Sharing Hijacked Bus with your Ex || Swagger Sharma

Sharing Hijacked Bus with your Ex || Swagger Sharma

I won’t be able to come to the party Already I’m not in a good mental state Yes No dude! I need to take a break so I’m going to Manali I think my break has already started I’ll be sitting beside a girl in the bus, I’ll talk to you later, okay bye Babe, listen to me no Please listen to me Muskaan? Hi! Oh, hi! How are you? Is this your dad? Hey uncle Are you guys going to Manali too Man what the fuck? I ain’t his dad Then? We just got married yesterday I’m his husband We’re going on our honeymoon Hey man, let me go in don’t push fucker! Come in, darling Why can’t you wait fucker! Is that Shivam! Sandy recognizes his friends and enemies just by their smell! Hey Sandy! What’s up, I didn’t recognize you! Who is she?
What’s up, I didn’t recognize you! Who is she? You wife? This is my new chick bro! We’re going to Manali to the chill the fuck out yo! Chick? She looks married Bro I ain’t into small things I just grab large things, if you know what I mean Bro, keep it low She’ll mind if she listens Bro, that is the catch! She is deaf and dumb Nothing! Here have chips There you go If your wife is deaf and dumb, believe my its like heaven on earth I don’t know which dumbfuck is divorcing her What do you mean? She is not divorced yet? Oh, it’ll be done. I’m in no hurry! Now it’s time to get settled She is also super rich I’ll never get poor Now, it’s time to think of a good place to invest all this money Son, do you need some help regarding investment? Yes fucker why? Myself, Bhatia Old Delhi’s most trustworthy broker Oh really? Please don’t fall for him Just do one thing, download Groww app It is the most legitimate and safe app for mutual funds That’s bullshit Listen you don’t need to fall for this app thing This app stands nowhere in front of me I take just 2% commission from everyone But for you, it’ll be just 1% Groww is commission free With higher returns Sir, you’ll be trapped in all the paperwork No paperwork Am I crazy or what!? I’m in this business for the past 10 years I got more than 500 clients PAN India Groww has more than 20 lakh I am telling you, he’ll get all your money wasted Invest a sum of minimum 500 bucks in SIP And withdraw it whenever you want Without any blocks And it supports UPI payments also without any problem Do you have anything to say fucker! Do it then I’ll download Groww right now! Okay guys, take out your tickets Show me your ticket Wait fucker, giving Show it Take your tickets everyone Show me your ticket Uncle, and your daughters too Take your tickets please Brother ticket? She ain’t my daughter, she’s my wife Asshole Baby, you eat no Ticket please? Please eat babe Ticket please? Wait fucker Give the ticket Give the fucking ticket! Here you go fucker Tickets? Excuse me ma’am Sir, please wake her up Why should I, you wake her up Please sir, wake her up Excuse me ma’am Show your tickets please What is all this noise What? Tickets ma’am? It’s you! (Together) Stop the bus Sir, try to understand, the bus is full Sp you’ve got 2 options Either you go sit at the last Or keep sitting here on my seat, what is the problem? I got no issues You sit on my seat, I’ll sit on yours No issues I’ll sit there You calm down Hey, aren’t you Shivam’s girl! What’s up! Creep She’s my sister-in-law, like my mother Play some songs! What bullshit is this Lets have some fun Play them! Shut up! Stop it Stop the bus, I don’t want to sit here Sir, please understand
Stop the bus, I don’t want to sit here Sir, please understand No man. I can’t Sir please understand, it’s just a matter of 5 to 6 hours 5 hours! I can’t stand her for 5 minutes So get lost no! Stop the bus No, I can’t stay Stop it! I said stop it! Stop the bus! Sir, you were about to get off Why would I get off I’ve bought the ticket Ma’am will you have chips? No thank you, uncle Conducter? There Brother ticket It’s fine, no need to show it Just don’t call me brother Actually ma’am, I was wondering if… What is it now! She’s possesive as fuck Ma’am are you going to Manali? Are you alone? Aren’t you guys ashamed or what? Stop hitting on her Keep quiet and sit Stop disturbing her You sit comfortably, don’t worry Uh.. Going to Manali? No, She’s going to Rajasthan on a Manali bus What is up with you! Mind your own business Forget about him Are you