Selling $10k Domains To Auto Dealerships | 1000 Ways To Make Money | E19

Selling $10k Domains To Auto Dealerships  | 1000 Ways To Make Money | E19

welcome back to another episode of
thousand ways to make money i’m satish gear and my partner i think is busy
today somewhere he’s working on new ways to make money for you guys we got it
reads thousand episodes lot so today I’m gonna show you how you can make like you
know five grand six grand 10 grand with investment as little as $0.99 or maximum
$10 now what I did in 2000 I think was a 2010 was I bought a domain name called
Honda of Frisco first was the city up here in Texas right so Honda is of
course Carmy Oh Frisco calm now that’s a very very
generic domain name for Honda’s in Frisco right so I bought that domain
name for 99 cents through a honey chrome plugin now if I had paid full price it
would be like 10 bucks okay I got it for 99 cents I waited a week then I emailed
the dealership the dealership of Honda in Frisco and I said hey I got this
domain name hey do you guys want to buy it from me they said sure they gave me
the domain they give me an email of their other marketing person so I
emailed them and they were like five hundred dollars straight up right I said
no I said I want more and they said a thousand two thousand so we ended up
agreeing at $6,000 of dollars they sent me $6,000 I gave in the domain so I made
that my now what’s the process like how do you find those domains
what is dough meaning let’s talk about that okay now selling domains pretty
much means that you know your domain domain investor so like you can write
down on your LinkedIn profile domain investor don’t don’t do that that’s too
big that’s freaking stupid a lot of people these they’re they’re like you
know they bought that a couple pennies a Bitcoin their Bitcoin investor don’t do
those silly things you’re not a domain investor okay unless you may like at
least 50 50 million from it okay that’s your tea that’s my take on it now even I
don’t put domain domain investor don’t do that okay back to the thing so domain
engaging is pretty much you know you buy domain names and you sell it for later
down the road for a higher price okay so domains cost about $10 roughly you can
roughly now $10 per year per year that’s per year now
pretty year now keep in mind if you use a plug-in like Chrome honey plugin it’s
called honey chrome plug-in it’ll help you find discount codes you can pretty
much find domains for like 99 cents pretty much okay so you’re gonna go
ahead and pretty much first of all get a Chrome browser you’re gonna download
that plug-in call honey got it cool you’re gonna go ahead and make sure that
you got at least ten bucks you got it now next up you’re gonna go to go go you’re part of the commercials right now why do I
recommend Go Daddy Go Daddy because GoDaddy is top tier don’t get your
domain through places like one in one Dinah dot they’re all resellers you have
to get your domain from the top tier one like for example enum right Namecheap
there are top tier one they’re not resellers so I’d recommend GoDaddy ok so
I’ll register a lot of qalaat of companies now go to GoDaddy
I want you to do this ok I want you to think of your favorite car make company
for example Honda Toyota I don’t know give me another one cash fiash for
Porsche Fiat you know Hyundai I love talking to those accent a Hyundai and
what else let’s give people more ideas of course Toyota forward Chevy Chevy
Chevy shovel it um yeah yeah so there’s many many you know if you’re if you’re
having a hard time finding out the car in a company name go outside you need to
go outside at least 10 minutes and stand straight you know watch the street Ford
Chevy Toyota Honda you got I didn’t get my point right so let’s let’s think
about so it’s let’s say it’s Toyota right now here’s how the domains should
be it should always be car make Marlina the company off city why does
that war that’s a generic generic domain name that every dealership wants a
consumer let’s say I’m a consumer here in Dallas right and I want to buy you
know Honda I would go to Honda of Dallas I’ve been fed that all my life to go to
Honda of Dallas Toyota of Dell I’ve been fed that since I was a kid because I saw
those ads on TV that says kiyow kiyow kiyow kiyow Plano so I’ve been fed that
a lot of people have been as well so that’s the whole idea okay so let’s
let’s let’s just do it one more time so car names so Kia off city names so let’s
say you live in chicago here of chicago okay go to google and search trade okay
try to see it’s gonna take a while because a lot of people are doing it
these days but i’m telling you you’re gonna find that city you’re gonna find
that city that has not been developed for example okay I’m here in Frisco
Texas we got a city called prosper now prosper
it’s you know it’s a population it’s very very small very small okay about
like 10,000 people now I’m pretty sure if I go on the
computer right now I’ll find a domain for honda prosper calm why because it’s
easier just now bigger cities is gonna be very very difficult so what I want
you to do is think about future you’re an investor remember you’re not trying
to do it like this sometimes you might get a domain name in your city but kind
of hard these days but you never know so let’s go ahead and do that so name of
the car company off city now you remember the city could be whatever
right it could be a city that you don’t live in you don’t have to live in the
city it could be somewhere else it could be in California it could be in you know
wash it could be anywhere okay so do that so car name off city so once you go
and register it up you got the domain name on your GoDaddy panel okay good
that’s the part one now part two is getting is sold how do you sell it who
do you sell it to now you in an example so now part two is
selling the actual domain so for me so when I was selling the
a frisco calm you know they had a website called McDavid of McDavid frisco
McDavid of frisco calm that was the honda website i have site for frisco so
i went there right so now sir don’t mean i need you to find that who worked that
domain i can’t be calling you no course else it’s not gonna work so what didn’t
you do is you need to go ahead and do who is search ok so sorry so it’s called
who is if you google that up who is like this okay who is if you google that up
you’re gonna find a bunch of sites okay it’s going to ask you go to google
search for it you’re gonna click on that side you’re gonna go ahead and put in
make david up frisco right yeah frisco whatever like a dealership so i’m say
that put that on there’s gonna get a click search when you do that it’s gonna
it’s going to show you the information who owns that domain especially who’s
managing that domain name right so you gonna find that information you’re gonna
get their name company name will be company name
it’ll be an email and also phone number so first step is actually writing them
an email saying hey hey bob heck ain’t no AutoNation usually AutoNation hey I
have this domain name called Honda for Chicago com would you be interested in
buying it simple as that that’s where the negotiation starts now how much
should you sell it for trust me guys auto industry makes a lot of money a lot
of money and there is something there’s a little bit more for you don’t accept
my fifty bucks right hundred bucks take at least a grand if not more so I
recommend asking for like five K if it’s a small small Cydia ok fibrous might be
fine it’s a bigger city don’t settle for less than like five K I I think I think
you should go for like ten K if it’s a bigger city so that’s how you make money
through domain auto industry so that was an episode on
thousand ways to make more money now make sure to go to our website got money
dotnet and also subscribe to us on YouTube thank you so much have a

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  1. what about trademarks? or are the dealers allowed to use vehicle names in domains? or do you flip them fast enough and do not care? just wondering

  2. Should you build the website first or just hold for "Re-direct", until you sell the domain name? #IamAFrequentPurchaserOfYourProducts

  3. Funny story i want to share, When i made this video. I had not checked if was available or not, and looks like someone grabbed the domain AFTER watching this video. Kudos to them!

    How do i know that? The person who bought it, added the domain for sale via our own DomainWatch Platform. Good work!!!!
    There are a lot of Honda Dealers in Dallas. All of them would probably be up for grabbing it just for the sake of owning it.

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