Should I buy a new or used motorcycle?

Should I buy a new or used motorcycle?

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  1. I just bought used because I got a better deal, super low miles and no HD douchebags sales scum. Oh and I bought a Dyna….HD seems to be intentionally destroying themselves.
    And as for RUBs they have flooded the used market with high dollar, 1-3yo FLHs with tons of accessories and low miles for about 1/2 what they retailed for!
    Check out cycle trader, chopper exchange and if you want really clean used Harleys call Zac at American motorcycle classics in Dallas…

  2. ::: Waves :::
    I fully agree, buy used. Even if the bike has 'issues' it's still worth the buy. Consider it a challenge. Anything worth having is worth earning. Besides, what better way is there other than to work on your ride. It's an intimacy money can't buy.
    Time isn't on my side anymore, I need a 3 wheel. So, I'm looking and hustling. Yeah, I got my helmet off eBay, $45.00. Brand spanking new Harley half helmet (worn once) with the vents and snaps for a face shield. I went to the local dealership and priced it, $165.00 Love it.
    Take care, H-wood, see you in Orlando. (you riding or flying down?)

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  4. If you have the money and don’t like working on your motorcycle? Go the fuck away. You suck. Anybody else still left buy what you want. Learn the skills to do at least minor maintance on the new stuff. Craig’s list, eBay the newspaper? Nobody’s selling that motorcycle because they love it. Buyer beware. And like wood said “Don’t buy with your heart” use your brain.

  5. Buy used. There are tons around. The dealerships rape you on the price of anything new. Helmets are a choice. Where I live they want new riders wearing a full size helmet not a beanie style one. With the way people drive I’d probably go for full-face and attach a GoPro. Thanks Hollywood

  6. I'm not in the market for a bike, new or used. My partners have alway's been wrenches though and used is the way
    they go, even if they know the bike has issues. All that does is drive the price down. One of the guys from the shop
    currently has an 80 something shovel torn down for a lower end. Aint no thang.

    I didn't own a helmet until I moved from Arizona to Nevada (on the bike). I bought a used helmet that belonged to a
    guy working in a shop where I was buying parts. I needed one after I crossed the border and talked him out of it for
    a few bones.

    In Arizona it was boots, jeans, tee shirt and a bandanna. Nevada was the same with the addition of the helmet.

    In Washington I got involved in motorcycle road racing. Before I became a competitor I was on the safety crew, picking
    up crashed bikes and riders. That experience taught me the advantages of "gear." I'd see guys get off at or near 100 MPH,
    get up and walk away, pissed because the crash cost them championship points.

    Today I wear more gear than my riding partners. My helmet is a 3/4, my jacket's armored and so are my pants. Standing
    there I just look like a guy in a brown textile jacket and jeans, but I'm protected from one end to the other. That served me
    well a few years ago when I hit a deer at 55 MPH. Oh, it fucked me up, but without the protection it would have been
    much worse.

    I don't try to tell anyone what to wear. Though I'm quite fond of my fellow WRENCHHEADS they're grown men making grownup
    decisions, as am I.

    The only thing that makes me queezy is seeing a chick on the back of a bike in shorts and flip-flops. I can't help but think,
    "What a fuckin' waste."

  7. Great short Hollywood. Especially on the helmet. Me too never wore one but lately got feeling says Hey old man put a bucket on.

  8. On both questions you took the words right out of my mouth, Hollywood.

    If I won the Bazillion Dollar Lottery tomorrow I would go out & buy couple or four good USED bikes and spend less than I would spend on one NEW HD. A guy I know went and dropped $40k on a new 'Glide. My first question was "Are you retarded?" His bike payments go out longer than his house payments. Hell, he took at least a $5k depreciation hit before he put on the first mile. That $5k is more than it cost me to build my current ride! Now I have to admit I am temped by the new Indian Chieftain Dark Horse to go stupid, but I can wait a couple of years (at my age that is no time at all) and buy my neighbor's at a big discount off of new.

    To be fair many of the guys buying new are not buying the bike, they are buying the warranty and the service plan. They don't know how to change their oil or adjust their clutches & don't want to learn. I find one of the best ways to save money with bikes is get comfortable spinning wrenches, at least on service and general repairs. IMHO every biker should build at least one bike from the naked frame up, including a complete rebuild of the engine and transmission and wiring the sucker. He should then ride it exclusively for at least a year to work out the bugs.

