Should You Buy A Second Hand E-BIke? | EMBN Show Ep. 63

Should You Buy A Second Hand E-BIke? | EMBN Show Ep. 63

– Welcome to this weeks EMBN show, I’m joined by Blake Sampson from GMBN. We’ve got a lots going
on this week’s show, we’re talking about racing, we’re talking about secondhand bikes, what else are we talking about? – Oh, we got all the usual, got climbing the week, we got the bike vault which I love. It’s all coming up on this week’s show . (high intensity music) – So Blake, one of the
questions we get asked here on EMBN it’s all about secondhand bikes and would you take that gamble? – I would because it’ll all be, for me, it’ll be about budget, I don’t want to go and spend a lot of money on a brand new bike, ’cause you can get some
good deals out there on the internet or anywhere, you can find a goodie bag
probably at the bike shop as well. – You get a lot more bike for your money. – You do, you do, so that’s main thing. Well my friends just bought one, for example he’s just bought, he just bought a specialized E-bike. – Yeah? – Frame only, motor, and battery combined. Guess how much he bought that for? – Well bike it’s like five, six grands, so I’m guessing, what did you say frame,
motor, and battery? – Yeah, yeah. – One and a half, two thousand pounds. – Three hundred pounds. – What? – On Ebay just pressed buy, he just buy. – Wow, yeah. – That’s the story. – Steve! Thanks for bringing your E-bike, it looks amazing. Now, this isn’t your first E-bike, right? – No, joint trance SX. – Yeah. But you decided to buy this E-bike that came up for sale on eBay, right? – That’s correct, yes. – Yeah. – Frame, battery, motor, charger, shock, step 5. – Wow! That is ridiculous. I mean now, it wasn’t, the motor ride said it wasn’t
working when you bought it. – That’s correct, yeah. – That must have worried you, right? – No. – Why didn’t it worry that
the motor is not running? – It’s that new, it’s still under warranty. – Right, okay. – So, I wouldn’t have bothered. – Now, you weren’t scared the fact that you buying a used a E
mountain bike, right? So, you made some calls? – I did, virus recycles, and had a chat with those guys. – What did they say? – They said it’s more
likely to battery leads. We’ve booked it in, took it up. – Yeah.
– That place of battery lead and off we went working. – [Interviewer] Wow, you
said 500 pounds, ridiculous. I know maybe the wife is listening but what do you think you’ve
spent total on getting this secondhand non-functional
E-bike up and running. – Oh my god. – [Interviewer] Ballpark. – Under two. – [Interviewer] Right. Wow that’s pretty cool, don’t it? – Yeah. – I think that’s a living proof that you can actually buy a
second-hand E-bike and get a real bargain. – Well there has to be the
biggest bargain of the century, right? – 300 quid? That’s a cost less of a battery. – Less and a half of a
battery for that price. – And it only is because of a cable. – Yeah, yeah, definitely and that shows
that bargains definitely to be had out there, but if we are committing
to buying secondhand, what are the things we
need to be looking out for? – Oh, for me I think it’ll be the battery, if it holds power, if it charges, and then the motor, if it’s making some
horrible grinding noises I’m gonna stay clear of it, yeah. I think for me frame is really important, you need to check all around the welds, every single part of that bike, you know, if it’s dent it will crack, that would definitely a
deal-breaker for me, yeah, and I think suspensions, where you need to check
out all of like the coat into the shark, fork, if there’s any dents, scratches, marks, and that then, that’s gonna be a really
expensive part to replace. – Yeah, leaking and all that jazz and then they have full in drivetrains as one of them as well because that’s what’s powering that biker along from that motor, you want to see if that’s all in running order. – Yeah. – ’cause a drivetrain on
that could be very expensive. – Yeah, it could take
obviously a big high where I am on the E-bike drivetrain and if you have got replaced one part, chances are you’re replacing the chain- – It’s the whole thing.
– If the chain is worn that means the cassettes gonna be worn and the chain rings gonna be worn, it’s not it’s just simply
a matter of replacing one of those things. – Yeah.
