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  1. Just subscribed.
    Love the camera work and the humor!
    The GT2 RS is easily contender for the top spec in the world, the 911 Turbo in your garage be like “aight ima head out now”

  2. I have a question and it’s not hate did you actually but the Porsche gt2rs cause if you did congratulations on buying two card!!👍🏽

  3. Funny thing is my office is very close to that dealership and saw the gt2 advertised online just last week and then I saw this on Shmees channel. Wanted to place an offer, but thought the markup was too high. Epic car with a great spec, hope you got a decent deal on it.

  4. Genuinely great content guys. Didn’t feel, rehearsed, scripted, forced etc… if that makes any sense. Any how been subscribed for a few months now and enjoy vids every time keep it up!

  5. Very good Vid guys, plenty of banter and laughs, which made this Vi,d apart from the cars that is. Great, thanks. The Orange GT2 RS is stunning, one of one.

  6. Long time shmee follower and really liked your collaboration. New subscriber and looking forward to gt2rs videos. Beautiful car! Congrats!!!

  7. SHMEE is a walking car encyclopedia… I haven’t watched his channel in a long time but I’m going to give it another shot… Always great content Savage!

  8. Randy said.
    Hooooooooooooolllllllyyyyyyy shhhiiiiaaaatt
    It’s was the longest holy shit I ever heard. lol
    Congratulations bro. U look good in it.

  9. How many of these cars do you get from Dubai because I seen a lot of places over there where they have Lamborghinis Ferraris, Porsche Carrera, the most expensive Mercedes Benz they have nice high end BMW's most of the cars in the lot we're almost brand new some had some damage front end front fender but the airbags never deployed… most likely their father was a oil tycoon or a Prince got their 16 year old kids Ferraris and Lamborghinis they would smash them up put them in a lot for sale father would just buy another one why fix-it..people from the states would go over there grab them up three or four at a time. You got them dirt cheap not sure how much it cost to ship them from Dubai to the United States.or Europe..then they had regular car lots over there where you could pick up a Hemi Hellcat very cheap, 600 horsepower Mustang GT all cars were like at the most 4 years old..and then they had a high-end dealership where the cars were pristine with very low mileage I believe that was Invitation Only dealership but they were still cheap.. there's a lot of money driving around there just wondering if that's how you purchase a lot of them cars… somebody told me you could get a Ferrari a Lamborghini and a Porsche all three cars for what you would pay for one car in the states…that true yes or no because me and my buddy are looking into buying high-end cars just want to find out how much the shipping would be… they said people with a lot of money go over there and pick up sometimes 10 cars at a time… and then resell them in the states for a high profit… there's a whole lot of websites on YouTube where you can find pristine high-end cars regular car lot with fender bender cars..Still nice I believe you have to put a bid in to get a car that had some body damage…Check it out or maybe Randy's garage could you tell me how they purchase their own cars if they want to…Thanks Rob from Florida..😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  10. imagine going to a dealer to pick up a rolls royce and taking a custom interiored and painted gt2 rs with you aswell 😂

  11. I'm 12 videos in an I'm about to trade in my Piece O'shit Honda as soon as my bank account stop's acting funny 😭😭

  12. I enjoy watching SHMEE's videos, he is very knowledgeable. Sorry SHMEE, the Stratos was designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone not Pininfarina.

  13. I didn’t skip a single ad because u spent that much on cars and it actually entertained me so u deserve the money

  14. The dealer need to give shmee commissions if they sold the car
    He read the car spec like he has a spec sheet 😂😂

  15. You can keep all them fancy cars I would take anything right hand drive over any of them. I don't care what it is as long as its right hand drive. Truck car SUV what ever.

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