Should I Buy the 2017 Honda Accord V-6 or Four-Cylinder?

Should I Buy the 2017 Honda Accord V-6 or Four-Cylinder?

just about every midsize sedan offers an optional more powerful engine in the 2017 honda accord the base four-cylinder makes hundred and eighty five horsepower and the optional v6 makes 278 horsepower now we gathered a four cylinder and a six-cylinder record to test fuel economy and acceleration to show the difference spoiler alert the v6 is faster and the forest owners more efficient but we wanted a gauge by how much and tell you if it’s worth it to buy the v6 even with more horsepower than the four-cylinder the six-cylinder surprise us in fuel economy numbers on a 115 mile route which was a combination of city and highway driving the six-cylinder got 26 miles per gallon compared with the four cylinders 29.4 miles per gallon and they both use various technologies to get their mileage on the four-cylinder you have a direct-injected four cylinder with a continuously variable automatic transmission and then on the six-cylinder you have variable displacement technology that shuts down three cylinders so you’re driving in a three cylinder or six cylinder mode and the transmission on the six-cylinder is actually a traditional 6-speed automatic according to fuel economy . gov the v6 accord is only going to cost you an extra two hundred fifty dollars per year in fuel prices now that’s of course accounting for fuel prices today if you drive 15,000 miles per year and if you get to combine ratings the best part of the v6 though is that it runs on regular gasoline now that’s a contrast to other optional engines in competing vehicles that require premium fuel for the best performance and fuel economy and that’s not the case in the accord v6 with nearly a hundred more horsepower than the four-cylinder the v6 absolutely puts a gap on the four-cylinder and acceleration now we know corners don’t necessarily care about zero to 60 and quarter mile times but we put him on the track side-by-side to show just how much of a difference there it’s in terms of numbers 0 to 60 for the six-cylinder is 6.9 seconds and the four-cylinder 9.3 and a quarter mile acceleration the v6 is 15 seconds compared with 16.9 seconds to the four-cylinder now that doesn’t mean a whole lot on its own but in terms of acceleration two seconds is an eternity more than an additional hundred horsepower v6 6 speed automatic transmission makes a big difference in how the car accelerates compared with the cbt in the four-cylinder on the v6 it has just snappy acceleration as soon as you punch it the tires want to spin and it rips off the line and it has great acceleration all the way down the track the four-cylinder on the other hand is a fairly typical cbt where it’s tuned for fuel economy vs performance now it is one of the better CVTs out there but there’s still a lot of droning and delay when you first hit that accelerator pedal when it comes to transmission choice the driver engagement level you definitely want that good 6-speed automatic versus the CVT the accord trims were driving are the top trims on each engine so the four-cylinder is an Axl with navigation and Honda sensing and the v6 is the Turing now beyond acceleration these two cars drive very differently the Turing has a unique suspension bigger brakes bigger wider tires and bigger sway bars that create a very different handling experience it’s much more engaging to drive its type it’s responsive it drives almost like a completely different car than the horse owner the EXL four-cylinder just felt more like an appliance that’s something that you to drive like the v6 Turing so the big question is it worth it well on these models we’re looking at about a four thousand dollar price difference between the two the EXL with four cylinder is about thirty one and a half thousand dollars and the v6 touring about 35 and a half thousand a responsible side says you know what you’re buying a midsize sedan it should be affordable should be fuel-efficient it should be practical that’s what makes the v6 a hard sell despite it being so good eighty percent of accord sedan sales are four cylinders but the v6 is a very special car especially on this touring trim level so if you decide to splurge for the v6 be rest assured you’re going to get a completely different experience of the force owner

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  1. Wait a minute, 6.9 second to 60mph for the V6 Accord?? Who was testing this car, a grandma?? Other magazines have clocked the V6 Accord in the mid 5 seconds as a matter of the new Civic 1.5T is clocked at 6.8secs. Come on bro, even last year's CRV was doing 60 in 7.8 secs…….way faster than the 9+ secs you got for the 4cyl Accord.

