Should You Mod A Brand New Car?! | The Build Sheet

Should You Mod A Brand New Car?! | The Build Sheet

– Congratulations! (fireworks exploding) You did it as well. You just bought a brand new car. Maybe. And whether it be your first brand new car or your second, it’s
always an exciting moment. And as car enthusiasts, we
can’t help but just want to like (beep) rip it
apart as soon as we pull it into the garage and just
start throwing parts on it. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. In today’s episode of The Build Sheet, we are going to be going
over whether or not you should modify a brand new car. (drill drilling) (intense music) (welder smoldering) Before we get into it, don’t forget to subscribe wheels tires and suspension And by the time that you
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this month of October for breast cancer awareness. So go ahead and pick up a shirt and you can find the link below or head over to But! Moving on, anyway (claps) let’s get into what you came here for. Should you modify your brand new car? Well, there are a lot of things to take into consideration
with that, now isn’t there? When you pick up a brand
new car off the lot, it comes with some pretty cool features, and I’m not talking about just like you know the cool
like heated air-conditioned seats and stuff like that. I’m talking about things like warranties,
(whip cracks) and service plans,
(whip cracks) and all of that kind of stuff. Which can be easily lost, when modifications start
becoming installed onto your car. For the most part, anything
performance oriented, that is added to a car
to make more horsepower, has a possibility of voiding
(whip cracks) any type of warranty that
would come with your vehicle. And while there’s no standard
list of all the parts that will void your warranty. Things such as tunes, forced induction or upgraded forced induction parts, like a bigger turbo or
something like that. Engine components like cam
shafts, drive train components and sometimes, depending on
the place or the manufacturer, parts like exhaust or intakes. It truly can be a variety of things that when installed, can
bring up a lot of reasons for your warranty work to get denied on your brand new car if that is needed. And you just spent a lot of money on it. So that’s kinda gonna suck a little bit. So what does this mean? Basically, automotive manufacturers don’t really want you
messing with their stuff. They took a lot of time. They took a lot of research. They spent a lot of money to
make it the way that they did. And they only want to cover what they did. So that original equipment, that defects would normally
happen on their own during normal operation. As soon as you give
them a reason to suspect that the car’s been
modified performance wise, there starts to be a big gray area. And that usually ends up in the warranty being denied.
– [Computer] Access denied. And that doesn’t sound like a whole hell of a lot of fun, now does it? So what can I do to my car
that won’t void the warranty? Because, you know, I just bought this car for the reasons to do stuff to it. I kinda wanna do stuff to it. And with that, the car was expensive. And if something like freak happens to it, that would really suck to pay out of pocket if
my warranty was denied. Well my friend, for the most
part, appearance modifications is where you’re going
to be finding yourself for the most part. There’s a reason why manufacturers do offer different options
for things such as, upgraded wheels, or maybe like
a little spoiler on the back, or some side skirts, or maybe just some little
aesthetic pleasing things. Because overall, it has no effect on the actual mechanical
operation of the vehicle. They don’t have to worry
about anything breaking for the most part;
however, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of luck. As we know, or at least
would hope you would know at this point, that wheels
are a strong defining factor of a car and how much they
can change the look of it. And as one of the easiest
modifications you can do to a car. It’s also one of the ones
you can get away with on a brand new car as it plays no factor into how the car is going
to work mechanically. Now if you plan on putting
some 30 inch chrome blades on your car, probably gonna be
a little bit different story. Now wheels, of course,
aren’t the only thing. You’ll be safe with such
things as tint, aero pieces, maybe some carbon goodies like a new trunk or a new hood. And yes, usually, you
can modify your exhaust. I would just maybe stick with something that can be easily reverted back to stock. So don’t go cutting cats and mufflers off and just welding three inch
tube like we did with an E30. But even suspension gets
the green light as well. Even we see some manufacturers
offering lowering springs as an additional option
when buying a vehicle. You look at platforms like the GT86. You have an option to
get TRD lowering springs from the factory. So something simple like lowering springs, or even full coil
replacement, you won’t have to worry much about a voiding a warranty other then the parts
that you just replaced. Because if you threw
the old suspension out, they’re not good to cover it. But now you have coil overs that you got from There you go! And you’re cool now so
you don’t have to worry about that boring OEM suspension. But outside of that, outside of all the boring warranty stuff because you sitting there like, “Gels, I don’t care about warranties. “If the (beep) blows up, I’ll just swap it “or I’ll fix it.” And that’s the kinda
attitude that I like to hear. However, there is
another factor that comes into play here as well. And although it does play
into both new and used cars, it hurts the soul a
little more when it comes from something brand new. And that is, our good
ole friend, depreciation. You plan to grab that new Mark 5 Supra, and slap a wide body
kit on her right away. By all means, you go for
it bud, but you probably just cost yourself a pretty penny. And that’s outside of however
many thousands of dollars you just spent on that wide body kit. But then again, if you
don’t care, and you plan on running the car into the
dirt and you just wanna do it… Dare I say…send it. It is your car after all. And keeping something
stock is just plain boring. So basically what it all comes down to is how much are you
willing to put on the line. Whether that be in the form of
potentially losing a warranty or the actual depreciation of the car at a faster rate then normal. And if you can get past that, and just know that you are
putting yourself responsible for anything that happens to the car. You’re gonna be just fine. And you’re probably gonna
have a great time doing it. However, if those are things
that think you aren’t able to get past, you can still get away with your simple appearance
or aesthetic modifications and sometimes performance. You know, like suspension, tires, exhaust, that kind of stuff. It all depends on how far
you are actually planning on going with the car
as far as modifications. But if you don’t want to
deal with any of that, you can always go find
yourself a nice, clean used car that doesn’t have any warranties or plans so you don’t have to
worry about killing off. And then you won’t feel so guilty about blowing
the whole thing up. But anyway, let us know
down in the comments below, what you have done to any new vehicle or new-to-you vehicle. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Gels from Fitment Industries where we have a ton of after market wheels, tires and suspension available
at Where we have a ton of
after market wheels, tires and suspension available ready
to go on whatever project you may be working on. Whether that be new,
whether it be old, whatever. We’ll see you later, peace. (upbeat music)

