Should I Delete my Duramax Diesel LML?

Should I Delete my Duramax Diesel LML?

You need
to get the full story on why you might consider
keeping your emissions equipment on your LML. In a few moments, I’ll tell you why. (ROCK ‘N ROLL) As you cruise the internet,
you’re going to find a lot of people talking
about deleting your truck, taking the emissions equipment off of it. Tearing it apart, and
giving you that story. Right, trying to sell you parts. I think it’s important that
you hear the other side of the story. Understand what leaving
the emissions equipment on and tuning your truck means. There’s a lot of information
out there that says if you tune and delete your
truck, you’re gonna improve your mileage. True, but if you just tune
your truck, you’re also going to improve your
mileage significantly. In fact, tuning is the main
contributor to improved mileage. Fattening up the torque curve, making the truck lug gears longer,
hold a higher gear longer, and run lower average rpm. Try tuning first, see
the mileage increase, and you’ll understand
what I’m talking about. The next is resale value. You go to sell your
truck and it’s deleted, good luck trading it in. You won’t be able to. Most dealerships nowadays
are not taking deleted trucks on trade because that’s
an expense for them. They’re going to have to put
the exhaust back on the truck, and they don’t want to do that. They’d rather just take
a trade that’s already put back together, and
that means that you have to put it back together before
you trade it back in. The next is cleanliness, smoke output. If there’s smoke, it’s
gettin’ on your trailer, it’s coming through your
windows, it’s getting on whatever you are pulling behind you. The truck is going to
smell like diesel fuel, so expect that when you delete it. The next is noise, expect more of it. You might not be opposed to
it, but think about your wife, think about your family. Is anybody else gonna
be complaining about it? Some guys like the noise, but
it gets tiring after awhile when you’re in the cab and
you got a trailer behind you. You’re runnin’ at high
load on the highway. These trucks are nice and
quiet the way they’re delivered from the factory. If you like that, you
might consider keeping your emissions equipment on the truck. The last is performance,
and here’s where it gets really interesting. We actually dyno trucks all the time. We dyno deleted trucks,
we dyno compliance trucks, we dyno emissions equipped trucks with high-performance kits on them. We know what the differences are. This truck behind me,
the Clean Sweep, dyno’d 520 horsepower through all
it’s emissions equipment with a stock turbo charger
and just our tuning. Most deleted trucks that
we get to come in here during Dyno Day or just for dyno testing, will dyno between 515 and 530. That’s right, some of them
dyno even less than the Clean Sweep did. Some of them dyno a little bit more. I want to go out on a limb
and say you’re not gonna be able to tell the difference
between 10 horsepower on an 8000 pound truck. They run very strong through
the emissions equipment well-tuned. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the
video, like it, share it, tell your friends about it. If you want to hear
more from us, check out I’m Nick Priegnitz, thanks for watching.

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  1. This is how you make an informative video. Straight to the point with details and info that matter. Good Job and Thank You.

  2. Improved MPG with an emissions intact LML is not a true statement on my LML, I have not seen any notable change in MPG regardless of switch setting (1, 4, or 5) I can't speak for the towing settings. I have driven with the lightest foot possible and still gets the same as pre tune.

    I will say that the power increase is quite pleasing to my inner teenager, especially switch position 5, that one makes my wife not want to ride with me.

    However, with the lack of fuel economy gain compounded with the transmission shift anomalies and the uncommanded acceleration when shifting into 4th has got me seriously thinking about loading the factory tune and finding another sucker to buy my SPADE….

    Do your homework before buying any tuner, find a couple of people that have had one for a while and get the real truth, just my 2 cents…

  3. Gee, I happen to own a 2013 LML I've had about a year and love it. Hmmm… wonder if I should add a tuner…?…

  4. this video really makes me want to rip my emissions out on my denali hd and throw out the cp4 and slap in a new cp3 and efi live tuner

  5. Or, this may sound crazy but hear me out….
    If you don't want emissions, or additional parts that wear out and cost money to replace…
    BUY AN LB7!
    Its great, comes with a muffler…. and none of that other stuff, all you need nothing you don't.

