Second-hand car of the year 2016

Second-hand car of the year 2016

It is party time, because a second-hand
car of the year has been chosen. This is important, because new cars
do not sell very well in our country. This makes the second-hand
market more important. Together with VWE, BCA and Macadam,
Marktplaats carried out a major investigation. With a jury they looked at a lot of numbers. For example, how many times a car is searched
for on Marktplaats, how many bids it gets, which are sold and looked at, and how many
times a question was asked using In the end, the most popular car is the… The MINI. Of the second generation. We already did a buying advice video before,
which Wouter will show you a second time. He will tell you what to look out for. I will get back to you with some recent
figures of the cars for sale on Marktplaats. The MINI is a bit like the other man or woman. He or she is fun and flirty,
but they will do no cooking or cleaning. It is still attractive.
The same goes for the MINI. It is a questionable car.
Why does it cost so much? Especially a new one. It is not that bad second-hand,
even though they keep their value well. Compared to the more practical
and rational cars, it has very little space. In the back it is ridiculous. The trunk is very small. But yeah, the handling is fun. We always thought so, but now I am
driving one of the many diesels. It is challenging again. When getting in, everything is funny and different. It is different from all the other cars,
which gives it something extra. This is the second generation New MINI. It is a very British brand, but MINI
is owned by BMW for some time now. They launched the New MINI in 2000. This generation was introduced in 2006. The third generation new MINI
will be introduced in 2013. The fun thing is, no MINI is the same. They are personalized in the factory with decals, different colors, mirrors,
striping, lights, and interior bits. A lot of after-market stuff is available as well. This makes it fun. You can create your own MINI. The Brits / Germans were ahead with this. This car is an outsider with its diesel engine. You usually buy a MINI as a second car,
not for long distance driving. There are a lot of fun gasoline engines. The MINI One is the sad one,
but the Cooper and up are great. The Cooper S and Cooper Works have
a lot of power for a compact car. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel There is plenty on offer,
but you will have to look hard for that one specific MINI with
striping, that engine, etc. There are different body styles as well. The convertible is great in summer,
but I don’t think it is the prettiest one. The Roadster is a two-seater convertible,
the Coupe has a fixed roof. Those are expensive. The Clubman
offers more space in the back and an extra door in the side,
but it is still not a practical car. At the moment over 1,200 cars
are for sale, starting at 6,000 euros. This goes up until 30,000 euros
for a young Roadster from 2012. What is on offer stays the same. A lot of colors are available. The cars have a lot of options. They are well optioned, are still fun to look at… I get why this is popular on Marktplaats. There is a lot to watch out for.
It is not the best car ever built. Maybe it is because of the sporty handling
and chip-tuning for the Cooper S engines. You should not do that,
because the cooling is not great. Molten pistons, etc. Real damage
to the engine does happen. Check the timing belt for the
Cooper S, or rather the spanner. It is a fragile part which only costs 15 euros. Something is wrong when you hear
a diesel-like rattle after a cold start. MINI Netherlands gives a warranty,
but it is no standard replacement. If you want a Cooper S,
check for the adjustments. Else you should discuss
with the trader how to fix it. Other quality issues are cosmetic,
but can be annoying. The Cooper S has a scoop in the
hood, which can warp with heath. Not every plastic part is
bolted firmly to the body. The roof’s spoiler, for example,
cannot handle a car wash. It will come off after a while. Stuff in the interior… The leather
etc. is not the best quality. Check if it is OK. And if you can live
with some wear and tear. I was skeptical about
the diesel engine at first. The handling is actually fun. It does not have the best options.
No A/C, a plastic steering wheel, but all in all it is a good car. THIS CAR This is it, the second-hand car of the year. Do you agree or do you think a different
car should have gotten the title? Drop it in the comments. Maybe your favorite car will win next year. If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Als deze auto het gemiddelde is van de smaak van autorijdend Nederland, gaat het bedroevend slecht met dit land.

  2. Het is een vrouwenwagen.. Vandaar dat er hierover zoveel vragen worden gesteld, zoveel biedingen,… Is toch best logisch.

    Wel altijd spannend als je een Mini Cooper tegenkomt, gaat er een schone vrouw in zitten? 😀

  3. Een mini sorry maar dat is echt onzin dat ding is niet heel betrouwbaar moeilijk om te repareren on praktisch enz enige goed aan de auto is dat het leuk is om in te rijden maar als beste occasion nee echt geen goed keus :/

  4. Wat ik niet begrijp, is waarom de Mercedes C-klasse niet een populaire doorslag heeft gemaakt. Auto is fantastisch. Vele opties, ziet er goed uit, verbruik is prima naar grootte en vermogen, ligt als een blok op de weg en behoud goed zijn waarde.

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