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  1. I missed my light rail this morning and had to wait about 10 minutes for the next one. I remembered this film and started dancing AND singing Pants on the Ground! Everybody got a real kick out of it!

  2. This is my favorite Sesame Street clip still to the day! I love this clip and wish they'd do a remake now with the same guys. Up dated dance moves. i think it'd be interesting!

  3. @arm5685 Yes, I agree, loved this clip since seeing it with my kids some 15 years ago. They left off the last part of it though!

  4. @hectorbart OMG…I think I still have the full segment on VHS…I hate that the best part was left out when they let the bus pass them buy & went down the street dancing…lol

  5. @hectorbart lol…I USED to know how to do that…but I'm an old man now…my bones/joints aren't as strong as they used to be…lol

  6. I have this on tape also, but I have 2 million tapes. I'll never find this short clip. Thought finding it on youtoob was a longshot. Glad I looked, and more amazed that I found it. Love the music they put 2 gether for the seg. Youtoob is freakin awesome man, yeah!!!!

  7. Check the O-R you'll love the O.R! Lol I loved this clip as a child and the second I heard the song by Organizes Rhyme it gave me flashbacks to this. Lol

  8. @SesameStreet Why did you not include the entire clip?
    About half of the people who commented on this video have asked this question.
    But a more importantly, why you won't respond to this question?

    … or this one

  9. @Grover1234 Yes, I remember that. It's too bad the ending was cut off. I guess they decided to walk and dance to work as you mentioned or, maybe they skipped work and just stayed on the sidewalk and danced.

  10. @EssenceOfTruth Yes that's right. The guy who was Mr. Noodle in this skit was also in skits here on Sesame Street where his name was "Professor Television."

  11. I love the look on Bill Irwin's face at 1:51 like he was saying "wow, I can never dance like that" and/or like he was saying "wow, he's the best dancer I have ever seen."

  12. At 1:10 and 1:28, what do those guys mean when they shake their heads saying "no" to Bill Irwin? When they're saying "no" to Bill Irwin at 1:10 and 1:28 does that mean "no, that's not the right way to dance, let me show you?" When I first saw this skit I thought they were saying "no" to Bill Irwin meaning not to play music and dance in the street.

  13. @EssenceOfTruth I agree. In case you weren't sure, some of the skits with Bill Irwin named "Professor Television" was where he would demonstrate definition of words without talking. One skit he demonstrated the word "Danger" with a huge sign and trapped himself all around and pointed to the word to say he was in danger of being trapped. A second skit he demonstrated "open", "closed", and "never mind", and the third skit he demonstrated "near" and "far" with Maria talking to him.

  14. Ah – more or less a remake of Bill's short film "Frantic Situation", but (IMO) with more impressive dancing. Same guys, too.

  15. I also love Bill Irwin (guy with glasses), and I like when he plays Mr. Noodle, who reminds me of Charlie Chaplin.

  16. This is a masterpiece of high art. i'm serious, lest ye wonder.

    Comical? Kid-oriented? Silly?

    High Art? Absolutely.

  17. Legendary !!! Class-sick – Dope Music, DEF Beats, Sick moves.
    Look thru a Kidz eyes unforgettable.
    Jim Carey can remake this. This is 30 years old.

  18. That's true. Some comedians do comedy without talking. (It's also mentioned on the internet that Bill Irwin is an American clown from the circus). Charlie Chaplin is a comedian who does comedy without talking. Plus in the past, they had Charlie Chaplin on Sesame Street with Maria as Charlie Chaplin.

  19. No its Manhattan. Thats an old NYC bus and the street is two way with a median so its probably Broadway up in the West 90s or above

  20. The guy on the left is Steffan, "Mr. Wiggles," Clemente of the Electric Boogaloos, Rock Steady Crew, Tribal Zoo, TC5 and Universal Zulu.

  21. This version cuts off but at the end they wave he bus off rather than get on. They want to keep dancing. I saw the episode back in the 80's. LOL

  22. Bill Irwin is one of the GREATEST TALENTS OF ALL TIME. Although he was "discovered" and was widely exposed, he was never properly celebrated as the genius he then was and still is. Check out his interviews regarding mime and the disciplined art of clowning. On those topics, he is highly qualified to speak, and he is eloquent and moving.

  23. I've also been looking for this clip for a long time, having seen it once, probably cutting school and smoking dope. All those years ago. Like "Three Little Bops" (Buggs Bunny). Priceless American culture. And yes, why cut off the end!? That's where the message is!

  24. Aw, the same two dancers who were in his '88 show, "Largely, New York".  I was at talk directly after a performance and the big dancer (tan/orange suit) answered someone's question and had an astonishingly high voice for such a big guy!

  25. it was basically a subliminal message to say his way may not work for you, so do your own thing. i loved subliminal messages back then….

  26. Oh man, I loved this skit ever since I saw it on Sesame Street over 20 years ago watching with my kids. But, hey, Sesame Street, you cut off the last scene of them dancing down the street together after the bus pulls away from the curb, maybe you could upload this skit again in its entirety. Thanks.

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