Sharpening with KJR CBN Wheels (Woodturning Review)

Hi I’m Mike from Craft Supplies USA and
today we’re gonna take an in-depth look at the CBN Sharpening Wheels from KJR. CBN Sharpening Wheels or Cubic Boron
Nitride has changed the world for us woodturner’s and in this video, I’ll
explain what makes the CBN so good. Traditional aluminum oxide wheels have
always worked fine, but they can easily blue your tools if you’re not careful
and they require constant dressing to keep them in top condition, which wears
them down quickly. But the most frustrating part of using standard aluminum oxide wheels is the wobble and vibration caused by out-of-balance
wheels and inaccurate plastic bushings CBN wheels are a game-changer, because
they’re machined and factory balanced to run true. The all-metal wheel acts like a
big heat sink, so they cut cool and with minimal maintenance, they’ll last a
lifetime. And best of all, they never need dressing. Because they cut so efficiently, very high grits can be used, giving your tools
a superior edge that lasts longer and cuts cleaner. And they remove a lot less
steel, so your tools last longer. Keep in mind that CBN is meant for high speed steels only. If you sharpen anything but quality high speed steel or carbide,
you’ll cause irreparable damage to the wheel and will void your warranty. Mild or high-carbon steels will clog the CBN grit and it cannot be removed, which will
ruin the wheel. Also, don’t adjust your grinder platform while the grinder is running, because it’s obviously dangerous but if the platform contacts the
spinning CBN wheel, your wheel is toast. Now in the past, CBN wheels have been a
bit expensive and quite heavy for small grinders to get up to speed, and this is
where KJR has really hit a home run with their new line of wheels. Machined from a solid piece of T6061 aluminum, the KJR Sharpening Wheels are light enough for small grinders to get up to speed, even if you run two wheels. The CBN grit has
been electroplated for durability and they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. The wheels are 8 inches in diameter andfit a 5/8 arbor. And the grinding surface is 1 inch wide which is a great width for sharpening woodturning tools, while still allowing the guards to stay attached to the
grinder. They’ve even got a quarter inch side grinding surface for relief cuts on
box scrapers and sharpening carbide cutters. And one of the best part about the KJR wheels is that they’re significantly cheaper than other CBN
wheels on the market, and this is a big deal for woodturner’s, because now you
can get an affordably priced wheel that’ll work on almost any grinder. We offer KJR wheels in four different grits. 80, 180, 350 and 600. If I could only choose one wheel, I’d take the 180 grit. It works in pretty much any situation,
whether it’s rough grinding or leaving a nice surface finish. If you’re gonna pick up two wheels, I’d recommend going with an 80 grit wheel for rough sharpening
and re-profiling and a 350 grit wheel for the ultimate sharp edge for a fine finish. And if you want the finest edge possible, or plan on sharpening a lot of carbide
cutters, I’d go with the 600 grit wheel. Let’s go to the grinder and I can show
you how to use these CBN wheels, so you can see for yourself how they make
traditional wheels obsolete. Before I use a CBN wheel, I’ll quickly clean off any old debris with a CBN cleaning stick, which is basically a high-quality
drafting eraser. It’s not required, but I found that cleaning the wheel before I sharpen, gives me the best results. Once the CBN wheel is clean, set up your
sharpening jig for the tool you’ll want to sharpen. We’re gonna sharpen this half-inch bowl gouge and I’ve already got it set to the angle and profile that
I like, so let’s go give it a fresh edge All it takes is light, easy pressure. Let
the CBN do all the work and remember to take light passes. Now that the primary
bevel is done, I’ll quickly adjust my jig and grind a relief bevel using an 80
grit wheel. Again all it takes is light pressure. Now take a look at the fine edge on this
bowl gouge. The CBN does an exceptional job at sharpening, and it’s so fast and
easy. As for the side grinding surface, I’ll quickly show you how to safely
sharpen carbide cutters using the CBN wheel. Just take a small piece of wood
and add some double-faced tape on the end, and stick your carbide cutter to the
tape with the cutting surface facing the wheel. Now simply press it against the
side grinding surface of the 600 grit CBN wheel, and you’ve got a nicely
sharpened carbide cutter. KJR has really impressed us with these CBN sharpening wheels and we couldn’t be more impressed with their affordability and performance. We hope you’ll find them as useful in your shop as we do in ours. Give this video a thumbs up, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest in woodturning and if you want to learn more about the KJR CBN wheels,
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