Secrets To Track Your Cars Value & Make Money

Secrets To Track Your Cars Value & Make Money

this is the last thing we’re going to
cover before I teach you how to identify your ideal cart and I think it’s going
to be a real eye-opener if you use the strategies correctly you’re actually
going to spend a lot less money on the total cost of your ownership than you
may have thought and in some cases you may actually make money most people go into buying a car without
evaluating the total cost of ownership and that’s a huge mistake you need to
have a good idea of what you’re going to pay for title tab licensing the car
monthly costs for insurance interest rate if you end up financing the car
maintenance and even gas for every month that you own it you want to have a full
understanding of the ideal car ownership experience and having an idea of what
each one of these will cost will make sure that you don’t get yourself into
financial trouble now all cars either appreciate or depreciate over time by
holding all the costs we just talked about constant we can see if a price of
a certain car has gone up or down and have an understanding of what it will do
during our ownership experience what I’m about to show you is exactly why the
ideal car strategies work this is how I’ve been buying cars correctly for
years and now you can – this will work for all budgets but I’m going to walk
you through a member scenario discussed in the private Facebook group and show
you how we worked out what she was going to buy and by the way if you haven’t
joined the private Facebook group now is a great time link is down in the
description now remember she’ll be had a budget of seventeen thousand dollars and
was eyeing either a b8 outie a5 or an e46 bmw m3 she did some research and
insurance maintenance interests on a loan
gas and any other ownership costs were roughly the same for both vehicles now
she was looking to hold on to either one of these cars for two years and had
built out the ideal cars desirability guide which we’ll cover in depth later
on in the next module and found both a 2013 Audi a5 and a 2001 BMW m3 that were
both ideal spec before she spent any money on the pre-purchase inspection and
started the negotiation process she wanted to have a better idea of which
one was a better value so we first took the 2013 audi a5 and what you’ll see is
that in the past 12 months yoy stands for year-over-year the 2013
a5 has depreciated roughly 14% now if she’s going to own the
for 24 months we run the graph to see how much the Audi has lost in the past
two years by updating the chart we can now see that the 2013 Audi a5 has
depreciated roughly 30 percent so if it keeps depreciating it roughly the same
speed in two years from now fair market value will be around five K less or
$12,000 in other words it’s gonna cost her roughly $2,500 a year to drive that
car now the other car that she found was a 2001 bmw m3 so if we run the chart two
years back for the m3 we see the graph has a lot more ups and
downs which is a sign of a stabilizing market and a good indicator that the car
is most likely not depreciating much more and if we take a look it has
appreciated 21 and a half percent in the past 24 months Wow so if the m3 is
appreciating at roughly the same rate over the next two years the car will be
worth over $20,000 after two years of ownership so if all the other costs of
ownership are roughly the same tell me which car you’d rather drive and here’s
the thing I bet you’ve never looked at car ownership that way this is how I’ve
been helping people for years do exactly that drive their ideal car it works when
you’re buying your first car or your first supercar after a while you start
to get extremely good at knowing the market by reading the graphs and
predicting what will most likely happen during your ownership and here’s the
thing if you were set on buying that 2013 Audi a5 which was gonna be your
next ideal car no worries I truly believe that the ideal car for you is
the perfect fit for your lifestyle right now I just want you to know what you’re
getting into before you buy it and then I want to teach you how to minimize the
amount of depreciation that you experienced by using the tools that
we’ll cover in later modules so now that you fully understand how to identify
depreciation and depreciation and I’ve included that link in the description
that you can plug any car into and play with the graphs let’s move on to the
next module to teach you how to identify your ideal car and how to properly build
and use the proprietary ideal car desirability guide but before we do if
this is the first video that you’ve watched I’ve linked down in the
description the ideal car strategies playlist and I suggest you start from
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