  6. What if want a twin turbo setup with around 800-1000hp can the emissions handle that amount of power?

  7. great company, I have there autocal on my 2015 Denali 3500 with trans tunning and it runs great. No issues ever with there Tunning!

  8. These guys can't sell delete tunes so they refer you to motorops in Canada who can. They are trying to convince you to keep the emissions equipment on so they can make more money from you instead of referring you elsewhere. Rip the emissions off ASAP!!!!

  9. I have a 2.8l duramax canyon that left my wife, kids and myself stranded because it decided the DEF Quality was poor. I filled the tank with new fluid and it reduced the speed to 65 mph. Dealer told me to keep driving it and it would reset itself. Speed then limited to 55 mph. Called the dealer again and they told me it will go into regen and would clear up. It then dropped to 4 mph max speed. I decided to subscribe to the service manual and learned that it needed to go through a test to reset. This test requires a tech 2 or something equivalent. I found a mechanic that had a snapon solius and he cleared it for me. But the emmisions left my family and myself stranded going 4 mph down the interstate.

  10. Well if you live in a state like mine, deleting your truck will also mean you wont be able to even register it if you have to get it tested every 2 years. Id love to do it, but my state aint helping.

  11. The reality is these trucks make good power out of the box. The vast majority of owners are not racing, maybe in mind but not in reality. Is there a benefit to deleting, well sure if your looking at a built competition vehicle big hp and tourqe sure I could see it. How ever for the 99% of people who daily drive with all the basic bolt on upgrades and tuning the stock exhaust will be more than enough. Keep in mind aren't turning 8k they are low reving diesels. Duramax Tuner's staff are specialist on these trucks, there opinion is a lot more legit and fact based than the ramblings of some random guy on the internet. Here in NY annual vehicle inspections include emission equipment inspection. A dealer probably wont touch a deleted truck #1 they cant sell it unless it has the equipment #2 it costs thousands of dollars in parts to do a new system when you talk replacement of dpf and related parts. So lets be realistic,

  12. i chose to delete. i average 23mpg hwy. 18 tops with my emissions gear (i drive with a lead foot). and the turbo sounds too, oh sweet jesus how she sings. my deletes are slowly paying for them-self in economy gains. ps, i'm not a coal roller, that shit has basically ruined it for us all. l5p i understand now is untuneable?

  13. I had my truck deleted for MPG, power, and longevity. While it may be mostly the tuning, you can't tune out exhaust being rerouted back onto the intake. And you cannot tune out how well/shitty the truck breathes. I want my truck to last – deleted.

  14. Delete the bulshit emissions your truck will run cooler they're for lasting longer. Heat is the enemy of any internal combustion engine you hardly ever heard of diesel overheating or catching on fire in a accident until that DEF bulshit.

  15. Didn't mention longevity. Oh and after u tune that truck and it's delivering more power how quickly are those filters clogging up.

  16. How many people are having you add this emission equipment to their pre 2007 diesel vehicles? You think there would be a big market for that.

  17. GM makes some of the quietest diesel you can get, and you pay good money for it, I test drove a truck with stack on it, it didnt take but 1 minute of that noise to know thats not what I wanted

  18. @Duramaxtuner
    Longevity is my sticking point… a diesel that is being choked to death just isn't going to last as long.

  19. I'd like to get an l5p here going into the future, but have held off because they're "untunable". Do you guys see any chance of them cracking the L5P in the next few years? Many dealers in my area both trade in and actually warranty traded in trucks that have been deleted so have been thinking about getting an LML that's deleted off trade instead.

  20. I hear a little girl explaining. I love the smell and noise of desiel my family doesn't complain. And smoke isn't anything to me wash my trucks evey 2 weeks keep em up to date

  21. Trade it in? I'm driving this thing into the ground. Noise? Bullshit. 4" no muffler, it's not noisy. You seem clued out.