  2. The V6 will save you life in real world traffic conditions. The 6 speed transmission is far better than the dowdy CVT 4 cylinder. The V6 is a no brainer.

  3. Buy a used one from a private seller…original owner with service records…and let someone else take the initial $$ hit. Then drive what you want. Buying/leasing new cars is for financial suckers.

  4. What Honda does best is make 4 cyl cars. Their 6 cyl models are more prone to transmission failures. Stick with the 4 banger.

  5. I own a 2009 Accord; I4, 5-speed manual..This is the best car I've ever owned. I still enjoy driving it. My next car will be another Accord (I4 turbo, 6-speed).

    I4 or V6. What's important to you? Do you need a V6? Why? For what? How much is a quicker 0-60 worth? Do you NEED to burn up more gas (and money) in a V6 during cruise?

    If money is no object, get the V6.

  6. I like more horsepower and can't stand CVTs, so I'd definitely get the six cylinder with the six speed automatic transmission

  7. What about ride quality and comfort? Since the v6 has sporty suspension and bigger tyres does this mean it's noisy on bumps and generates more tyre noise? Do both perform the same on rough roads in terms of suspension and shock absorbers? I think these are very important points to mention since this is a midsize sedan that will most likely be used as a daily driver. Nobody wants an annoying car.

  8. Drive the V6 if you haven't. You'll be amazed with the Honda V6 engine. Remember they are involved in formula One and also nobody builds as many engines as Honda Motors. They know a thing or two about performance but they've always built vehicles to sell to the masses. The V6 coupe is a little devil.

  9. I opted for the V-6 in the EX-L trim, with an extra pedal. It is comfortable and FUN to drive- especially with the manual trans!!! The Honda V-6 engine has an incredibly broad torque curve- worth the extra cost IMO.

  10. Well do you wanna be able to smoke 94-2004 mustangs at the stop lights or just get great gas mileage??

  11. There numbers are wrong because the Accord with the v6 does 0to60 in 5.6-6 and 14.3 in the quarter mile…….on the other hand the Accord 4cyl didn't do 0to60 in 9 seconds it does 0to60 in 7.5-8 seconds and quarter mile in 15.9 seconds

  12. Get the 6-cylinder. Lots of power with excellent mileage – easy choice. The dealer loaned a 4-cylinder for a few days and it got WORSE mile than my 6-cylinder Accord.

  13. crazy person do yourself a favor and buy yourself a 2017 mazda6 mazda6 has better driving dynamics, the 4 cylinder is faster that the accord 4 cylinders. and the 38 mpg on the highway. 0-60 in 7.3 seconds for the 2017 mazda 6

  14. I have the 4 and my mom has the 6. Moral of the story, I wish I had gotten the 6, and gotten an EX-L instead of the Sport, but maybe someday I'll make the switch. The 4 cylinder isn't bad though.

  15. Get the V-6 if you have a really fat wife and a couple of fat children but otherwise the 4 is the better engine, has fewer moving parts and will last longer.

  16. Sadly Honda has done away with the V-6 for the new 2018 Accord. Gotta go with Toyota this time, they redesigned the Camry for 2018 and it offers a 300+ hp V-6 and a new sportier chassis. All I want to see is the top line XSE run through famous race courses and see if it's any good there.

  17. Before watching this, let me tell you the answer. It's neither. The Honda Accord is boring to drive and extremely un satisfying. They are over priced, even for a used one. I wouldn't get an accord newer than 2015 w/o cvt

  18. The chick pumping gas… yeah, that makes me want to trade mine in for a newer model. Yes, my Accord, and yes…my woman.

  19. a red 7th gen 4-cylinder Toyota Camry with that lower hanging body kit tried to cut me off switching into their lane few days ago on the highway. The 2014 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Sedan that my mom bought me said no, oh no, we're getting in. Should of waved.

