Searching an Old Police Car * Crown Rick Auto *

Searching an Old Police Car * Crown Rick Auto *

What’s up guys here at the shop today? I’m going to search this 2010 one at the auction on my live stream check this out What the heck is that? So we’re going to try and start it see what’s up So there’s no security man today, so I got to be extra alert extra quick You know in case criminals come after me together? secure the premises I Did you have a little bit kidding, right? Alright, so this is A 2010 Turnout Rulers Sheriff’s temporary Tattoo, that’s pretty cool. We can do you want Candy? put it keys poulsen in there blue hotter than beers get their Split second, but this is real thick is this Heaven Banknote $10,000 funny money funny man funny money oh These are like. I don’t know what the heck is this or Gang King Dang Dang $10,000 Different one right here. Well this is cool. Hell banknote oh Hell Banknote hell Bank $10,000 a hell-bent on either women’s please We’ll take a few dollars And make it rain Make it rain, baby What do you think all this cash I found There you go boom you need five hundred. Yeah, one of them is ten thousand that’s crazy. Look at these right here He’ll bank loan this was a Heaven bank no, and I helped include ahead Like a weird Dam with it, okay? this is Weird I Think garbage looks like the cop was addicted to 5-hour energy drink this can’t be healthy for you Please get some sleep USB cables to connect A Blue Bullet probably to kill Smurfs or something Now some it heat up this bullet Never try that at home. I’m a professional Angela, Sophia Smells like weed nasty weed looks like a weed grinder Another wheat piece there’s a joint roller or something Why are these criminals hiding wheat products don’t they know it’s illegal to smoke weed in California Do nothing do this I? Feel so think I feel something oh I Feel something kinetic and enough stuff Looks like crack pipe meth pipe can real curious and what this is right here Okay, I’m done holding my breath because they’re gonna tease me a gun There’s a door panel. There’s a lighter message said I mean or MdMa ecstasy Testicle you know what I’m going to go test out that crack right here. It is see The Solution is still there Test Tube is broken we can still figure it out. I’m going to put the solution in here bricky versa dropped it in the leg Dammit I Don’t know what I’m doing mess. The whole thing up far. Nothing’s real good Besides every once in a while sometimes it feels good even some of them are oh Yeah, look at this look what I got Dynamite Shank weapon. Oh Oh, no There’s no shank at the end of the dynamite shank weapon But you know what since we didn’t really find anything too crazy in this car I’m going to demo this for you guys. I’m going to blow up the funny mask car. Let’s up a rocket launcher To put it to the test So I make myself a homemade rocket launcher now the neighbor is going to be Screaming his head off over this, but you know what I don’t care What the heck all that anticipation no reward? Sorry, I shot it again. Okay intel says that the criminals the criminal hideout should be right over there Caban I need permission and Luke the criminal hideout gotcha You hear that? That’s the neighbor when I try to start this baby up nothing Oh crap Alright, so he’s holding up in the throttle body Up almost is that all it is the throttle body away opening. You burst again What if they should be opening your setting but it’s not only this part Indeed you’re gone, and he wants to wiggle a little bit the hoffman so thick it is – okay look it There, I’ll turn the beam coming at that movement, okay, all right No But one now, we’re switching the whole thing the whole thing thing Put the thing back on Oh, yeah Right that’s the baby running to 160,000 miles oh Twelve thousand five hundred ninety seven eight. Oh hours. That’s the most I’ve seen it ever whoa alright. So we’ve got to test this out Hope you don’t get pulled over because this car is full of crack pipes is it ammo we yeah oh, man and Move So guys I have a dynamite shank weapon as you guys already know this is a three-in-one Weapon so usually there is a dagger that comes out right here. So if any criminals come near you and you can just But unfortunately this will follow exactly and Also like if your car breaks down you can use this and for the flare example like right there the flare but This is a thirty-minute flare once the flame gets to this line right here It turns into a dynamite and it blows up like boom So what you want to do is Keep the timer on you, all right. It’s almost time. It’s about to blow so throw it in Pro Dynamite Shank Weapon Dynamite Shake Weapon, whoo

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  2. Hey man if you find some cuffs i am an aspiring police officer and i would really like some i also love the hell out of you channel

  3. Your supposed to drop the sunstance down the tube and break the vile in the bag and shake if it turns blue it's positive

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