  22. Here's my take on the whole delete thing. The points you said are ALL correct, more noise, trade in yada yada yada. I've owned diesel trucks for 20 years. I've had 7.3's 6.0 fords and 6.6 Duramax's. I've straight piped and deleted my first run EGR'ed and DPF trucks. But these newer ones, man, I just cannot bring myself to ripping out all the factory stuff, especially under the warranty period. What I plan on doing is keeping my current Duramax and drive the wheels off of it. When the Catalyst systems starts to fail and the engine starts to give me problems because of EGR, SCR, DPF, etc…. That's when I WILL delete!

  23. Gut and block to look stock of you aren't going crazy with increases. The EGR is the killer. Running soot through the motor is like pouring sand in it

  24. Just from my experience. I was told by several dealerships that they could not take my 2017 powerstroke in on trade. They said the government would not allow them too.

  25. if they didnt receive that letter from the epa im very confident the video would be different.any shop that says oh no we our about keeping emissions etc have been scared,been under microscope,had that sit down conference call with the feds. lawyers, fines has made alot change their tones and its sad and pathetic

  26. That egr is killer to diesil engines adds more soot to the engine and oil creating extra wear on crank bearing and more carbon build up on the intake passages on the heads over time reducing air flow! Something to think about

  27. Ahahah EPA must have been watching this because of you delete a truck you will always add hp and never lose it!! Also the truck doesn’t smell like diesel and your trailer won’t get stained from smoke. Also most new diesels if you just delete the exhaust still barley any smoke comes out

  28. I like your approach here. I do have one question and it's the only reason I would consider deleting! I have been told that it improves the longevity of your trucks engine and keeps it running cleaner? How true is that and is it enough that it would really make a difference.

  29. Longevity is key here bottom line, the reason we delete these trucks is to make them last and a Duramax will do just that if deleted properly and tuned correctly.

    -East Texas Diesel Performance

  30. What type of tuner is best my 2012 Denali hd dually refuses to regen and I want to lift it a little I pull a 45 ft fifth wheel and not regaining is a problem cuts my power and is stupid expensive

  31. I live in California and being California I'm not sure it would be legal on a '17 2500hd if anyone knows let me know

  32. If my truck would have run more than 500 miles without going into limp mode I’d love to have kept the emissions. 4 failed dealer repairs later pushed me to delete. 2012 lml

  33. by 37000 miles the dpf system and gone out 3 times on my 2015 lml. the last one my bumper to bumper warranty expired and it was an electrical component that went out so they tried to charge me $4500 to fix it… so i deleted it… have had no problems since.

  34. If your telling me that the same tune on a truck that's deleted and straight pipe vs a intact truck. That the intact truck is gonna be better or same your full of shit

  35. Thanks for the info! In today's world believing is seeing.. You think you could to a video or a deleted vs a tuned to show the actual performance difference? Nobody has really done a side by side comparison to show the proof.

  36. Save yourself a shit ton of money and delete! The emissions are prone to failures and will fail constantly……much cheaper to delete than fix emission equipment…..thanks to the fucktard epa

  37. Are the emissions clogging up the engine like I’ve heard so much in so many YouTube videos? What about the regen cycle that they go through ? Does that hurt or help? I’m new to the diesel world …. educate me

  38. Okay so here's my question, if I don't delete my truck is there a way I can get a louder Rumble out the exhaust while I'm driving, and if I just put on a tune and keep it with all the emissions, will it still void my factory warranty? Thank you

  39. I've been diesel all my life. In 2016 I had to buy a new truck, I bought a gasser with 400hp, and all I've done is change the oil. It's done everything my diesels did and gets the same mileage. I thought I'd regret it but, honestly, turbochargers are what make the difference, gas or DIESEL, without them they suck, with them =torque

  40. 2015 lml. What is the #1 thing to do to the truck?? Crew cab dually high country. 65,000 miles on it now. Changing all fluids to amsoil the next week or so! Thanks for any info.

