Should You Buy a Manual Transmission Car (Stick Shift vs Automatic)

Should You Buy a Manual Transmission Car (Stick Shift vs Automatic)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel it’s come to my attention that many
people drive automatic cars because they don’t know how to drive a standard, but
if you can’t drive an automatic transmission, you’re missing out on a lot
of fun, so today I’m going to talk all about standard transmissions, to begin with, standard transmissions get really good gas mileage, I’m a fast driver but
on this tank I’m averaging 30 miles a gallon, and even though this Ford only
has a four-cylinder engine, it’s extremely quick with a standard
transmission, because standard transmissions have no slippage, their
direct drive, on the other hand an automatic transmission uses automatic
transmission fluid to drive it, there’s always some fluid slippage, so they don’t
work as efficiently, so with the standard transmission car, not only can you drive
faster, but you can get better gas mileage, now some people don’t want to
drive a standard because they think the clutch is too hard to push in, but that’s
not true anymore, modern cars use hydraulic clutches,
they’re smooth just like brake systems very easy to operate, and perhaps best of
all standard transmissions are very reliable, they need little maintenance at
all, and if you’ve ever paid a mechanic like myself thousands of dollars to fix
a late-model automatic transmission, you’ll appreciate that fact, I learned to
drive a standard transmission car when I was 16 years old, and I only took about
half an hour, so if you’re thinking about buying a new car, why not think standard
transmission and have a lot of fun, and be sure to visit my website Scotty if you’ve got a car question I’ll answer it, all for free
just visit Scotty

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  2. I get 5 miles to a gallon more than the same GMC pickup truck with an automatic transmission. That saves me about $8,000 dollars for every 100,000 miles I drive.

  3. Here in Brazil most cars are manual, back in the 90's, almost all cars were, except for a few models, nowadays, 60% of the cars are still equiped with a manual transmission, so, everyone learns how to drive with a clutch. Best thing ever, i wouldn't but an automatic car.

  4. I thoroughly love driving a my 1981 Mercedes 240d with a manual transmission. I have a 1964 Ford F250 truck and it also has a manual transmission. I drove a Crown school busses with manual transmission and they also were enjoyable to drive.

  5. I have only owned a couple of automatics in my time and the rest only standard tranny's.  My current German spec'd 2004 RAV4 4wd also has a 5sp, love the way it drives over the 4spd auto version.

  6. How the hell are you gonna tell what the hell i need to buy or what do i like ????? F******* CK OFF !!!!! ???????????????????????????

  7. I remember my first half hour was spent getting yelled at by my dad for dumping the clutch too much. Then a few hours of practice with not so smooth operation. A week break. Then somehow it all clicked… My 15 year old with driving permit has already learned. He got the basics in half an hour. Loves it.. Love your channel Scotty. Thanks for all the vids!

  8. Aren't modern automatic transmissions much better in terms of gas mileage if not equal to standard transmissions

  9. I find standards a PITA to drive in traffic. I was so happy to finally get an automatic after having to drive a manual one for several years in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Nowadays, there isn't much MPG difference between the 2. Automatics are weaker transmissions, but as long as you take care of them you should be fine. I've owned a lot of cars in my time. Some manual and some automatic. The only transmission issues that I've had is having the clutch wear out.

  10. Best thing about your vids Scottie, is that at least in the future; Your children (assuming u have children) – and Future Grandchildren will have ALL THESE Vids with "Dad's/Grampa's" Best Tips and knowledge regarding mechanics and personal opinions/experiences preserved for their referencing should they follow occupational suit. – 🙂

    Edit: oh, ya… I forgot, by then, fkying cars will be likely!
    Heck, prototypes are already developed.

  11. I want to learn stick. But I barely know anyone who drives one. I know my brother does and I know he would be willing to teach me, but his car is Turbocharged and I don’t think I want to learn said skill on a car that launches like a rocket per say. He had another standard car but the clutch was worn so it was hard to engage so once more, don’t want to learn said skill on that.

  12. Manuals have always been popular in Australia but it's now getting to the point where I feel like I'm something special because I still drive a manual.
    I think busy roads and lowering of speed limits kills off enthusiasm for manual transmission. Spirited driving is being made more and more illegal so I can see why so many go over to auto. The next logical step in that progression will be self-driving cars.

