Selling Used Cars : How to Sell a Used Car For Profit

Selling Used Cars : How to Sell a Used Car For Profit

The topic we’re going to talk about today
is how to sell used cars for profit. Obviously you know what profit means. It’s anything
over and above than what you own it for. So if you own a vehicle for $7,000, if you sell
it for eight, there’s $1,000 of profit. Now how do you do this? How do you sell a used
car for profit? Obviously you’re going to want to know what you’re customer wants to
do and where they’re at price-wise. You’re going to have to build and justify a price.
So value is most important. You’re going to want to show them every in-and-out of that
vehicle to justify the price that you want. You can always negotiate down, but you cannot
negotiate up. Remember that. So a Kelley blue book is really going to help you out with
this. You can get this online at, There’s a lot of resources
out there for you to get a value on that vehicle. But more importantly, you have to build that
value. So we talked about presentations before. Presentations are important. You have to build
value to justify a price, to justify profit. Do not let go of what you own it for. You
cannot lose money. You have to build value and justify a price to get the profit you

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  1. I take cash along with me when i'm buying a car. i show the salesman i have cash…just not how much. once we're straight on that, i say i want that car… i have this much. i pick the car apart. and either he makes a sale to me, or i go find someone that really wants to sell a car. like a private owner… get rich off someone else.

  2. Building value can only go so far. Ultimately if the customer goes with the intention to buy- he'll buy…no matter what the salesman says or does.

  3. Hello There,
    This is Tim Putnam of AutoIncome This guy is ok but he leaves a lot to the imagination. I have been providing used car dealer licenses for 20 years and have taught over 2000 people how to buy and sell cars. These videos on youtube are ok but if you really want to know how to buy and sell used cars for profit you need to get a used car dealer license and go out there an physically do it. Don't wait… Get your used car dealer license from someone today and get out there!

  4. @BoracayOcean69 kelly blue book is so stupid I have seen them say trade in on one site is higher than retail on any other of their own sites

  5. this video goes to show…. those who can, do. Those who can't try to tell others how to do…. wow. Grant Cardone's day job is safe..

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