– Obviously big things like, drop a seat post as well
they can be expensive, just check all those
little things, fork seals, – Yeah.
– the list goes on, you know? Just check that bike head to toe, get someone, if you don’t know anything about E-bikes, just try and take someone that does know a little bit about that. – Exactly, exactly. – And if there is something
that’s gonna cost 200 quid to replace, get 200 quid
and you could knocked off the price, right? – Exactly, exactly. Also, do a little bit of background check. If you know the guy,
– Yeah. – you can go on his Facebook or whatever, social media, just to see how he’s
been riding that bike. – [Guy on the Right] If
you see I’m doing 30-foot back flips over some doubles
your chances are that bike has had a pretty hard life. – [Blake] Yeah so maybe, take that into consideration but there’s a loads of other apps out there, see if you want to know if that battery’s been charged
X amount of times or how many hours that bikes been ridden- – [Guy on the Right] Yeah. – If it’s been ridden hard, all these apps their bikes
are Bluetooth compatible can show you this. – Yeah connect it to
your smartphone you get a readout of that bikes
life and how’s feeling and generally if it’s healthy, I think the specialized app
is really good for that, shows every single little
detail of the bike, how many miles is done, how many charges it’s done, just a general life of the bike. And of course there’s always, if you go shop Eagle option 2, I think the office can
cost a little bit more but you’ve always, always got that fullback
warranty if things do go wrong. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You know, it might be a short warranty it’d be like 30 days or something. – Yeah. – But if something goes
drastically wrong with that bike- – Yeah. – You know, if you turn it on the next
day and it doesn’t turn on. – You can’t take it back. – No, you can’t to the shop so they’d probably would be like “nah sorry” – Now, this is a question for you, where would you buy? Bike shop? or privately on the internet? For me, I reckon, if it’s
private ’cause you can haggle- – Yeah. – innocent good driving
distance you can actually go look at the bike, you can see it and test it, you can feel it, you can, you know, you can have a good thing, as well as we go into a bike shop. – I don’t know I think I always
go for the bike shop for me, just, I’ll pay that a
little bit more but that peace of mind I’m gonna get
from a bike would win over the private sale. – Yes, also, you get that
little bit of warranty, like you said 30 days
you can take it back and if it goes wrong, whereas Joe Bloggs down the road, if it goes wrong he’s like “Nah”. – Yeah. Loads of bargains to be out, just do a lot of research
before you commit to it and you certainly
definitely pick up a bargain, you might even get a leave over 300 quid. Moving on from that, we’ve got the UCI, we’ve talked about this
in a previous show, but big news is that the
E-bike category winners, men and women, again exactly the same prize money as a cross-country in men and women. – Finally. – [Guy on the Right] So big news and they’re getting the E-bike
world champs jerseys as well. – Oh wow. – Looks really, really cool. Big news is that Tweed Lovefest, the big man bike festival
is incorporated the Bosch EMTB challenge. – [Blake] Nice. – [Guy on the Right] So
that’s traditionally out in Europe that they’re bringing it to England
and tweed is hosting it, especially is the 9th of June, it’s a 30 kilometer loop with
a 1000 meter of climbing, but I’m really like the
way they’ve done this, actually it’s not just a race. – Yeah. – They’ve done a no practice
on the stages on the enduro, so it’s gonna be totally blind and they’re using like an orienteering
loop between stages and they’ve got checkpoint. – Yeah.
– That you’ve got to go to. And if you miss a checkpoint, you’ve got a 10-second penalty coming up. Another cool thing, you’ve of course got your time stage. – Yeah. – But there are like a trials
observation section as well, which is no feet down zone so
you gotta go through those, keeping your feet up, cooperated all the way through and again, – They’ve got trials. – Yeah, you’ve got trials,
orienteering, and E-bike leaps. – Wow! – Oh you know, can’t go wrong with that, and it’s definitely
real exciting format and I think that’s what the
E-bike could be suited to. We’ve been checking out
social media this week and what have we seen? – Oh! Paul Basagoitia, if you don’t know who he is, he was a big influence
into slopes down mountain biking back in the day, he rate, he did the Rampage, Red Bull Rampage, he had a massive accident, which is a bit life-threatening and just to our astonishment, he’s up riding his bike, – Yeah.