alone? I’ll fucking slap you! Keep quiet! What happened? Now it’s fine No one will shout Or otherwise, he won’t ever listen to that voice again! Why? Do you get deaf after shouting? Sorry No one will shout It’s only us who can shout Boss, it’s clear You can come I’m Kallu Don 12 murders in one night And no one knows about it So, should I shoot you? Speak! Sorry sir Let’s go, loot the bus You old fuck You’re with your daughter That’s why you’re still alive Otherwise you wouldn’t have been living Shoot me! She ain’t my daughter She’s my wife Look what’s he saying She’s his wife My time will come Old man, time has long gone! Hey, don’t cry. I’m here I’ll save you don’t worry Don’t worry, we’ll think of something If anyone acts funny, shoot him straightaway I’m scared as fuck And you want me to save you first Rashmeet, listen up What is it? If we want our asses alive we have to team up and do something I ain’t doing shit with you You’re preparing for Civil Services right? Will you serve the country like this? What will I have to do? Listen I’ll distract these goons You call the police, fast Got it? Yeah Got it! Long live Kallu Don! Speak up everyone Long live Kallu Don! Sir, your’e such a great don! You scared the shit out of us so easily! Sir, they are trying to be clever Trying to call the police It was his plan! She is lying sir, don’t believe her This girl will be an IAS! Couldn’t call the police Officers like you are destroying this country Why don’t you shut up! You could have done it yourself then Don’t chatter! I’ll shoot you if hear one more word, bastards Sit straight You’re sweating You sit straight! You’ve grabbed all the country’s gold under you ass And keep complainting that our country is gold! You must be earning a lot, no! Yes you could say, it’s okay Don’t lie to me! 3-4 lakh for one bus! Yes, but the important part is where to invest! Oh yes Sir, you want to invest? Myself Bhatia The most trustworthy broker of old Delhi Why won’t you shut up old fuck! Sir, let me tell you about this Groww app! Look at this Motherfucking bee I got a plan Divide and rule What? She’s preparing for civil services and doesn’t know divide and rule Let’s manipulate this guy and save everyone I ain’t kidding You Groww the fuck up! This is such a useful app Could you download it on my phone too Why not! I can surely do that for my friend! What? You can’t get that frank My bad, sorry Sir, please untie my hands it’s very uncomfortable Untie your hands!? Really? He can’t even pee without Kallu’s permission Hey you! What bullshit are you saying Sir Are you Kallu’s bootliker I ain’t any bootlicker! I just respect him a lot, and he respects me Why are you chatting you fuck Sorry sir, it’s nothing This is so sad He’s treating you worse than servants How do you even handle all this misbehaviour! I would’ve never kept quiet Shut up! Kallu treated me like his own child, he respects me! Motherfucker, you just have been chit chatting and hitting on girls for so long Don’t misbehave with me I respect you, I ain’t your servant What have you taught him! Talk to me! You Ratfuck! Why did you slap me! Don’t mess with Kallu Sir I’ll mess with you also! Get aside, you rat shit! Tell me what is it! Move back,come on It’s been too long Drop your guns Whoa! You did it! Shut up And you! Fucking kiddo! Kallu don? 12 murders? In one night? You like those waiters in local restaurants Has anyone told this to you before? And you’ve commited 12 murders? Or have you poisoned 12 peoples food I can believe that Okay, you can start driving Let’s take them to the police Let’s see how real is this Kallu don Comitted 12 murders right? Let’s go to the police Sir, I was just kidding You called me a waiter?
Sir, I was just kidding You called me a waiter? Sir, it was just a mistake Poisoned peoples food? No Sir you’re very dangerous Long live Kallu Don!
No Sir you’re very dangerous Long live Kallu Don! Shut up! I’ll tell you how I commited those 12 murders! No sir, please I was just kidding Where are the bullets? You only said! It’s just to scare them, not to shoot them But I kept one for safety But you wasted it in the beginning just to show off Don’t ask me now No one should ever know about this event That we were humiliated to this extent! I got fucked for no reason Thank goodness they left us our underwears

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