  13. Back in the '70's, Ronnie Sox, of Sox & Martin fame, was the guy that could throw a manual shift faster than an automatic! However, I can personally attest to the fact that I had a '72 Cougar with a C6 transmission and 351cj engine, that gained 1 full second off of the 0-60 mph time, by changing the stock valve body out for a B&M stage II valve body! Hard to beat a good high performance, beefy automatic in timed events.

  14. 07 vs 18 …. technology is advancing fast , i drive stick since i got my driving licence at 80's but it's time to change !

  15. Hey Scotty! I thought you wore those dark sunglasses all the time because you were bug-eyed!!! You look great without glasses!! Dump them!

  16. When you get used to stick shiftc driving an auto is like a computer game based on my personal experience. I prefer manuals for the most these days for me to boost up skills.

  17. its crazy to see how young scotty vs 2018 scotty and see how far's he's gone… but the hatch exit is still a legend!

  18. Hi, i have a 2017 hyundai accent manual shift. Have you came across hyundai accent manual transmissions can it last long? Or is there problems on it i need to look after? Thanks

  19. Stick is for those that want to save a few K on a car purchase. There is no good reason to get a manual these days. Auto is just so much more convenient. And you say its expensive to repair an automatic? Well dont buy a bucket of bolts with 200k miles on it, then you wont have to worry about that.

  20. I don't know why some drivers in United States doesn't like drive manual transmission because is the vehicle doesn't cranking, some friends help to push the car then is cranked?

  21. Yes in my younger days, a 4sp Muncie was king. But then I bought a 78 Chev pickup with a 454 and the 400 transmission it was just so much nicer. On some hydraulic clutches I've seen the master cylinder where it mounts on the firewall just rust away. And I've always had trouble bleeding the hydraulic clutch. Then the clutch it's self wears out just like brake lining does. Then to say a manual transmission doesn't have problems is not being truthful either. I would rather pull a 400 trans out when there was a problem, and a 400 was a good transmission and I never had any problems with mine. Yes I did rebuild 400's for other people , but in those days rebuilding one didn't break the bank and putting one back in the car or pick up was easier than trying to get the manual back in to the clutch spline. But today's cars you are probably right about manual over automatic. To bad they couldn't make the new one's as good as the old one's.

  22. It's 2018, and I bought a brand new Mustang GT with a Standard Transmission. I haven't had this much fun driving in 25 years.

  23. I’m driving a car with an automatic transmission and I’m having a lot of fun, by being carefree and enjoying my driving and listening to the stereo without being distracted or occupied by thinking about the gears and when to shift. ?. I don’t miss the stick shift at all. ?

  24. Scotty I recently purchased a 2019 Nissan Versa Manual Transmission. You say the cvt transmission is the worst part of Nissan vehicles. What are your thoughts on my purchase

  25. Yeah, and its nice and expensive when you break the seals in a automatic gearbox under pressure and sometimes 2 gallons of expensive transmission oil flows out on the street.Done that, been there. 🙂

  26. It is so hard to find cars with standard transmissions. Thank you jeep for keeping it around on the wranglers. No one puts a standard transmission on a SUV.

  27. I well prefer driving a Manual transmission over an Automatic transmission.
    The problem is that Manual transmissions are becoming rarer and rarer. I've had a nosey in plenty of car yards that have only had Automatics in stock.

  28. Ah, 2007. Scotty looked so young, the Great Recession hadn’t happened yet, George W. Bush was still president, iPhones weren’t even a thing yet. Man, it was a totally different time back then. I kind of miss it.


  30. Standard transmissions are tradition in South Africa.
    We have 2019 standard transmission cars made for us, by German, Japanese etc car companies. ?

  31. For me this is a time travel video to see young scotty………
    I recently drove an autoTRANS. car…..thinking that stdTRANS. is man's car

  32. When I was young I had manuals. NOw that I'm old, I prefer not to have to bother with a clutch, esp. in dense traffic.

  33. True story

    My mom bought her stick shift car in 2012
    Now, In 2019, Her clutch broke down and she wasnt able to shift gears (but her car got fixed)
    So, Thats what happening to a stick shift car after 7 years of usage

  34. Fully agree with everything said in this video. Sums up why all my cars have always been manual. That plus that cool opening car chase scene from the movie The Transporter that has a really neat car with a stick shift.

  35. My 3rd wife's son is 35 years old and cannot drive a stick shift. So, the younger ones, not likely they ever pushed a clutch.

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