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  1. Fucking sad fucks, 100 videos to finally show it running and just filled with shit content. Y'all are Garbo. thanks for being trash

  2. If the pod filters are tbe problem itll be too lean likely on both the pilot and main jets. There are some carbs that just dont like pod filters though and no matter what you do there will always be tuning issues. Im not an expert but i have done pod filter conversions on probably a dozen engines with varying levels of success.

  3. Hey, what if you build an airbox with aluminum? Eliminates the airfilters and protects the intake from rear tyre? A box would fit really nice on those intake tubes!

  4. As A Clyde when it comes to riding a regular Bicycle. I got to wonder how long those spokes are gonna hold. Now that it has a bigger motor, but then there are bikes like the boss hog. Plus wheels are pretty easy to build etc..

  5. Out of curiosity, would setting your intake piping up as an "H" pipe help equalize intake air volume between the cylinders? An airbox has the carbs pulling the same air for each cylinder. I am speculating here, but it may help that thing run a little better. That and the jetting is probably way too fat for your current ambient temp.

  6. It is possible that the pipe is wrong. If you mess with a 2 stroke pipe you will change the pressure waves and essentially the thing will run like trash. Maybe you have already thought of this though.

  7. My dudes, plz throw some grip tape on those rails before you get all tuned in. All those rippin vibrations are going to turn into slippy foot city. This build is too rad to be ruined by an early injury.

  8. Hey guys, Just letting you know that LADBible re-uploaded your video. not sure if youre aware of this but heres a link. 🙂


  9. Maybe the reason it doesn’t run right is because of that shit house exhaust, you would of made it worse by cutting a hole and welding the muffler on where it isn’t meant to be too

  10. What a great attempt at bringing your imagination to reality! But I think your carb problems revolve around one issue you might not have realized. That is the fact snow machines are built to run in very cold climates, whereas the temperature of the surrounding air used by the cooling system designed for is a lot colder than what you're subjecting it too! If that is the case you will need to richen the mixture, along with adding a little good synthetic castor oil in with the fuel, that will help with lubrication, that will also help keep the temperature down.

  11. You should build a seat like on a Ruckus for that that would be so awesome then you can sit down but keep up the good work man I enjoy your videos

  12. How is that a scooter ? Its a motocross dirtbike with a snowmobile engine in it not a scooter in any shape or form

  13. I want to see what it will do in the Woods i bet that thing will be a hill climb machine. Just need to make it a little bit safer. And will you sell the gambler 500 bmw?

  14. that is the most dangerous thing ive ever seen in my life. I love it. I love how youre literally balancing on 2 bars while standing up & hammering the throttle

  15. Might need a mud guard so 1. rocks don't decide to make a surprise entry through that air filter, 2. mud and other gunk doesn't get stuck all in and around it, 3. protect the components of the engine

  16. Hi Grind Hard! My name is Ali Larkin and I work for Cheddar News. We really love all your videos and creations and wanted to make a video about them! You'd be credited for everything – let me know! Thanks!

  17. should be shorter kinda stretched out the motor should be more underneath and Rider it probably be a hell of a lot better than a ride to I got an old gn400 that was modified and I got a 750 motor on it from a Suzuki GSXR

  18. Don't listen to the idiots who say you need two pipes. If you want a real tuning nightmare start messing with the exhaust. Also sounds by your description it's running too lean, start by upping the main jets if it is using mikunis.

  19. I get what your doing and I am a bit jealous. What I don't understand is why are you chancing your body by standing on bar round pipe. A flat board with non slip texture on top seems reasonable for standing on.

  20. The reason it’s not reving out is because of the elbows that the cone filters are on not the filters themselves. If you put the filters directly on the carbs it will run better

  21. I run the V-max 600 carbs on a 485 Exciter and they run fat from the 600 as you mentioned. Jet them similar to the V-max 500 and they'll be right on the nose. IIRC, should be a 152.5 main, 35 pilot and middle notch on the needles. Great build.

  22. I had same issue running pod filters on an old bike mine. Waaaay too much air was leaning it out bad at wide open throttle. I ended up wrapping them in electrical tape a little at a time until it was restricted enough. Bad ass project, you guys are living the dream as far I can tell!

  23. Dude, the camera work on all your videos is top notch. I just found this channel today, and I don't usually sub on day one but I see you both going places! Thanks for the entertainment!

  24. I'm enjoying your videos….back when I was your age we've done a lot of cool things too, we just didn't have the technology to film, or post on YouTube.

    BUT, you are sure bringing back a lot of memories for me….keep up the COOL work boys!!

  25. Just stumbled across your channel because of this build guys awesome work love it!
    I'm here to watch and enjoy your antics
    Tony from Western Australia

  26. That things goofy af. Like be honest how many tabs did you pop before designing that fucking thing? Makes me think sometimes 🤔

  27. Just curious, how or what did you use to cool the engine? Snowmobiles usually rely on snow to keep it from over heating

  28. Put a bicycle seat on it so when u get tired of standing . Just a 3 foot metal pole with a standard bicycle seat on top. Very easy.

  29. I think you ought to put a plate or screen down there where your Feet's at if it gets wet or muddy you liable to come off of it

  30. This is freeking awesome .Not trying to call out any motorcycle mfg im just saying, this right here , is a desert sled .

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