Shocking CCTV of ‘barbaric’ attack on bus passenger

Shocking CCTV of ‘barbaric’ attack on bus passenger

Shocking CCTV footage has been released of
a man violently attacking a bus passenger in the West Midlands. A 21-year-old man was temporary blinded with
pepper spray and suffered a broken nose after being brutally attacked for seven minutes. The victim was repeatedly hit and kicked – for
asking a man to stop his children throwing sweets at him. A woman can be seen occasionally
joining in on the assault. Police have described the attack as barbaric
and are appealing for witnesses to come forward. They’re now hunting down the woman and man
seen in the clip.

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  1. This is what welfare state LCD system propagates. Human vermin parents with their hopelessly lost kids. Time was this chap would have sunk into the mud in the Somme or fertilised the ocean at Normandy and his creature "wife" would have died young of pure misery and deprivation. I'm sure they'll get off with a suspended sentence when they should be suspended fom a lamp-post.

  2. Great, this was from the West Midlands where I live and catch the bus twice a day… Well, I'm not surprised to be honest…

  3. Because you asked some shit parent to tell their kids to stop throwing candy at you. You get freaking assaulted? Please, get that whole family and sterilize them all. Throw them all in prison. The kids have those 2 pos as role models.

  4. Dirty animal savage like tramps!! kids should be taken straight into care by social services.. Socalled parents should be put to sleep permantly!

  5. Fucks me off things like this, I don't know how these people evolve in our society, they either have a shitty job or no job and then start to 'breed' with others of their own downgraded class which results in even more of them being brought up to ruin society once again in the future. Worst part is we're paying for their benefits! 

  6. After dark the upper back seats have always been the scum seats. If you wanna avoid shit then don't sit there. It's just the way it is.

  7. Fucking animals, there is no need. All theyre going to get is tag if….they're even caught. For what? To prove a point? Of? End up in pen soon, or dead. Either way its more better for his children cos you can't behave like that infront of any kid fucking idiot

  8. This animal has to go to prison for long time and his girlfriend also. This people are living on tax payers. They don’t work. I wold put this sick animal minimum 12 years in prison max 16 years. His girlfriend 2 years in prison. Fell sorry for the guy hope he is recovering.

  9. I’d love to get hold of one of these cunts. But they never seem to bother with able people of similar age. More likely to call the police on you, pathetic

  10. Lucky he didn't try it with me, he would of been stabbed in front of his poor kids. Might of done that chavvy cunt with him.

  11. Id have there pair of them flogged hard with the Birch then put in a cold damp cell for a week, then Prison for 10 years
    hard Labour, this puts and end to it, others wont try it either , were to soft and i am hoping this Human rights Laws are
    going to be reviewed in this country when we leave this E.U, i hate the left that liberals , i am not one of them and never will be.

  12. the police in england are basically backwards right and expect the public to do the their job for them. its pathetic

  13. Impossible to know the exact reason for the attack, any details or what lead up to it (if anything?) unless you were there.. Hence the police request for witnesses isn't for what we think it might be for? "Believe none of what you hear and (only) half of what you see" said a wise musician once. Could of been a scum making derogatory remarks to the fellas partner?

  14. And so the cycle goes on, doing this in front of their kids? What a great example they're setting to produce more chav scum of the future

  15. Low life scum – imagine garbage like that being allowed to bring up kids – you just have to look at them to see they are garbage

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