka for hills or pulling heavy loads. The 2 stage acts like an automatic transmission and will downshift to less flow more pressure under heavy loads and switch back on its own when you are just traveling on flat runs. IDK just a thought. I'm an engineer for a living, and if I were doing something like this, that would be the way I would have gone. I wish you the best of luck and would like to see it eventually work out for ya.

  8. The trees were waving at you! It would work on the Thunderbirds! I'm surprised it got that far, didn't look strong enough to me after you pointed out the bracing, but hats off to you for having the vision. It's an interesting idea. Just lacks strength.

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