Selling Your Car

Selling Your Car

so you need to sell your car if you part exchange it then the dealer needs to make a profit when he sells it on as do services that buy your car so the best way to get full value for your car is usually to sell it privately selling it privately needn’t be difficult or scary it’s just a question of whether your work shy really first thing you need is a clean car now I am work shy so Eric step two is to place an advert with pictures of your clean car explaining your reason to selling how much tax MOT are left and highlighting the key features from the car specification such as Bluetooth phone connection parking sensors alloy wheels and so on price it between used car experts fair and low prices depending on how quickly you want to sell it and the price of similar cars in your area and remember these two things you have to be cheaper than a dealer with the same car within 50 miles and number two you need to build in some sort of discount to give the buyer when the time comes put the advert in several places because we don’t want to muck about here we want to get cash in the bank you can find recommendations on where to advertise on safe sale org okay within three or four calls somebody will usually visit if they’ve bothered to visit they want a car like yours and can usually afford the asking price to within a hundred pounds or so so as long as you’ve been honest in your advert your chances of selling a high just don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory make sure the car is clean again Eric and make sure you have the paperwork ready in a neat bundle you need the v5c from the DVLA which is the logbook and all the receipts you can find hello I’m interested in your car now you look just like my varta I’ve no idea what you mean don’t rush the buyer just let them fall in love with the car have you had any other inquiries oh yes some wants to visit it later this week also have a test route in mind before the prospective buyer arrives you want them to get a good feel for the car but you don’t wanna get stuck in traffic or be out too long after that the less you say the better because the car should sell itself answer questions about the car honestly but don’t be green when it comes to negotiation remember to ask the person test driving your car if they have fully comprehensive car insurance that covers them to drive other cars if there’s any doubt about that make sure you take out day insurance accept cash but check it carefully or a bank check also known as a banker’s draft and the new keeper slip to the buyer and send the rest of the v5c logbook off to the DVLA and that should be it car sold sometimes of course they just don’t seem to sell so what do you do then as car buying services mainly just put your car in an auction why not cutting out the middleman you can use something like British car auctions private seller service sure sell now it doesn’t matter which auction you go to and BCA alone have 21 sites it’s a slightly unnerving environment everybody else seems to be experienced traders and the atmosphere is bustling auction fees aren’t cheap either because they have to clean and pair the car market it to the train and make a profit but if you put a reserve on your car that is more than the offer from a car buying service you can’t lose and it will sell fast essentially all you need to do is call BCA’s sure sell team and follow their advice which in summary is to complete their form handover all the papers they need to market and sell the car good morning I’d like to use your sure self service please and on the day it will sell in about 60 seconds you

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