Selling Used Cars : Tips For Selling Used Cars

Selling Used Cars : Tips For Selling Used Cars

The topic we’re going to talk about today
is tips for selling used cars. Now you’ve got to have a used car to do this, and you’ve
got to know what this car is. You’re going to want to know mileage, make, model, and
every specific. Maybe not to the “T”, but remember, your customers do do background.
And they research the vehicles they’re going to purchase. Now here’s a lot of tips that
might help you out and will help you out, if you follow them. You’re going to want to
know what your customer wants to do with this vehicle. Is it a recreation vehicle? Is it
a family vehicle? Is it a gas saver from work and back? This is something you’re going to
want to find out, and there’s no better way than asking. So ask him, Mr. Smith, is this
for you and your family? And if it is, you’re going to know that he’s going to be family-oriented.
He wants to know the family values in this vehicle. Safety is going to be one of those.
Obviously you’re going to want to talk on a lot of different topics. A lot of different
tips. Presentation is, I would say, most important. The things you do in a presentation is going
to have the outcome of your sale. When I say sale, that doesn’t stop with the customer
saying yes. It’s all the way through. So the tips for you selling cars will be having a
good presentation, a tailored walk around, something you can show your customer that
they didn’t know. I would say talk on about five different points around that vehicle.
And go over them as good as you can. Build a good rapport with your customer. And remember,
you’re not just selling the vehicle or maybe even your company, you’re selling yourself.
So trust is very important.

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  2. If you have a good car to sell you dont have to prepare for presentation and none of that bs car sells itself because its a necessity this guy on expertvillage doesnt know wtf hes talking about

  3. @aybaybay925 i do agree with good cars sell itself however i disagree with the presentation part. u need to be able to present ur car by knowing ur car and making sure ur car looks good in front of the buyer or that buyer just might lowball the hell out of you or even worse not buy the car altogether

  4. Thanks for the hassle hallabaloo free bullet-ed list. I'm just trying to get my foot in the door in auto sales. so there were def. a few good pointers there for me.

  5. I just opened a used car dealership in my city "Sux my pipe auto sales and leasing people say it has a nice ring to it I like it.

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