– after a huge backing. – We always, yeah.
– So, it’s good to see him out on his bike. – Wheels off the ground, he’s actually moved into team manager role for Ride Concepts, so he’s managing the whole team, bit of influence, – Yeah.
– for a big name like that, it’s gonna do big things
to them, so really cool. – Very cool. – Well, cool to see him
back on a bike for one, and extra cool to see him
with wheels off the ground, and adding a little bit of style to that. – Yeah, yeah. – We definitely wouldn’t have imagined. – Exactly, we both used to compete
against him back in the day. – He’d still win literally everything. – He is a big red bull rider. Very cool. – And on Instagram, I checked out this guy
Fabian Faerht Fahrrad, don’t know how to say that name but he had done this massive road gap. – [Blake] Wow! – [Guy on the Right] Look, huge. – [Blake] Just a huge. – [Guy on the Right] And so good to see guys sending stuff on them. – Yeah, yeah. – Landing a little bit deep but yeah. Massive as well. Talking about E-bikes, we had an amazing game. – Oh we did, yeah. I think because of the E-bike you won. – You think? – Yeah, a lot of cheating
going on, though. – There was a lot of
cheating because, well yeah, need to check out the video but it’s really exciting getting a hundred 80 mil travel bikes- – Yeah.
– on the streets. (motor running) – Welcome to this week’s electrics. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at getting the vital drop off skill nailed. As all techniques, the drop off is something you’ve definitely need to be taking in little bite-sized chunks, working your way up through
the progression on it. Best way if you’ve never
done a drop though, is to find a nice bit
of flat ground like this scrape the line down or
mark alone on the floor and then imagine that’s your big
drop that you’re trying to do. Get the technique dialed on this, then you can move it away to something a little bit bigger and work your way up it bite-sized chunks. So, you approach the line that
you’ve marked on the floor, come in with good speed, pedals level, give the bike a squash into the ground, transfer your weight backwards
whilst pulling up with the handlebars to perform
a little mini manual off of the line then just keep practicing that over and over and then move
on to the next size drop. If you pick something that isn’t too big, isn’t gonna hit you’re
changing you should be able to progress fairly easy. So, just found this drop, this is ideal to learn on, it’s definitely the next
step up from learning from the line but it’s about a foot, foot and a half high, but what I do like about
this is if I don’t get my technique though even my chain ring isn’t actually gonna hit, so it’s gonna be really close but certainly if I get my
technique wrong isn’t gonna result in a big crash, something like this is
ideal to progress on. When you first come to check in that drop out you really need to
have a look at your run in and the run out, just have a look, make sure there’s
nothing you’re gonna hit, there’s no funny kicks on the take off, if your wheels hit that could end up bucking you or
making your funny shape just as you commit to the drop. Another really nice tip for
you if the drop off is blind, is to scuff your line in, so you can actually see your desired line, a lot of these drops
when you come into them are totally blind so having
that little line just gonna make sure you can hit
your desired landing spot. There you go, drop-offs a hell of a lot of fun, and somebody shouldn’t be
scared off out on the trail. So, it’s time for climb of the week, we’ve got a few different
submissions coming in, you like the crashes. – I love crashes, I did think
this was fails and bales. – Well, I put a little
one in for you as well, broken arm in this week. – Oh my gosh. – But this is Gordon, he’s been sending this
in some clips from hell, he’s right in the towers,
big Sam June Ryan. – [Blake] I’ve been there. – [Guy on the Right] I’ve
been there as well on holiday. – [Blake] Yeah there’s a
mess of step up with the day. – [Guy on the Right] Yeah, back down, no, that’s pretty cool,
carving his way down the side. – [Blake] Yeah, that’s great. – “That was nuts” he said. That’s crazy. – [Guy on the Right] I got Andra on his commensal as well, nor fine or I didn’t North Shore. – [Blake] Oh no, not right (mumbles) – [Guy on the Right]
That’s asking for trouble. He looks very good and this
is a crash as well Blake, this is Colin and his Mondrea E-crafty and Langer, put a picture for the bike vault, and literally five minutes later, he smashed his arm to pieces, in hospital. – [Blake] I want to see that footage. – [Guy on the Right] You
