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  1. Seb: what’s your shoe size?
    Charles: smile
    … do you think what I’m thinking what Charles was thinking? 😂

  2. Sebastian out, Fernando in. Vettel has lost it, he's not up for it any more, Alonso does at least know how to be ruthless. Vettel is too soft.

  3. I really doubt that the fuel is transported by plane to overseas races. I mean planes carry enough fuel of their own to be considered a safety hazard. It seems far too risky to increase the danger by carrying extra!

  4. I’m liking the Mission Winnow sponsorship way more than Santander. Looks really great on the livery and the merch.

  5. 2 of my favourite drivers in F1. Leclerc is special and when i say special, he will go down in the History books as one of the Greats like Senna.

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