Should You Buy A New Bike, Or Upgrade Your Old One? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Should You Buy A New Bike, Or Upgrade Your Old One? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to Ask GMBN where this week I’m all on my lonesome. But I’m gonna give it everything. And thankfully I’ve got
some fantastic questions from you guys out there. That we’re gonna get straight into. So, first question is from Lopon12. And he says “Are £5000 bikes twice as good as £2500 bikes?” Well, no. I don’t think they are.. I don’t think they’re twice
as good at all, actually. If you’re spending up in the 2000, 3000 pounds, dollars, you’re buying a very very nice bike. A 5000 bike, a £5000 bike, is gonna be really great. But not twice as good. You’re gonna get some great parts in it. Definitely not double
your bike for your buck. Does that make sense? Yes. Alex Watson is asking, “I’ve been riding for three weeks and I can’t lift my front wheel more than seven inches off the ground, any help?” Well, you just need a bit of time, man. That three weeks is not
long to have been riding. It will come, you’ll
just get used to riding and you’ll improve. And once you start improving, the learning curve is steep, and it really comes fast. And you’ll start enjoying your riding. But, quick tip: Start
bumping your front wheel off of things, off of roots, off of logs that you see around. Small logs. So you can get a little bit of lift, and that will help bring
your front wheel up. But make sure you’re
covering that back break. Because if you go too steep, you need to grab that to bring
the front wheel back down. Finlay MacDonald, 11 years old, he’s thinking of continuing
to upgrade his 26″ Hardtail with things like air forks, 1 by 11, or dropper post. Or should he buy an aggressive Hardtail? Get a brand new bike. You know what, initially I would say upgrade the 26. Because you’re gonna get some great parts, and it’s really gonna improve the bike. But, if you think it
through to the conclusion, if you buy an aggressive Hardtail, things like a dropper
post, a one by system, they might all be on there. So you’re gonna get a lot for your money. So I’d go with the aggressive Hardtail. Because that is gonna be fun, and the geometry is amazing. So definitely worth trying that out. So let us know what you do do, and once you’ve done it, send us a picture or a video
so we can see you ride it. Sam Osborne says, “Hi guys, I have an XC bike, but I found myself recently
wanting to ride more aggressively on rougher terrain.” I like your thinking. “Can you please explain to my wife the difference between an
XC bike and an Enduro bike and why I need one?” Well, Mrs. Osborne, it’s— It’s a really simple decision, you can have a fantastic
bike in your garage, with great geometry, a bit tougher, it’s gonna
take the hits better, more travel on the suspension. It’s win, win, win, win,
win with one of these bikes. I think Sam’s really
gonna improve his riding. It’s gonna be safer out in the trail, but don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at this video where we put an Enduro
bike up against an XC bike. You can see what happens. – [Narrator] Enduro is
all about being fast on the downhills. But you need to climb to the top as well, so you need a bike that can do both. – Cross Country mountain bikes are the original all rounder. This inclines super fast. It’s not as fast on the descents, but it’s still a lot of fun. So this is Cross Country versus Enduro. – We’ve got one big climb, one big descent, let’s see which is fastest. (upbeat music) – Right, next question is from Sean Paul and he says, “Is there really a need to have women specific bikes? Surely men and women
can use the same bikes?” Well, yeah they can, of course. And lots of women do. Women specific brands out there, like Juliana, or Liv. They are building really cool bikes, that have got geometry specific
to a certain body type. It’s not about having pink
frames and things like that. But it is about accessibility as well. Because we want to encourage lots of women into riding in the sport as well. So, brands out there
that are more accessible are a really great thing. And I’m all for it. I’m all for it. I think
it’s a great thing. Right. Gaming with Doctor Kerlyn says, “Great video guys last week, Ask GMBN.” Yep, me and Neal sat
here having a great time. “Are you guys– ” What? “Are you guys father and son?” Are you kidding me? Father and son? I don’t look that old. Aiden, what do you– I don’t look–
– [Aiden] Neil’s old. – Neil’s old, he’s like– I think Neil’s nearly 40 years old. I don’t look like a 60-year-old guy. Come on, man. That’s unbelievable. Goes on to say, “I’m
trying to buy a Hardtail, can you recommend me one for $600?” No, I can’t. Sorry, I can’t help you. Father and son, that’s unbelievable. Next question. Noel Castillo says, “I want
to build a dirt jump bike for indoor bike park and street riding.” Cool, good fun. “What gear ratio can you
guys recommend that I can also wheelie with? I’m thinking of using a
24 or 26 inch chain ring, but is almost clueless for the sprocket.” Well, actually, you’ll
be at a wheelie with whatever your gear ratio. You’ll be a different speed wheelie, and it ought to affect how quickly you can bring the front end up. But what I’d be thinking
if you’re gonna be riding street and skate park, is you wanna be thinking how to manual, not wheelie. Because popping out of a bowl,
and then doing a wheelie round the top and back in,
it’s not gonna look cool, mate. You wanna be manualing. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at this video. Which will teach you to do just that. – Right, the manual’s a great tool to have in your arsenal. Bob jumping or bunny hopping, the manual can help you
out in sticky situations. Even make you faster out on the trail. Here are a few of my top examples of where to use the manual at on the trail. Woo, pedalling! (upbeat music) Wow. I’m soaked. – Okay it’s time for the quick fire round. I’m gonna rattle through
some questions now. First one, Laurent Parmentier says, “Surely adding a front
brake to a dirt jump bike make it okay for trials, doesn’t it?” Yes, it does. Go for it dude. Yeah. Max Schreiber, “On the day before it rained and the bike also the derailleur was wet, so the next day it was
frozen and I couldn’t shift. So how can I unfreeze it fast–” This is a quick fire round.