want to see that footage? – I wanna see that video. The video of that guy. – Maybe in fails and bailes. – Probably, yeah. – Cheers for sending the content and we love to see it here on EMBN, if you guys got any videos
or pictures send them in to us via the upload service, details are on screen and how
to get that footage to us. – Alright, it’s time for Ghetto Tech. – Is that our best Welsh? – Best Welsh. – Steve Jones impression. – Yeah, Steve Jones. Ghetto Tech. – Anthony Regini has
dropped this in for us, he says “I hate for my guards but I do use an are save”, it’s a little tiny…
– thing on the back, yeah. – “But they’re not great, I was fed up with getting a wet and muddy backside in the winter, so the other day I took
a pair of scissors to a cheap pair of old over trousers and they work a dream and now
I have a wet warm ass” What you think on that Blake? – Well, he took a pair of scissors to a pair of over trousers, that means he’s cut holes in it. – Yeah, basically cut
them into shorts, but I’m asking why don’t you just
run the full trousers and keep your legs clean as well? – Yeah, there you go. – So in the comments this week
we had a lot of feedback on last week’s show with Steve and Georgia, is E-bike racing cool? Tim got into a job salon “Great in competition there
has to be a limited to a 500 watt category in my opinion, – Oh, okay, yeah. – When you get too far
above this the E-bike becomes an E-MOPED etcetera. So, the 500 series multi
challenge mountain and trail?” So yeah, I kind of like a little… – It’ll be like a super
series and normal series. – Yeah, yeah, all the other categories
our team is restricted and de restricted so you’ve
got like an open category, so I think that the courses
were tech enough and like hard enough and
there’s a certain speed that those riders can ride that trail on so doing restricted category, you know, even up against
like a massive power, twist throttle bike, if you’re a good rider on a
standard pedal by restricted, you could tangle those guys. – Mm-hmm, that’s good one. We got one from Scott, says “A good E-bike race would
include steeper climbs in traditional mountain bike
race but those motors, it’s much gonna be smoking hot” Like being used and abused. – Yes definitely and I think that’s what we need to see more often
in these E-bike races, we’re not talking about
a standard cross-country, we need to spice things up. I think super steep up and down. – Yeah, yeah. It’s like the O’s bug. – It must be (mumbles) imagine that. – Imagine that. – Lot of pushing on an
E-bike on that thing there? Down there, nah. So, Mika Häkkinen, – Mika! The Riley guy was the fun one guy. – Rally, wasn’t he? Toyota driver back in the day, you know? – You know. – But he says “my take
for most bike racing is as follows cool when
you do it by yourself, uncool to watch. I guess that would apply
for a E-bike racing too, I like watching downhill
biking from time to time but other sports centered around
cycling is pretty much meh for me personally. – [In Unison] Meh. – though I have to say, though I have to say I’m not gonna follow in any other
sports overall either.” But I think if that E-bike
racing was spiced up enough, you know, we know, yeah, I think cross-country
racing is pretty cool to watch but if you stepped it up and added big features I’m
going to talk about, it would be an amazing thing to watch. – Yeah. – But yeah, thanks keep send those comments in, keep commenting on the videos, we’ll read them out hopefully
in next week’s show. – Yeah. Right, you’re really jumping that jet to fly around the world? – I’m ready, where we going? – Yeah, I don’t know. – We are off to steeply
quarry in Doncaster in the UK. That is there. – [Blake] That’s just there. – [Guy on the Right] We’ve
got this one in from Ian on his Kinivo. I used to ride this back in the day. Actually one of my old
stomping grounds but yeah. – [Blake] World riding that? Wow, no, he’s nice, big jump. – [Guy on the Right] Big jump. – [Blake] Whoa. – [Guy on the Right]
Three different Kinivo. – [Blake] That looking fresh. – [Guy on the Right] Being
progressing over the year with the Kinivo, get so many runs in a place like this. – You’ve got the graffiti
on the back, that’s sick. – Yeah, it amazing sitting there. Right. Get that plane ready. – Ready. – We are off to Malaysia. – Almost there. – [Guy on the Right] We’ve got
Kenny sending his Turbo bike, “just finished modding my
bike with Schwabe g1 around, so I can ride on road and
