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  1. I have a feeling that in the 50th season special, the cast of Sesame Street might do something beyond the limits like show famous clips from the show & invite some celebrities & some of the world iconic kid show & cartoon characters of all time!

  2. What's with all the videos having to have "with this other character" in their title? Why not just call it "Kermit's Grouch Bus Stop"? It's easier.

  3. Kermit:Jim Henson
    Oscar: Carroll Spinney
    Mr. Greasemonkey and Bus Driver: Marty Robinson
    Boy Grouch: Richard Hunt
    Male Grouch: David Rudman
    Female Grouch: Camille Bonora
    Grungetta: Pam Aciero

  4. I love the sketch and I've been looking everywhere so I can watch it. Thank You for uploading it Sesame Street.

  5. Just imagine what Kermit's parents would have thought!! They would have probably kicked him out of the house!!! Lol

  6. I’ve been looking for the episode with the ladies making “Pierogies”…. does anyone have it? I can only find the song… 🧐

  7. "And besides that no one can see the bus stop here in my living room!"

    "Heeeeey I see the bus stop sign!"

  8. This is perhaps the ONLY time Kermit has had to experience trouble from Oscar. It's usually Grover who's the thorn in his side. But then again Oscar has made trouble for others on Sesame Street. Just ask Big Bird and a few of the adults.

  9. Marty Robinson voices 2 grouches here. The grouch that puts the bus stop sign in Kermit's living room and the bus driver. I think they should've just had Frank Oz voice the bus driver.

  10. Little details like the drivers face pushing up against the windscreen on breaking is what makes sesame street the best tv program in history. The voice of the female character is perfect.

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