So You Just Bought A Used Bike? Tune It Up!

So You Just Bought A Used Bike? Tune It Up!

So you just bought a used bike, you are
so excited, you can’t wait to ride it You want to take it to a trail, you want to
show it to a friend or you want to do tricks on it. But before doing all these
things, here are a few steps you might consider doing before riding it. The drivetrain, if the drivetrain is dry
or rusty, lubricate it or consider replacing it before damaging other components Shifters and cables, if you want to smother ride or faster shifting Replace all the cables The tires, check the tire tread and tire
pressure, we don’t want to find out the problems in the middle of the road, so
pump up the tires to the recommended pressure. Inspect the bolts, you never know what the previous owner has done to the bike Check and inspect the bolts and
tighten them if necessary The brakes, adjust or change the cables
to make it work properly Remove the unwanted accessory and clean up the bike. Enjoy your new ride

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