Second hand smoke

Second hand smoke

There is something harmful and dangerous going on in some homes across Canada. It lingers and moves from one room to another, even when the door is closed. It sticks to clothing, fabrics, even the food we eat. And it cannot be completely eliminated, even when you open a window, clean or filter the air. What is it? There is something harmful and dangerous going on in some homes across Canada. The name of this threat? Second-hand smoke. You see, the toxic chemicals of smoke expose everyone to higher risk of lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory illness. The best way to protect your family from second-hand smoke?
NEVER allow smoking inside your home or car.
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  1. Hey everyone, the greatest success that ive had was with the Quit Smoking Crusher (i found it on google) definately the no.1 idea that I have ever tried.

  2. they should make a country that every citizen,officials,army even president is smokers and it should be free to be citizen as long as you smoke.that way us non smokers wont be effected and they can keep killing themselves all the way they want and i would be grateful to give all tobacco in my country for free to them as long as they stay in their pathetic country

  3. I'm currently trapped in an avid smoker's house; my brother's. My clothes, my blankets, bath towels…everything I own now smells like disgusting ash. I can taste it on my tongue, feel subtle pain in my lungs, even my ears are popping…. sleeping in the basement as I do…. the carcinogens seep through the ceiling, through the vents. It's revolting.. and I'm very concerned for my health. But I'm not the only one. There are young children sleeping here as well. Though I have no other place to go for the time. The damage that is being done to my body…I'm not sure how long will take to repair. What I'm most concerned about is what the toxins are doing to my skin. ~Crista, Saint Louis, MO

  4. I'm concerned of my health bring poisoned by others and if you think I'm overreacting so be it, all i know is that the smell makes me uncomfortable and I'm selfish

  5. Should be illegal in all country’s. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because it boosts the economy for every cigarette we buy. We continue to consume under 15 billion A DAY.
    1 in 5 Americans will die because of it, and more people have died from smoking than the total number of deaths in ww2

    Stop. Just stop. Think of the effects you are having on the people around you. You stink of ash. You purposely don’t wear white tshirts becuase the nicotine stains them

    Don’t think you are cool by starting smoking, because what your really doing is starting an addiction.

    You may get the last laugh when it comes to social status-but we’ll see who it when your in a grave by the ages of 60.

    Just don’t go there.
    And for those who just discarded this comment as bullsh*t,

    shame on you.
    May the children you have follow a different path that you have chose. You are not a good role model.

    Quit today. If you don’t, it’s too late.

  6. Im just tired of my parents smoking in the vehicle. Im to young to die. I don't want to die of second hand smoke. As I sit their in the vehicle my chest hurts as I can hardly breathe. They say it's fine because they crack the window but it's not fine because it's still in there. I try to take little of breathe as possible when I'm Burying my face in to my shirt because the smell is just awful. The worst part is the smell. Smelling it every time I get in the vehicle feeling like I'm going to throw up and even worst is the smell can stain your clothes and Accesories so I have to put cologne on so I don't smell like cigarette smoke when I go to school because I don't want to get made fun of for smelling like cigarettes. I sit down at night and pray for this madness to end, I can't take it anymore. Please can some one that has the power make smoking illegal or at least smoking around children in homes  and vehicles. It's for the greater good.

  7. I don't smoke but my partner does he's never smoked outside but always in another room I've told him smoke travels no matter what we have 2 kids as well one who is just 3 months he knows it's getting to me I'm at my wits end going to have to speak to him again as I'm not putting children at risk any more

  8. I live in an apartment in Dublin and am suffering from second hand smoke badly. I have talked to the management company for the apartment but they don't take it seriously at all and say they can't do anything, it's not illegal etc. They must be smokers.

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