See Through Engine – 4K Slow Motion Visible Combustion ( S1 • E1 )

See Through Engine – 4K Slow Motion Visible Combustion ( S1 • E1 )

Welcome to Warped perception. and I’m just going to jump right into it and
show you what we got. we have this L head Briggs & Stratton engine. with a transparent head that we build a few
months back. Good job Maddie. Wow it looks great. Yes. How old are you Maddy. Two. One two. 2 years old?. Thank you. Your turn. My turn?. Here you go thank you. For an ultra-high speed shoot we were doing
for vision research. we were showing the combustion process from
rich to lean. In ultra-high speed or Ultra slow motion. And the other day this video showed up in
my subscriptions feed of these guys. We’re here at our buddy John’s and he’s uncovering
the Oakland. That built something similar to the engine
that I built that I just showed you. Oh no we broke our flywheel that’s it for
that. And it reminded me of those clips. Now we’re going to burn a few different types
of fuel. The first one is going to be straight gasoline. The second is going to be rubbing alcohol
which a friend of mine Chris suggested. I really want to see the unburned exhaust
gases. Exiting the exhaust port. So I’m going to go ahead and remove the muffler
completely. Get some earplugs. And fire this thing back up. Ready to rock and roll. So that’s what the alcohol looks like. And after looking at the slow-motion footage. Seems like the alcohol kind of rinsed out
the cylinder. And cleaned up some of the soot from the gasoline. And interestingly enough. It was really weird. It was like the cylinder was full of liquid. It wasn’t even vaporized. The spark was still igniting it. Enough to push the Piston down and run the
engine. So it was kind of interesting. Not for this one I’m actually going to put
some safety goggles on. Because I’ve had some bad past experiences
with acetylene. Alright so what I’m going to do is I’m going
to start it up on the alcohol. And then add the acetylene. Which is going to be this one right here. Here it goes. That was the coolest thing ever. So I’m going to do that one more time. But this time. I’m going to turn the acetylene all the way
up. Full open. Because there’s so much soot coming out of
there. But I think we’re still going to be able to
see it. So let’s see that one more time With the high
speed camera. With the acetylene a hundred percent wide
open and almost no alcohol. Here it goes. Whoa what happened there let’s try that one
more time. But that put put that out. Okay here it goes one more time. Well it looks like we overdid it on the acetylene
a little bit. But props out to Kevin from the backyard scientist
for suggesting the acetylene. Last because now the head seems like it’s
completely unusable. I’m really curious to see if this engine will
actually run on tequila. That’s about it well that was a lot of fun
and I hope you enjoyed that episode. And the most important thing to me is that
you watch and enjoy our videos. I know the equipment that we use is out of
the reach of most of us. But the ideas are not. So if you have any ideas that you want to
see come to life. Just let us know. let us know in the comments or send us a message. And as usual. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Oh and also. Let me know if you want to see this engine
run on tequila. And I’ll try it out I don’t know if it’s worth
it. Because the alcohol was kind of. Yeah I was kind of like looked like the inside
of a washing machine. But I will try it if you guys want to see
me try it. So let us know. Until next time adios

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  1. See all the gas wasted not using a bonj best thing I learned on weed bonj for engine seen guy from sevites talking thought just a bonj for engine did catch head on fire when hose kinkedbut I will have that what s waste of fuel

  2. I dont understand what the second spark is. There is the one to fire at the right time but there seems to be another faint spark during the exhaust or at some other point..

  3. Cute little girl I have 3 girls and a son enjoy her wile you can before you know it she will be grown up i miss mine when they where tiny 🤔 they are ok now though lol

  4. Your mixture is too rich with full acetylene. That's why it's burning black. Add some O2 in with it and get the mixture the same as what you would run your torch at. Of course, that might blow the head off the engine but it would likely be cool. Great vid. I've always heard how the flame front worked but never seen it for real.

  5. I thought there wad a little guy in each cylinder wit lighter likte guy in da fridge dut turns out lite when you shut door.

  6. How engine cooling system work actually and how that system got power to cooling the engine are its from battery or something else??

  7. I'm so supprised plexiglass can take the pressure. Very interesting. I'd love to see an entire crank case made of plexiglass with a plexiglass cylinder head.

  8. i would really like to see a see-through rotary engine…will the high speed camera keep up with the rpm? XD

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