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  1. Okay… We need a video on the whole Alex/Gels thing … I've been watching since before 50k subs and I still don't know your name!

  2. I work at the chevy dealership as a tech, I seen a cobalt ss get warranty blocked one time, kid had bov & chrome charge pipes. Service manager called inn his vin & voided his warranty

  3. Let's be honest. If you can afford to do expensive modifications to an already expensive car, then you can afford any repairs that won't be covered under warranty and depreciation isn't a big deal to you.

  4. My 2016 Hyundai had a 100k drivetrain and engine warranty and when i replaced my clutch it only voided warranty for the transmission and flywheel, i got a new radiator and fan when that went out later down the road

  5. Buy a car and pay it off first before trying to mod it once it's fully yours than I would say go and start modifying

  6. I read on a forum that someone had a new mustang and the motor blew and ford didn't cover the warranty because the guy had an aftermarket air intake.

  7. Have you ever voided your warranty? Drop a comment below and let us know!
    And also don’t forget we are doing a giveaway this month with Fortune Auto! DETAILS—>

  8. I have a brand new car. I've only done cosmetic and suspension mods to it. I'm not gonna do any performance mods and tuning it until I'm a year away from my warranty ending.

  9. I spent $4,500 on my car so I could spend about $15,000 in accessories and upgrades into it. Then again thats just a downside of Subaru – you have to add a new engine budget into the purchase price – be it used or new lol. Cars are just too much money for me to throw a wad away because I cant wait a year for someone to get tired of their car and buy used. If you can then more power to you – but I need to spend wisely to get the most out of what I have.

  10. Bought a 2015 mustang gt in 2017 only had 1500 miles on it which I consider new. The next day on my job site we cut the mufflers off and with in a month it had intake, spoiler, tune, tires, louvers, full straight pipes. But mine gets driven a couple hundred miles a month so not much.

  11. I typically give it about a year to work all the Kinks out so the manufacturer doesn't blame me for issues. With Germany's I wait for the 3-year warranty to end. I just stick with the cosmetics i.e. tint, wheels, roof wrap and maybe lowering springs.

  12. lol they don’t want you doing shit with your new car yet people like toyota are like let’s leave it for the tuners *mk5 supra**

  13. I’ve bought two brand new cars but I won’t do it again. It was nice to experience it but you’re so limited when you have a certain budget

  14. So you want a civic SI. Dont disrespect me by linking the civic video I will insist its a different car until the end of time

  15. Because episode of so you want an sti i just purchased it 2 days ago from california subaru pacific and now you show me this? How the hell em i suposed to not mod the car now..

  16. I bought a Focus RS as my first new car, and now 3 years later it's still fully stock with the exception of some Rays wheels. It's hard to do anything to it when you think about how much the thing freaking costs.

  17. I gotta wait a year and a half till my License is cleared and the 4 points on my license is gone cheaper insurance rate then I can finance a Brand new Subaru STi I might tell the dealership I don't need warranty I can just fix it myself

  18. I think in some cases it's good to modify a brand new car, particularly when you're using reputable, name brand or high quality parts. I bought a 2020 base model 370z over the Nismo edition because I figured that if I want Nismo performance or better, I could always buy nismo parts or other quality brands and add them on after the fact rather than finance an additional $15k to get the Nismo and pay interest on it.

