Signature Model S 953 Spotted!

Signature Model S 953 Spotted!

rare treat at Madison Wisconsin
supercharger came out to our car and lo and behold here is signature model s
number 953 supercharging C even got the original nose cone the little stumble
upon their actually kind of like thick foam instead of putting the license plate on
there they photocopied it laminated it and stuck it on so they don’t have to
draw drill holes Wow conditions pretty good no badges in the
battery size badges wonder if this is Diane’s car Diane if you still watch my
channel give us a shout out here I don’t remember what VIN number you had custom
rims calipers are orange either way it’s gorgeous

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I give Thanks to the owners of all the original Model S's. If not for them I would not have my MX.

    I wonder about that front plate. It my not be a photo copy. Our state is doing a pilot program allowing users to participate in testing a sticker license plate. Its reflective and made to look like the metal ones. For 3 years now I have been driving without my front plate in that I did not want to drill holes in the nose of our model X. But now I can have my plate and no holes to.

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