Second Million Dollar Winner! | Wheel of Fortune

Second Million Dollar Winner! | Wheel of Fortune

This young lady is having a heck of a night
so far. You see that she has that “wild card,” and I’m going to take that now because you’ll
have other things to do. In the meantime, someone has taken your million dollar wedge.
Who is that? That’s my dad, Harold, and my mom Francine,
and my fiance Joey. Alright, well they are all pulling for you,
and, we all are, and we’re gonna ask you now, well, let’s explain. There is usually a $100,000
dollar envelope out here. We’ve taken it away, and replaced it with the million dollars.
We hope you land on it. Thanks, me too! Spin it! Alright, right there, please. Thank you very
much. And come with me. Now, the category tonight is THING. R S T
L N E. Vanne will put some letters up. Ask the audience to be very quiet, obviosly very
important to her. But you’re gonna need more than that. And let’s have 3 more consonants,
one more vowel. An M, a P, a C. And a vowel. An A. ow you have this Wild Card so you have one
more consonant, what would you like? I’ll take a G. Ok, let’s get it up there Vanna. Anything? Oh boy. (SIGH) Well, this looks challenging to me. THING
is the category. You have 10 seconds. Talk it out. You’re a good player. You never know.
Good luck. Tough Workout. Whaaat?!!! I am very impressed! Let me look, let me look.
We ahve a million-dollar winner! Autumn, you’ve hit the jackpot with ONE MILLION
DOLLARS!!! Oh my God! How did you solve that puzzle? I don’t know. Because I work out. Unbelievable! Autumn, our 30th year celebration continues
with your win of $1,030,340! And here you are, our millionaire Autumn,
ladies and gentlemen. First of all, first of all, even if you had
won $30,000, how the heck did you solve that puzzle? It was– I have no idea. I mean, you got it right, away. It just popped
in? It just popped in my head, I have no idea. So, is this the first time you’ve won a million
dollars? Yeah, I’d have to say so! And she’s getting married and it’s all very–
we’re all very excited for you. Congratulations to you. We couldn’t be happier and we’re glad
you could share in the fun. We’ll see you next time. Bye bye everyone.

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  1. It’s cool and all. I’ve had customers at my businesses who have won big bucks on game shows. They squander it fairy quickly, it’s amazing. They also end up in worse financial positions than before the game show.

  2. About 2 years ago a lady had the million dollar wedge, and webt to the bonus wheel. They gave her the question, but she didn't know the puzzle. It turned out she spun on the million dollar wedge. That would be heart breaking! I felt bad for her.

  3. no if this is the same lady from the dumbnail then it doesn't matter what she did other then miss the puzzle she was winning that million what a set up

  4. California took 63%
    Her home state took another 37%
    City and County taxes, another 12%
    Capital gains, FICA, Wealth Tax……

  5. She didn't win crap. It's as staged as Donald Trump's impeachment. Happy Thanksgiving everyone ,except you Democrats.

  6. I’ve always hated how they automatically give you RSTLNE. It’s very easy to just put up a puzzle with very little of those letters. Seems rigged to make it even more difficult than before.

  7. When blessing come to u from God this is good example of that u do not know just believe in it every thing go na be ok just do the Wright thing in ur life and believe in Allah.

  8. They should have had sparks flying from the ground after someone wins $1 MILLION like this! And a lot more confetti. 🎉 🎊 ⚡️

  9. Annnnnd, in the end she will get maybe 350k after taxes and have to deal with 500+ family members she didnt know she had…, yea, not much of a winner here, but hey, good on'er. I guess.

  10. This is good. Can buy own home n marry in style. GodBless them n give them wisdom to be wise in using this Heavenly Blessings from God.

  11. I wonder if she is still married, of if she even got married? Pat asked, hows it feel to be a millionaire? She only saw about $650 after taxes maybe $700.

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