“And get water out best?” I think your derailleur got frozen. I’m saying spray some antifreeze on it. It’s a weird question.
It’s a weird question. Awesome Raid says, “What
type of rims should I buy, carbon or aluminium?” Ali- no, carbon. Go with carbon. Samer Younis says, “I have a
bone to pick with you guys. I watched the GCN show
and looked for the rat. It was nowhere to be found, or maybe I missed it.” You must have missed
it, the rats in there. It’s in there. But we’re gonna go investigate and find out exactly where it is. He also says that’s 20 minutes of his life he’s not getting back. (laughing) I’m sorry man, I apologise. Ivan Ilic says, “How tall is Neil?” He’s taller than you think, actually. Because lots of people
are like, oh he’s so tall, and he’s like 4’4″. But he’s not, he’s 5’3″. He’s a lot bigger than you think. BCT Random says, “I
don’t know whether to get large pedals or small pedals.” Dude I wish I had your problems. Um, large pedals. That’s what I’d say. Juliano Sticca says,
“Can we have a bike check with all of your guys bikes please?” Yeah we do pro bikes all the time, so check them out. I know that Dottie’s got
a new one coming up on his New Proof Mega. Which he loves. Anatoly Jose Valino says, “Is it possible to do
trials on a fat bike?” Yes, for sure. But it would be weird fat trials, but let’s try and get Blake doing it. Because, yeah, he’s putting on weight. It’ll work out, it’ll be fat trials in every sense of the word. Iliaz Aslam says, “Do any
of the GMBN presenters have road bikes?” Nearly all of us, actually. I’ve got a Colnago, and a Pinarello. Blake’s got a Canyon. And Neil– He had a Canyon but he
smashed it into a car along with his head. But Dottie has never ridden a road bike, interestingly enough. Jacob Martin says, “Can
Blake bunny hop tail whip?” Yes. He can do it very well.
Next question, Patrick Thomas, “Can You guys use personal lubricant to speed up the quick fire round?” We could try. We could try it. Livefreeandshred says, “I
think Nino’s whips look awful, and he shouldn’t do them. They’re like bike park Joey tweaks.” Well, they’re not awful. Nino’s whippettes,
they’re not really whips. They are kind of tweaks, They’re alright but I do think, I agree, he does do them too often. He’s turned into a bit
of a one trick pony. In terms of jumping. He’s becoming like the Peter Sagan. Of like, mountain biking. You know, Peter, he’s like
yeah, you can do a wheelie, we get it. So, Nino, stop doing so many whippettes. And let someone else win
a race maybe one day. That is the end of the quick fire round. Time for correct me if I’m wrong. And before we get into a video, we’ve got Nick Humphrey saying, “A reposte to Neil’s comment
on breaking carbon rims. What happens if you cover
a sheet, in sheets of 3K carbon weave? You delaminate it.” (laughing) I like you, Nick. That was good. Okay, Jack Morgan. I hit this jump a few times and decided to try to put a whip on it. However, I can’t seem to get
the bike fully sideways.” Right, let’s take a look at this. Bit of whip action, or an effort at it. Here he comes, wicked fast. Ah I see. You do get a bit of whip on that. Just watching it again. Yep. You know what? That jump
is quite low and fast. You’re really going for a … a scrub. More than a whip, really. You’re coming over it, and
what you can do with that jump is as you come out just
do that turn like you are, but you’ve gotta bring it back in straight much quicker than you are. You’re kind of putting
out there and leaving it. And then you’ll get a
bit of a scrub action. It’s not the right jump for a proper whip. Because you really need to pop
up and get a lot of height. But how you’re doing it is nearly right. If you just bring it back in. And it’ll bring you over
that jump much quicker. Keep you nice and low,
and looking really cool. So, scrub it, don’t whip it. That’s makes sense. Right, thanks for sending
that video in, Jack. If you’ve got something
that you’d like to get tweaked in terms of your riding, then please send us a video into correct me if I’m wrong. And we will take a look at it next week. It’d be really great to see your riding, so send us a video. And you can send that
to [email protected], or [email protected] Either one will work, and it’ll
be great to get your vids. Right, thanks for
watching this weeks show. Love going for your questions. We’ll be back next week, but make sure if you wanna ask us something, shove it in the comments
section down below, and we’ll take a look and
see if we can help you out. If you wanna see more videos from GMBN, then why don’t you click over here where you can see Dottie’s
new Mega Nuke Proof bike which he’s absolutely adoring. And over this side,
you can see the 12 best products you can buy for Christmas. So, great Christmas presents there. Take a look at that. Hit the globe to subscribe, and give us some thumbs
while you’re there. Because it makes us feel good. See you next week. Bye.

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