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  1. We launched new merch just in time for Christmas! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/ and we have a Black Friday sale going on! Thanks for watching guys! What style of roll cage should we do for the Spitfire???

  2. Love the safely of that drive shaft and rotating mass right next to your legs come on sort out your health before you end up in hospital

  3. Why would you want to muffle that beautiful sound, It needs to echo off the surrounding mountains or its not loud enough XDD

  4. one can see comming cameras rigged up all over back to a central location for editing hit record and just go for a rip

  5. Great video guys. Yall should definitely invest in a Wide Band O2 sensor. It would be a great turning tool for all your projects.

  6. That exposed drive shaft would make me feel like driving with a loaded shotgun pointed at my legs and hoping nothing bumps the trigger 😳

  7. Here's a idea, make revere for the triumph and the exhaust of course .then give to me to drive all the way back to Georgia where I live. Keep up the great informative and creative videos!. By the way where did the channel name come from?

  8. Why not put an actual gearbox on it for an example e30 or e36 (has a small bellhousing gearbox) and enjoy it? This pulley-clutch assembly just lets you enjoy the car on high RPM's, anything else, it's useless.

  9. Will we be seeing a race between all of the cars/trucks you have ? Not for the cutsom ones like the barbie jeep just for the cars thag still have their original body?

  10. Street bike swapped a golf cart guys had a similar issue it turned out I needed a better ground to chassis it would run awesome at idle low rpm but broke up in high rpm. I added a additional ground strap from block to chassis boom revved out perfectly

  11. FWIW, earmuffs OVER a knit cap (and rolled up at that) to cut out noise is like putting a colander on your head in a monsoon to keep your hair dry.

  12. When you guys where doing the donuts I was thinking it needs a locked diff, then @14:17 gotta weld that diff hahaha you guys rock!!!

  13. The mud on the lens gives an atmosphere. Poor Edwin standing there getting mud slung on him. I bet Edgar laughing while doing it. You guys are awesome. Faithful Subscriber from Southeast Missouri.

  14. You guys are my new heroes!! I applaud the effort you put into the Triumph build, and not gonna lie, I'm extremely jealous lol. My first car at 13 was a 1964 Triumph TR-4 that we dragged out of the woods and did a frame off build on. Ever since then, I've dreamt of doing another TR-4 but with a swap. After building a 1998 Eclipse GSX (4G63 2.0T AWD) running 24lbs of boost and 2 years of knuckle busting, you two have convinced me it's time to do the Triumph build. Stay tuned for the TR-4 (AWD?!?!) with a 4G63 swap!! Keep up the wild work guys, you are a true inspiration. Thanks for keeping my inner child dreaming.

  15. You sir have the biggest balls I've witnessed for along time. All those high spinning parts right beside you. I was shitting my pants just watching Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Every project you guys do is the coolest πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  17. Jetting makes sense. Snowmobiles typically run in very cold, dense air. Intake and exhaust changes can also make a difference in flow.

  18. i bet an actual exhaust system would help. its purely anecdotal, but my 2.7T audi lost a looot of power when i ran it open header for a couple rips. maybe thats a difference between turbo and CF-Supercharger?

  19. A restored Triumph Spitfire MK1 of origin is worth € 16,000 on average, in France…and can go up to 30 000 €

  20. I like the 944 in the background towards the end, very nice car indeed. Love the vids guys, can't wait to see what you do next.

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