  20. Id rather have the 4 no need for it to be faster im not buying the car to race it, it just makes sense to get the 4 with the cvt trans

  21. I have the 2015 Accord V6 EX-L Coupe. I got the paddle shifted automatic because of a bum left leg. But, the V6 and the automatic are tremendous, so I do not miss the six speed manual. I actually think the 0-60 time is greater than advertised. When I launch the car in the regular auto drive mode, the car blisters to 60 in under 6 seconds. That is pull, baby. Two hundred and seventy eight bhp, stock. Not humongous, but enough to satisfy.
    On the freeway, the engine is turbine smooth and 60 to over 100 mph comes very, very quickly. Yes, the four cylinder is adequate. I know, because my wife has one. But, it is nothing like the v6. It is really worth getting the v6 if you love driving and desire some modicum of power. More than adequate is the way to go!

  22. Get the V6 people, the smoothness, decent fuel economy, & jaw dropping performance. Stomp on the gas pedal & the V6 will smoke a good number of cars out there.

  23. I'm so blown away by the V6, I got it because it was the only black Accord the dealer had left, and man did I get lucky, can't believe how fast it is and how well it drives, really love it!

  24. The figure that is more import to me is Average City MPG, since the vast majority of my drive is City based. The overall MPG figure is largely irrelevant to me.
    That fuel savings over 5 years would be somewhat higher for me.

  25. I have a 17 Accord Touring V6 and average 25-26 mpg city and 35-37 mpg highway depending on speed. Thats always running in V6 mode.

    After having a BMW 2.0T and all the problems I had and poor performance compared to my Accord that I traded it in for….for now Turbos are black listed on my list.

    V6 for life.

  26. Get the 2.0T… best both worlds, it just goes effortlessly. Not a race car. A drivers car. Meant for someone to take to work and get groceries in style and while having fun. I just leave mine in eco mode and it's perfectly enjoyable. And no you won't beat me in your 1990's rusted out civic.

  27. I love my '17 Touring, but lord…. While the transmission is obviously far better than the CVT in the 4cyl, Honda still makes terrible automatic transmissions. Shifts at very strange times, and downshifts way too soon. It's just tuned terrible. Reliability is yet to be seen, but I'm not into how they tuned the transmission.

  28. I would get the V6. It's the last of it's kind, as Honda no longer makes a V6. Plus there won't be carbon build up from using port injection. That's hugh for me.

  29. I have the 2016 Honda Accord Sport with the 4Cy. Black paint 19 inch wheels. I absolutely love this car and I’ve owned Chevys my whole life. Good fuel economy, low maintenance cost, clean luxury look.

  30. V6 for speed and power. Which matters 0 percent since we all live under the same laws and speed measures on the road.

  31. I got the '16 EX-L V6 new, and love it. Did a 1200 mile road trip within a few weeks, and got 36mpg (indicated on the display, so probably a bit optimistic) on the freeways. Never at a loss for power when needing to pass slow semi trucks on 2 lane highways or needing to get up to speed to merge on freeways. 66k miles now, and super reliable. Still love the sound when I have to get on it. The 4 cylinder is practical and almost nobody needs a V6 in a mid-size sedan, but for me, it was well worth it.

  32. 4cyl with the cvt is ok in this car most of Honda’s n Acura’s with v6 have trans problems that’s why they went to cvt

  33. @1.50, did she put diesel in her Accord? Lol
    I heard they would come out with turbo so i bought my wife the last V6. Luv it. My 05 v6 still run like a champ.

  34. Yeah, but is the EX-L V6 without the Touring just as good as the Touring? AS far as the handling and that goes? I'm looking at getting a used 2017 V6 Accord.

  35. I love my V6 for many reasons already stated above. What I really love about my Accord is how roomy the car is for passengers and gear. Took four golfers and four golf bags and all of us fit comfortably inside the car on a 3 hour drive and all of my passengers were impressed how smooth and powerful the car drove. And with all of the bells and whistles this car has, it makes for an enjoyable ride.

  36. I have the V6 and I like it. The issue is when you hit the 105K service. Honda request service exceeding $2300. The V6 has a timing belt that needs replacing compared to the timing chain of the V4. Something I wish I knew prior to choosing.

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