Shopping In San Francisco ~ Resale At Relove ~ Boma Cho Artist & Street Vendor

Shopping In San Francisco ~ Resale At Relove ~ Boma Cho Artist & Street Vendor

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom. [Music] Hi recently had the opportunity to travel
to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, and I got to do a little bit of shopping while
I was there. So, in this video I’m going to tell you
about that and show you the scores that I found. But first, thank you so much for tuning in,
I really appreciate it. If you are a regular viewer and subscriber,
I absolutely love you, thank you so much. If you are new to the channel and you like
what you’re seeing, please subscribe. It’s the button, it’s here. It means everything to me as I’m trying
to grow this channel. We are also on all the social media outlets,
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as well. I love San Francisco, the city and the surrounding
areas. And, I’ve been very fortunate that in my
career I’ve gotten to travel there a lot because of where I work, it’s headquartered
there and I get to make at least an annual trip for work or for play and I really love
it. One of my very favorite shops, ReLove, is
located there. It’s owned by Delilah, who we know from
San Diego, she spent a lot of time here before she opened up this terrific vintage and resale
shop. So, I love, love, love to get to go up there
and check it out. And I had an opportunity to do that this trip. I’m going to take you along on my visit
and show you what I found there. And, I also ran into an adorable street vendor
where I picked up a couple of things that I’m going to show you too. So, let me just take you along and show you
what I got. When I go to San Francisco, I like to stay
near the Embarcadero for a number of reasons. I think it’s just a beautiful part of the
city. I know that area because it’s near my work
and I love to get up every morning and take a walk along the area there where you can
walk. And I saw the most incredible sunrise when
I got there. Look at this. I got to watch it just fill up the sky, it
went all along this bridge. It was just gorgeous. I just remembered how beautiful of a city
this is. Look it, I saw these birds–I look up and
these birds are just forming this perfect V, it was kind like something out of a movie. I was really, really happy to get to see this
view when I got to San Francisco. As I continued walking, I noticed these really
cool art installation in different parts of this Embarcadero area, kind of add a little
bit of fun to it as well. Philz my favorite coffee, it’s located there
and I love to go to the Ferry Building especially lunch time. There are so many really great little places
to find to eat. They’re quick, but very delicious. So, love to grab a bite here in the old Ferry
Building. The hotel I stay in, is also very centrally
located there, super easy. It has this enormous lobby, I think the biggest
lobby, hotel lobby in the world if I read correctly. And it has this kind of cool thing inside
of it that changed colors. That big orb just changed colors all the time,
it was like a 24/7 light show. It was kind of cool. It was then time for me to go and shop. So, I went to find ReLove in the Russian Hill
area, I believe it’s on Polk Street, I will put all of the information in the description
below. As I mentioned, one of my favorite, favorite
places. I hadn’t been in quite a while, and here
it was. ReLove. The windows are always really kind of cool
and inviting and so I was ready to get my shopping on. Because it’s in such a nice part of town,
they get some really great things in. It’s just the perfect sized shop. It’s not too big, it’s not too small and
it is so well curated. Delilah has really trained her employees on
how to find the best things. They’re in great shape most of the time. Both vintage and current, modern, designer,
really lovely people. Both women’s and men’s. Shoes, boots, accessories, hats, scarves. The sale rack was pretty cool as well. The prices, I think, are very reasonable for
that area and I just love this place. Check out these just cool boots. Unfortunately, none of them fit me. This piece was just magical, loved it. I feel like a queen. This cute cropped Liz Claiborne, jacket that
was in the window really caught my eye, so they got it out for me and I tried that on. I loved the hats. This fur one was so fun, and I had so much
fun playing with it, but it’s just not cold enough here in San Diego. This Rick Owens leather jacket was amazing,
unfortunately a little bit too small for me, or I would have snagged that. I did hit the jackpot though with this oversized
vintage blazer with incredible lining and the leather hat that I got. This leather, it’s lined inside with like
a sheep skin inside of it and it was so cute. So, those were the three pieces that I ended
up buying that day at ReLove. [Music] I really like that there are so many different
ways to get around in San Francisco. This cable car is not only fun, but very efficient
at times. The BART Station, I can’t say enough about
this. I wish we had something like it in San Diego. It is so quick and easy and I really love
getting around on the BART when I’m there. [Music] When I came back to the Embarcadero area,
I saw all of these street vendors that were artists selling a bunch of different kinds
of things. And this one, really caught my eye. They were these painted designs on various
types of sweatshirts and t-shirts and clothing. I loved chatting with the artist and had a
lot of fun trying on his creations. Rajka:
Here we are. Can you introduce yourself please? The name is Boma Cho. Rajka:
And he is an artist and he paints on all sorts of these really incredibly fun fabrics here
outside the Embarcadero in San Francisco. I’m going to be getting this. Boma Cho:
Okay. Rajka:
Lovely moon that was painted. Can you tell me about it? Boma Cho:
Yeah, just like you said, it was inspired by the moon. Rajka:
It’s so cool. Boma Cho:
And I started realizing, oh well there are so many other planets out there and why don’t
I start with this one. Rajka:
I love it. I love the color scheme of it. It’s a little bit oversized, I’m going
to have a lot of fun wearing this a bunch of things. Then, since I’m buying that, so sweet that
he is going to gift this one right here, which fits me super well and it’s a giraffe. Does this have a story? Boma Cho:
Oh yeah, the story is to be able to see the world from a peripheral view like the giraffe
goes. So, they are way up there and the get like– Rajka:
I love it. Okay, so I will be thinking about you when
I wear this back in San Diego. Thank you so much. Boma Cho:
Thank you very much, yeah. Rajka:
Bye. [Music] I’m going to have so much fun incorporating
all of these new pieces into my wardrobe and you’ll be seeing them on my what I wore
series and everything else. I think that’s about it. I would love to know if you get to go to San
Francisco and if you have any favorite resales shops up there that you go to. Please leave it in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate
it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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