gravel with a crazy big” – [Blake] That’s a crazy trail dog. – [Guy on the Right] Yeah, got some big mileage out of those alone. – Yeah, yeah. – But yeah, good work. Ready Blake? – Yeah. – Right there again, we’re going off to Northwest Germany. Kris on his Haibihe and Nouro 3.0, 2019 one as well, fresh bike. – Well, fresh that, and really nice. – 50 years old route 30 to 40k a day. – Wow! That’s one full atri, that’s a full atri. Oh, look at that. – Out final stop is Finland. – That’s up here. – Kangas Allah from Bristol, he’s riding a Cannon Neuro and you’re on on across a frozen lake as well. – Don’t fall in mate, you’ll get cold. – Looks pretty cold. – Yeah. What’s coming down on
the channel this week ? – You mean up, right? – I mean, sorry, up. – Coming up on the channel this week, Friday, we’ve got how to
climb stairs on an E-bike. – [Blake] I’m gonna have to know, I’m gonna have to watch this
one because you beat me in that challenge in that game of biking. – Definitely. On Sunday we’ve got Steve taking on the biggest challenge of his life, something that I think you
might find the limits of what an E-bike can actually climb, so really interesting video. – [Blake] Mhmm. – Really good way of supporting what we do here on a EMBN is
checking out the EMBN shop, lots of cool stuff on there. We’ve got puffer jackets, t-shirts with the new red tee. – That’s nice. – Blue ones, green ones,
loads of cool stuff on there, a really good way of
supporting the channel. So get in there and check out the EMBN shop
for all your merch. – It’s the Bike Vault, where everyone sends in their nice bikes, so we can look at them
and give them a nice, super nice. – You ready? Already, right. Get in there. You ready? – Yeah, ready. – Let’s get in to it. This is Paul, he sent in
his giant trans E-plus 2. – Oh! She’s got into the… – I like that blue color. – Super nice. – Super nice that, like the trust, super nice? – Yeah, straighup was super nice. – Please. Gotta say in. Just two bikes, so now, two bikes. – We don’t mind that here in EMBN. – I don’t mind that, okay. Well that’s goo, I like, this is nice. – 2018 truly designs Kinivo and the 2019 blue one it’s got a
league quarry out in the UK, as well, and he’s taking this mate
out to show what they… – Oh, I think that’s pretty good. – Pretty good? Do you think it’s nice? – I think that’s super nice, mate. – Super nice.
– Super nice. That’s two super nices for that. – Anyway, this is Andrew, cubes the reaction team win latter forest group ride a win latter. – Nice, nice looking bikes. That’s nice, yes, that’s nice. – Just a nice for that one? – Yeah well the wheels out. What the flip? – I saw this one in this garage. – #NoFilter – It’s got a lot of HDR
processing going on on this, but really nice picture
specialist (mumbles) expert. – Wow, that’s nice. – Pontypridd in Wales as well, only abandoned CW and coloring. – That looks like a good
place for games on bike. – Yeah I know, I checked
this out, actually, on Google Earth after seeing this, it does look amazing game of bike. It be good to hear if we can get in there. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Nice, nice. oh – Two bikes again, I get too weirded out, man. – Get weird it up with two bikes – Yeah. – This is Alledon, Alan. – Alan. – Alan. – Alan 2800 in the background. – Is that of the Isle of Wight? – Yeah. – No way! Super nice! Only because I live on the Isle of Wight, super nice double. Oh that’s the Scott whatever. – Yeah. – Genius, 900 tuned. – Water Grove reservoir near Rock down. – Wow, that’s nice, how does he stood up there? Is he on a log or something? It’s nice – He’s got a stand
button, I think, Preston. – Oh wow. B stand. – Are we thinking nice? – Nice. – This one in from Rock, as well. – Nice. – I can’t see it. – (mumbles) – Is there no water bottle? – No, that’s backrid. – That’s backrid. Nice! – This one in from… – Oh! That looks stunning in there. – Derek cube stereo hybrid 140, there are valley near Sheffield. – Derek, that’s lovely. – 63 year old, just getting back into it. – Desert, nice bike, mate. – Nice? – Nice. – And that’s it we’re out of bikes. – Oh mate! – Keep sending the bikes into
us via the upload service, details are on screen, you never know next week
could be your bike in the bike vault. – [Blake] And you get super nice. – That’s it for this week’s show. Cheers. – Thanks very much. – Don’t forget you can
subscribe to EMBN by clicking the globe in
the middle of the screen, drop of comments in the box below, also gives a thumbs up
if you’ve enjoyed it. – But if you want to stick around and watch another video on
EMBN click over here where Steve goes out there until the big world, finds the best place to ride an E-bike. – Thanks for joining us.