    I wear a helmet, more than that I paint mine in black & white cop livery. I've found people can't see the bike, the triple headlights, hell they wouldn't see a biker if he was on fire. Only two things catch the eye of cagers, naked chicks and cops. I can't get a girl to ride around naked on the bike all the time for "safety", but I can wear a helmet that looks enough like a cop's so cagers wake up and pay attention. Another benefit, I've had cops salute me then do a double take when they realize I'm Patched and riding a hardtail, LOL.

    If someone wants to not wear a helmet, well his head his business. Missouri is a helmet gestapo state so you have to wear something. One of my buddies wears a novelty helmet. I tell him that's okay since he has a novelty head. But like I said, ain't my place to tell another man what he MUST wear.

    Good Show Hollywood. Hey, maybe you could get a dealership to loan you a Indian Chieftain Dark Horse to do a review on!

  9. Thanks for the great advice, I'm actually about to start looking for my first Harley real soon so I'll definitely be taking your advice.

  10. I bought a 2001 heritage softail with 15,000 miles for $6000 I only had bike 2 months a lady diddnt see me and turned into me at stop light insurance gave me $8800 turned around found 2003 road king with 10,000 miles and bought it for $6,000. Found both of my deals on Cycle trader app for phone

  11. My last (current) car I bought new. Getting ready to retire and wanted something that I knew its life from day one. I knew how it was driven, how it was maintained and whether or not it was wrecked.

    Same with my last (current) Harley. Bought new several years before retirement but knew it would last longer than I'll be able to swing my leg over and ride. I know from day one how it's been ridden, that it's been maintained meticulously and it's never been involved in an accident. Preventive maintenance pays off as I'm changing the original drive belt now at more than 125,000 miles. But I agree if you are competent to fully evaluate a used bike and don't have the cash for new used is the way to go.

    My brother (8 years older) started riding when there was no helmet law in Texas. By the time I came along helmets were required. I joined the Army, left Tx for Tennesses and there was a helmet law. By the time I rode back to visit Texas the helmet law had been removed. But, after all the years of wearing helmets on motorcycles and for work as an Army helicopter pilot I was uncomfortable w/o one. So, I've always worn a 3/4 even when riding in a state not requiring helmets. It's just my comfort level. I wear a helmet. My choice. You don't want to wear one? Your choice.

    (Although, as an EMS pilot in the US my experience after picking up motorcycle riding accident victims has been the worst outcomes were with those unhelmeted.)

  12. Completely agree with you. Buy used! I bought a 2017 Street Bob with 250 miles on it at a substantial discount. Basically brand new at a used price! I was very fortunate to come across it.

  13. I got my 10 street Bob used 5 years ago. It only had 6g's on it when I got it. I fucking love that bike it was meant for me. I wear one of those non dot German style skid lids. In Maryland, free will and the constitution are non existent. So we are stuck having to wear a helmet regardless of what we want to do.

  14. Ya, buying used is the way to go. Those Gold Wings will go over 100,000 miles easily without any major engine work. You can still find Gold Wings from the 80's and 90's with low miles for only a few thousand dollars. I like the second and third generation Gold Wings because they had all the bells and whistles, but still looked like motorcycles. Later generations got to stream lined or smooth looking, but they are all good motorcycles.

  15. Is there any semi-accurate price lists for used bikes? I'm looking for my first . It seems like everybody is selling their pet dog or something…

    Another question- what's gold and what's crap? Any rule of thumb, things to look for? Thanks…

  16. Always used, but My first bike, let me say here, a used Harley 10.000 dollars at Least, and a Triumph Bonneville its 2000 dollars, ben riding both,but after My Epilepsy i dont ride so much but I had to sell My bikes cause i couldent stop riding, and it whent really bad cause i crashed, because of all the attacks i got, so No more riding in, but some of My old time friends take me for a ride once in a while, your so cool and hornest, love your shit and tomorrov ill go to the little Rally i told you about, ill take some pics, and then i have to get My kids to opload the picstures i AM stupid when it comes to computers🤣✌️but when it comes to 420,man we should taste each others🤣🤣🤣cause im baked 🤯🙏🧐👊have a good one Hollywood… Peace 🤘🇺🇸🇩🇰

  17. I have an old bike now. I'll try looking for a good used H-D 3 or 4 years old. I seen Honda Gold Wings with around 400 thousand miles. For me I want fuel injection, bags and windshield only. Ride save out there

  18. Gotta love the RUBS. I got a 2005 Deluxe in 2017 with 8000 miles on it for $9000. It looked brand new at the time.

  19. I bought a used 2012 V Star 950 with 7k miles for $4k from a private seller in a wealthy area lol. Bought my bike in 2017. I also Had extra money to buy quality gear.

  20. Buy used, and get you a bike that's already exactly what you want. Get 8k in upgrades already on your bike.

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