  19. Yessirs! Bought my 370z brand new in 2018/ already have wheels, coilovers, exhaust, aero, interior, and bags have been sittin in my closet for over a month 🙁

  20. So after watching this video i feel dumb but i how you said "sent it" got a 2019 STI that i ordered in feburary had 2 miles on it. Now it has about 5500 but heres my list lol.pretty sure the warranty is ruined lol invidia r400 catback
    invidia downpipe
    44mm up pipe
    44mm external wastegate
    grimmspeed top mount intercooler
    AEM 340 iph fuel pump
    1050x injectors
    COBB fuel pressure regulator kit
    electronic boost control solenoid
    mishimoto x radiator
    COBB sf intake
    duel port BOV
    kartboy front and rear shift bushings
    kartboy short shifter
    racseng reverse lock out (red)
    racseng 750g shift knob (black)
    perrin alternator cover (red)
    cosmis mr7 wheels
    Fortune auto 500 coils
    centric rings
    boost control cover
    rad shroud
    white emblem
    perrin oil cap
    fender shrouds

  21. I've been wondering for a while, what's the name of the chrome wheels with the yellow center cap to the left over his right shoulder? @fitmentindustries

  22. So far all mods on my new car have been aesthetics… But I'm getting ready to slap a magnaflow exhaust on it and that will require cutting the pipe right after the cat which may possibly slightly potentially void something in the warranty. But car will make louder vroom vrooms so who cares right?

  23. I got a 2016 Fusion with 17,500 miles and after all the reviews I decided to…shall I say…send it!!! Didnt have many issues and seen a bunch with 150,000+ miles still goin good. So I'm enjoying the build and lovin the look. It's not my daily and will end up insane and still pretty new. Lovin the channel guys.

  24. Have my 2019 Nissan Sentra. Bought in in February 2019. By April I got wheels and slammed it on coilovers. So far the dealer has covered a bearing in the transmission that went bad because I lowered it ( weight was transferred onto wrong part of bearing) In all reality, the dealer will cover anything they want, so just be polite and cooperative and they will work with you. Just dont get mad when they wont.

  25. I have the 100k mile powertrain warranty on my evo x. Its probably going to stay stock ecu till then. The other swappable basic bolt ons though. That stuff is probably gonna go.

  26. Fitment industries I sure love the channel !! I look forward to each video!! I bought a 2019 civic Type R in April!! I have not put very many miles on it! I have a bit over 1000 miles on it and I have loved every mile!! I’m just going to keep it stock as far as performance mods that potentially void any warranty!! I did buy some wheels , did tint and rally armor mudflaps!! I have owned a 09 , 12’ 14’ and 17’ Civic Si’s !! I haven’t done many mods on any of them and always got excellent resale value each time I traded in my car and bought a new one!! I Definitely think Performance mods would be pretty fun! I just choose to keep it stock!! The make a car go faster I think it would be fun!! Keep up the incredible content!! This channel is so awesome and entertaining!!! I look forward to the next video and God bless!!

  27. You can get a serious hp/tq gain with just a downpipe and a flash tune for us euro guys. If you have to take it to a dealer for whatever reason then remove the dp, and tunes like unitronic and Cobb will do the trick taking it back to stock in 20-30 min.

    "If they don't know sh*t, and we dont say sh*t, then it aint sh*t".

  28. ECU tune, suspension, wheels, intake, convincing the wife that a down pipe is necessary, exhaust in shopping cart with 2000 dollars worth of other engine parts …..wait what? What's that warranty thingy you speak of? Soooooo a 1000 miles is too much or should i have waited? Fuck, I'm confused 😜🤣🤣🤣

  29. My suv is AWD v6 300hp… did a pull on the interstate… went 150 mph
    Did another pull, got pulled over going 99mph🚨🚓 speed limit was 70, be safe friends
    Don’t be an idiot like me…

    Next mod is a radar detector,
    When I have money again…. if ever 😓🥵🚨🚔

  30. Tips on buying a brand new car:

    Let the losers break them in and loose most of the money and then once they “trade” it in. Give it the electric slide

  31. On brand new car. Just intake exhaust wheels and coilovers. On my current car I waited until the car was paid off and out of warranty. Started with coilovers for my Juke from fitment industries and after that it was game over.

  32. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. Not from the Engineering side, but from the warranty, insurance and policy. If you do want to modify a new car: Be honest with the dealership at all stages and inform them you plan on adjusting the car from it's stock form. If you lie, you have no grounds for disgruntlement

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