– See ya.

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  21. Cheers Guys for giving my Scott Genius 900 Tunes eRide a 'Nice'…… & yes you are right it is fitted with a side stand. I'm loving the Scott. 3 weeks in and almost 300 miles under my belt. Keep up the great work and keep those videos coming. Your lifting advice video as come in a fair few times already.

  22. Hi guys. I see the specialized bikes featured pretty much everywhere and I agree that they are nice. I decided for the Spectral:on but not because of the price but because of geometry and specs. I think, they hit the sweet spot between the Levo and the Kenevo and that it is all round at least on par with them. However, there is nothing much to hear about that bike. How come? Do they just spend less money on the advertisement or do you guys disagree with it being at least at eye level? Thanks, Mike.

  23. Why would someone sell an e-bike? This is always the question with used vehicles of any sort. Why are they getting rid of it? Is it a lemon, did they break it, is that grinding noise a deal breaker?
    I had a 1997 Honda Odyssey and once mentioned to a mechanic, They're only $1300 on Bluebook, I can just get another one. He snorted and said, Try finding one. Plenty of Fiestas few Odysseys, guess which ones are more reliable? I'm sure there are e-bikes that no one would ever sell and some that people wanted to get rid of after the first day. Guess which ones there will be more of in the used listings?
    I prefer buying used, first I save a lot of money, second, no matter what it's going to get scratched so pristine condition? don't care. (What I also found interesting is the MTB shows on the Otterfest: new pedal colors! whoopee? EMBN Otterfest: actual new stuff. So a 2019 e-bike: maybe. 2019 mtb? From what I've seen a nicely scuffed up 2012 would be just fine.

  24. Yes on the second hand bike. I bought mine on a bike shop for 50% off. Retails for close to 6000 dollars, got it for 2800. The bike comes with Life time tune ups from the shop. The only "downside" were the rear tire was worn. Later i noticed slip in the last two gears(10-11) and took it to the shop.Had the chain ring, Cassette and chain replaced free and its a perfect bike.

  25. Just purchased a used Ebike myself! (2018 Haibike AllMtn). It needed a few small things, like a deep cleaning, replacement battery in the display, cleaning out a detent on the rear Fox shock lever. Overall, incredibly happy with the bike so far. Bought it for about 50% off of its retail value when it was new last year, an came with only 204 miles on it. Good finds are out there!
    **My top advice items:

    1. Research the bike extensively before hand, so upon inspection you know everything about it.
    2. Talk on the phone to the seller before hand. You can get a really good vibe from someone by talking to them versus just emailing or texting.
    3. Obtain a photo of the serial number, and check it against databases to make sure it’s not stolen.
    4. Be smart where you meet (Daytime, bring a friend for safety & a 2nd set of eyes to look over the bike, public place if possible).
    5. Bring tools with you.
    6. Be thorough checking the bike over. Bring a list of items to check with you and go through them. Test ride the bike too, obviously.

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