  41. All sounds wonderful….however you forgot to tell everyone how much damage to the motor the emissions system was causing simply by the recirculation of hot exhaust through the EGR. And the constant problems you have with the DPF (diesel particulate filter) ….I can keep going but I'm not a mechanic just a guy that works his truck I'm just saying if you are in the business of informing people then you need to at least tell them everything…
    Sincerely 2016 Duramax

  42. The DEF system hurts more than keeps the engine running good. Whoever took part in the Emissions idea needs a swift kick in the pants.

  43. The five considerations you addressed were: 1-improved mileage; 2-resale value; 3-cleanliness; 4-noise; 5-performance.

    The big one for a lot of people which you didn't address is reliability. Unless you abuse your truck, seems as though emissions related issues create the most problems for 2008+ trucks. Emissions systems themselves are far less reliable than the diesel engines they slowly choke to death. On a truck still in warranty, I get your arguments…otherwise I don't. Even with warranty, who wants the down time with repairs?

  44. Sorry, but I had zero Diesel fumes, zero black smoke, quiet as could be, and had no issues trading my truck in when I got my wife an Acadia.

    This really seems full of misinformation.

  45. I currently have a tuned emissions compliant truck. I absolutely love it. The thing he left out, and the reason I am deleting my truck, is the expense of maintenance on the emissions equipment. Since I'm tuned, my local dealer won't honor the warranty, and I'm having Def system issues. Which means I'm on the hook for the repair costs. Cheaper to delete, and no more repairs on the emissions equipment.

  46. I'd like to keep my emissions but I use my truck commercially for long haul transport and it idles during the overnights for heat/a.c. and now I'm getting egr bypass codes. I replaced the valve in Oct and can't afford to replace that valve every 3 months. Any help/advice is welcome.

  47. so why not TUNE IT and as well DELETE DEF??? so way way better than running stock DEF….then add a exhaust cut out, or straight pipe….then not to mention the pain and cost of having to keep buying and filling DEF fluid….


  49. Me: punches it to hear the turbo
    wife: your truck is too loud
    Me: punches it all the way to a divorce attorney

  50. mt truck has had 3000.00 worth of repairs to the def system alone, now the egr valves are junk, do I delete now?

  51. Its worth a delete just to not have to deal with the annoying check engine light. You havent experienced anything until your Duramax goes into the "limp mode" while out on a trip.

  52. I call bullshit not true not completely true some Merit to what you're saying but you're trying to talk people out of getting the deletes and that's not your choice so respect others and quit bashing deleted vehicles and or the owners

  53. You can keep your tree hugger truck, while im tearing up the road in my fully Deleted LML CP4 Swap 4” off the down Single Tune and a Lift Pump wouldnt have it any other way!

  54. Considering the cost of parts of failing parts of the egr cooler…..def tank….exhuast system…..

    Yeah worth deleting it

  55. so i just quoted $600 difference between replacing my lmm's dpf or deleting it at 200k miles for a truck i paid 13k for ….btw i get fuel mileage and power on the groud guess wich one i want to go with

  56. Sorry theres not alot of smoke from today's tunes, the epa bitches about pollution and gas consumption then they throw all this shit on and ruin your gas mileage and power

  57. Deleting is at least very annoying. I hate trucks that are deleted when im around them riding my motorcycle. I remember when everyone was removing their cat converters in the early 2000s and messing up their rides. Engineers implemented this stuff, its best to leave it alone and maintain it as directed. Man makes the truck, not the other way around.

  58. I notice he didn’t mention a damn thing about engine life! They want to stop people from deleting trucks so motor companies make more money! The longer your truck last the less money they make on us buying new ones every 3 years! The more the come down on emissions and TRY and stop us the more money they potentially make off of us buying shit boxes that explode after 100k miles from clogged emissions or have us spend thousands on repeat repairs replacing emissions! Why not spend a couple grand deleting the emissions and getting half a million miles if not more out of your truck! DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!

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