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  1. Finally a Video on a NA build. Can't wait to install my Sk2 Ultra Street Series on my NA B20v after my friend finishes porting it to get that extra Hp.

  2. Finally a test/comparo with no obnoxious music and language. Not many import videos like this. Well done guys, thank you very much!

  3. Question I have I'm going with a b20z non v and was wondering if adding a skunk 2 intake mani would benefit me?? It's going with a p28 chipped ecu and i/h/e and a stage 2 clutch. Someone told me this will hurt me on the low end torque?

  4. I just got a pro series intake manifold for my gsr but there is a 70mm and a 66mm throttle body wondering if there is a video of port to match videos

  5. 🙂 I made 208whp 150Tq with stock bolt on B18C 
    3' AEM Short Ram Intake Velocity Stack
    RMF Header 
    Ultra Series Skunk2 Mani 
    Pro Series 74MM TB
    AEM Fuel Rail

  6. This manifold absolutely needs to be cleaned up with a ball hone to smooth it out. If you guys used the supplied thermal manifold gasket it doesnt line up for shit (on a gsr at least) and is killing power and flow. I would use a hondata thermal gasket and make sure the gasket,manifold, and head are all port matched.

  7. this is an awesome intake Mani I Bought this same one and a 70mm skunk2 pro TB and port & polish the inside also bought a 0.5 plenum spacer for it, soon I be downloading a video wit the car on Dyno it has skunk2 stage 2cams ,skunk2 alpha flat valves & ti retainers dual springs, 82mm ctr pistons it has a few other extras can't wait to see what HP it has hopefully it makes 230 maybe 250 more than happy wit either one

  8. How much money was the intake? Over $1000..???  I hope it was worth 10 hp and 2 lbs of TQ  the wheels.. That HP gains equals to exactly a tenth of a second in the quarter mile.  LHT is one of the most expensive tuners in Pinellas County, and their custom fab work is top notch.

  9. I have the skunk 2 pro series with alpha 70 mm t.b. Was going to buy the utra mani till i seen this looks better and thought it would add more power but for the price kinda low numbers!! 5 h.p.?? Wtf

  10. on a type R block with gsr head ported with stage 2 cams with super tech valves and itb's i made 215. in my integra gsr stock shell. its a nice sleeper.

  11. gracias por gastar tu dinero antes, yo creia que subia el whp entre 10 a 20. ya con eso quito la idea loca del intake manifold

  12. john and his buddy do awsome job at tuning from what i seen and hear . they can be a little pricey but they do a hell of a job . for you all saying that they are too expensive ,you get what you pay for . cant wait for you to tune my supercharged gsr .still getting rebuild as of now. see you next month 🙂

  13. How much HP did the Skunk 2 pro series give? And are intake manifold just bolt ons or is there CPU tuning required?

  14. I'm not a Honda guy, but found this video as I was interested to see the results of a true back to back test on a plenum mod. Most of the comments regarding this video are totally 100% missing the point and reason for this test. Thanks for the info.

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