Selec-Terrain™ | How To | 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Selec-Terrain™ | How To | 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

If equipped, Selec-Terrain™ gives you maximum
four-wheel drive performance in different driving conditions.
Selec-Terrain™ offers the following positions: AUTO is for normal driving on hard-surface
roads. Auto provides smoother steering, better traction
and better handling. SNOW improves traction and stability on cold,
slippery surfaces. SAND improves traction and relieves the throttle
management issues associated with off-road driving. MUD minimizes wheel spin on low traction surfaces.
If equipped with air suspension, the level will change to Off-Road 1. ROCK is for high traction, off-road surfaces
and comes in handy against low-speed obstacles. It is only available in 4WD Low range. If
equipped with Air Suspension, the level will change to Off- Road 2 for better ground clearance.
Keep in mind, you might notice some vibration, high friction noise or harshness when using
some of these settings. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety
information, please see your Owner’s Information.

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