Second-hand cars – transforming old Ford Mustangs into high-end watches

Second-hand cars – transforming old Ford Mustangs into high-end watches

Most people would basically
just see a pile of metal. They see a ghost of a Mustang or what used to be a Mustang But we see something completely different we see the soul of a car and a story that needs to be told and being given new life. People often ask how can you be so
heartless to cut up classic Mustangs but I’m not cutting up classic Mustangs, I’m bringing Mustangs beyond repair back to life … … as a watch. The Mustang Watch My name is Christian and I’m the co-founder of Rec watches and we recycled classic Mustang wrecks into watches. Me and my co-founder Jonathan decided to do something about our love for watches and cars and fusion these two together. We use all the metal we can use
from the bodywork of the car and make it directly into watch dials. So each dial is visibly unique no two dials are alike. The design features subtle references taken from classic Mustangs and are scaled-down so to say and incorporated into the design of the watch, reflecting the soul and the heritage of the Mustang. We don’t just take any random Mustang wreck it’s very important that we can document the story of the previous owners of the car proving that this VIN number is from a Mustang and the metal is from a Mustang and linking it up with the stories of the previous owners of the car is giving the full picture of where
that metal on your wrist comes from. People also donate parts
from their Mustang to us it’s always exciting to see their reaction when they receive something
made from what they hold dearest their Mustang. There … that’s a really well made watch. I drive a Mustang. I wear a Mustang. And I even cook on a Mustang. My name is Anthony, I’m from Belgium and I am one of the biggest Mustang fans. I know I cannot go everywhere with my car I cannot go with my car into a bar so I like the idea that I still have my car on my wrist. It’s so beautiful I wear it all the time. There’s a new chapter to the Mustang story and we want to capture that as well. So we teamed up with world champion drifter and professional racecar driver and fun haver Vaughn Gittin Jr. Who races the new Mustang, the Mustang RTR, to create a completely new design for the p-51 the Mustang watches and I got to go over to the
Goodwood Festival of Speed and the hand-deliver and the
very first sample of this watch. Nice to meet you Vaughn. Nice to meet you finally. You know I found out the guys at Recwatches could actually allow me to wear my Mustang on my wrist I was blown away. Cars and driving is is an accessory it’s a part of your lifestyle and an extension of your personality. For me it’s amazing to look down at my watch and know that I have a
piece of my amazing race car just around my wrist. It is about real people and real stories and it’s almost like a small time capsule that you have a small piece of a Mustang inside your watch and each time you look at the time you actually look at a Mustang.

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  1. If ford made the hoonicorn i bet they could just restore these old cars and sell them as remade models with new equipment but the same old bodystyle

  2. So you guys must get your aluminum from old bud light cans to build your truck's then bahaha! as long as the beer cans come from a military base it is military grade beer can aluminum!

  3. Всем привет кто может помочь с ремонтом Форд Транзит 2000 года, остался от отца . Живу в Украине и увы нет финансов сделать двигатель и топливную!!!

  4. Guy says in danish "I'm really very happy for this watch" …. translated to "this is a very well made watch" … lol what? 😛

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