Smart Fortwo and Forfour – five key facts | What Car?

Smart Fortwo and Forfour – five key facts | What Car?

Smart has revealed not one but two new
cars at the same time. This is the two-seater Fortwo, which has
become a familiar sight in towns and cities thanks its compact dimensions. This, however, is the new four-seater
Smart Forfour, which is aiming to be a posh rival to the likes of the Hyundai i10 and VW Up. Here are the five key things
that we know about the two cars so far. As you would hope, Smart has resisted the
urge to make the cars bigger, as many manufactures do these days, and this car is exactly the same length
as the old one, which means you can still park nose-on
to the kerb in town.The Forfour meanwhile is actually
an extended five-door version of the Fortwo and is a slightly more conventional size.
It’s about five centimetres shorter, two centimeters wider and ever so slightly higher than the VW Up. Now one of the most notable benefits of
these cars compact dimensions is a tiny turning circle – the Smart Fortwo’s
is just 6.95m. To give you an indication that is from
here to here. That means that you can pull a u-turn on most UK roads. The Smart Forfour’s is relatively
small as well at just over eight and a half metres, which is about a
metre smaller than most of its main rivals, so that promises to be agile at town
manoeuvres as well. Now if you’re looking at a tiny city
car like this then practicality might not be at the top of your list of
priorities, but ease of access is still really important
and the really wide opening doors on the small Fortwo – they come out at 90 degrees – and the driver’s seat is set really high up. That makes
getting in and out very easy. Once you’re inside it’s about 10cm wider that the old car which means you get a bit more shoulder room and it’s not quite as claustrophobic as it was before. Up front, the Forfour is pretty much exactly the same as the Fortwo, and the good news is that the back passengers get the same wide-opening doors and high set seats as
those in the front. Inside it is marginally tighter than
the likes of the Hyundai i10, VW Up etc, but you’ll still get a couple adults back here with no
problem. What is less usual though is the fact that you get two individual seats rather than the usual
bench across the back. These seats can also be flipped down to
give you a flat loading bay and a bit more boot
space and if you want even more room these seat
bases flip over as well. In both cars the cabin is a big
improvement over previous Smarts. It looks very posh and simplistic and pleasingly
uncluttered. You can get a touchscreen as an option but even without it these big gloss buttons and this slider down
here make it feel a little bit more funky and uncluttered than
its rivals. One of the big improvements up here though, is going to be down here. This is a five-speed
manual gearbox but Smart has recognised the automatic version on the old car was really not up to scratch so the new
version is getting a much smoother dual-clutch semi-automatic gearbox. To start off with, all of the engines in the Smart will be small three cylinder units, but there is a
chance of an electric version Fortwo later. Pricing for this car hasn’t
been confirmed yet but it’s expected to start at around 10,000 pounds for the
entry-level Fortwo, and the Forfour version will add about five hundred pounds on top of that. We are yet to drive the new Smart, but we
will be doing so in the autumn so keep an eye on for more information in the meantime.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I have the same radio, gearbox shifter and interior door handles in my Dacia Duster. It is based on and uses the same engines as the Renault Twingo (not that that's a bad thing).

    Mercedes-Benz' "premium sub-brand"? Premium my foot!

  2. Oh no what have they done !!!
    The ForTwo now looks frumpy and like the Bastard child of the Toyota IQ. Lost it's Sporty / Aerodynamic look etc  !!!
    The ForFour is also shocking. Lost its Sporty / Aerodynamic look. Now it looks like a cross between the Fiat 500L, the Citroen C1 and the Mini Countryman !!!
    So smart has sacrificed it's unique look and design ethos to chase mainstream, Massive Fail !!!
    Looks like they will go bump with these cars, sadly !!!

  3. Old car had much better look.. was looking at getting one…waiting to see the new one. ..don't think I'll bother..Toyota IQ then…even that's horrible but better than this.

  4. I love Smart cars… But the new face-lift is… May I say, not really appealing… I liked the old look much more than the new one. 

  5. THe forfour is almost identical to the new renault twingo.. It is going to be more expensive than the new twingo which is allready reported to be inferior to a VW Up and its siblings…  

  6. From what I gather the UK 4-2 version is £11k plus and over spec ed with the 4-4 around £500 more…With the lower spec (Pure) only being available in Europe, and cheaper price.
    I have had 3 x 4-2s and love the concept, current car is 10 yr old and recent engine re build after a mere 61k miles.
    The new one looks like a IQ copy, far to expensive. No I wouldn't buy one…they are starting to lose their uniqueness…Stapes…

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