So You Want a Ford Focus ST

So You Want a Ford Focus ST

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ends in the month of July, if you’re still watching this, I’m sorry, we’ll probably have another one going on, but anyway, let’s get into the video. When it comes to the game of hot hatches, there’s only a few that are at the top in the current day and age, one in particular comes
from the good old US boys, that want to come in and bring
a fun, trendy, affordable car that could replace the Ford Escort’s, incredible pedigree, what started off as a soft
fuel efficient happy face, telletuby turned into an angry angsty, blow off valve pavid car with LEDs, and a raked body style,
and angry everything, it’s a very aggressive car, I mean from the factory,
it’s pretty aggressive, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, Alex.FI on the gram and on this episode of So You Want, we’re talking about the Ford Focus ST. (upbeat music) (engine growling) (engine growling) (upbeat music) Look at it, it’s an ST, you can tell ’cause it
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of poke on a ten wide with 225 tires, save yourself the pain, The Ford Focus originally arrived in 1998 and had a weird job of trying
to replace the Ford Escort, that was no tall feat, as the Ford Escort was one of Ford’s most successful models, beating out the Pinto in the 80s and was actually the
second best selling car for quite some time, so how were they gonna do it, how were they gonna take the champion, how were they gonna grab the old trophy out of that little Escort’s
tiny little grubby hands? Well they were gonna make them, they were gonna make them the
sugar cookie of the car world. You see nobody doesn’t like sugar cookies, it’s like always a safe bet, how can you get a sugar cookie wrong, it’s sugar and a cookie, like there’s very little risk to having a sugar cookie, it’s not like that crap, where you got the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate chip
cookies and it turns out nobody, no aunt Diana
didn’t bring two plates of chocolate chip cookies, she ended up bringing a plate of raisin, raisin cookies, that’s disgusting, nobody even eats those, sugar cookies on the
other hand are a safe bet, if you guys ever want
to bring a dish to past, anything especially as
we are going into July, maybe you’ve got some
weddings that you’re going to, forget the cards at home, bring the sugar cookies, the Ford Focus was gonna be
that sugar cookie for Ford, it was designed to appeal
to every one, every one, it could be a three door
hatch, a four door sedan, a five door hatch, it could be a wagon, it could be fun or it could be flashy, it could be young and hip or it could be for the older generation trying to just have good gas mileage, Ford gave it as many options
as you could possibly get with your Ford Focus like it had electronic stability control, it had aluminum wheels if you
wanted some sporty wheels, because apparently that’s a
thing for normal consumers, power moon roof, remote
entry, personal safety system, all of it, they had all of it, anything you could imagine
that Ford had in its lineup at one point, it had for the Ford Focus, so you could have it as any possible way that you want it to. The first generation itself won
over sixty different awards, car of year, best family
car, automobile of the year, best small car and like 56 other awards, it was a pretty darn good car, and from the first
generation to the second, you’d see the Ford Focus just
getting some little updates here or there, because guess what, it’s a sugar cookie, you don’t need to change the game, you just need to add maybe
a little bit more sugar, a little bit few more
nick nacks you could say, they car made a stop in video
games like Midnight Club, the Sims, Need for Speed Underground and even Grand Tourismo because it was seen as a hot hatch to a certain type of market, and Ford was able to put this bad boy just about anywhere and everywhere, but they were laying down
the frame work for the car, that would come up with like the swoopy, red badge in the front, it would get rally sport, it would get all over racing, this was like setting up to
have another tier of vehicles finally come to the United States because you have to remember the Ford Focus was taken on events like class T, SCCA, was taken on WRC, it was even taking on the race of Morocco, it was taken on everything, so like I said, it’s the sugar cookie, just like every other car in the world, Ford was releasing fun
variants of this car in other areas, leading up to the ST, they didn’t bring it to
the stage because why give us anything that’s
fun, why would they do that, overseas Ford would be releasing cars like the Focus RS in 2002, the ST in 2005, the RS500 which looked like every Ford
Focus you made in a video game, if you were 20 plus years old, and we were just kind of left high and dry with the normal Focus until, until finally, launched for the 2012/2013 model year, Ford finally came back and
gave the land of the free, home of the brave, something
for us to sing that song to, the Ford Focus ST, now even though it didn’t
come with as may options to pimp out right out of the gate, it was at least a start, it wasn’t until 2013
that Ford really began to deliver more options
and features to the ST that grabbed the attention of 18 year old enthusiast everywhere, the ST had it all, dual exhaust of the back, it had the rear spoiler, it had the widened
fenders, came pre smashed, a big old beefy honey cone grill, angsty headlights, and if
you got the right package, a pretty decent interior, it was a pretty decent launch, two for the tribute, 252
geeses, two liter turbo, high pressure direct injection, variable hand timing and I
feel at least they made feel like it looked. When it hit the market, it hit it hard, it (slaps hands together)
cool kids say it, can you guess it,
multiple choice question, just kidding, it’s slapped, here’s a hot hatch,
just enough horse power that can make front wheel
drive fun, yet responsible, a car that was angry, but could still carry
your friends in the back to the nearest Taco Bell
for a five buck box, it was solid, even though the initial
years for a Ford Focus ST had some various issues, with the hood rusting, had some vibration
noises going on with it, sometimes the door seals
didn’t have the right, that would rust, the trunk would rust, there would be some ceiling issues, it still held up for the most part, pretty okay for enthusiast like you and enthusiast like me, the
Ford Focus ST hit the market just damn near perfect, it came with Recaro seats if
you’d got the right package, you had manual gearbox, gauges, you had a lot of aggressive styling, so now, you might be wondering, why was it so popular, you know, I mean you had the Volkswagen, why don’t get the Volkswagen, why don’t you just get the
Subru, there’s a Subru, let me explain, let me
explain this to you, okay, coming closer, right on
this perspirating face because this garage has
absolutely no air conditioning, remember sleeping in your
finance classes in College, I bet you don’t because I
probably was doing it too, that’s why the Focus ST slapped when it hit the market, Ford’s incentive financing
program put the ST and other models in the perfect range for nearly anyone, they had the zero percent,
they had the rebates, and they had all the dab rebate deals without any of the fuss, meaning that you can
get into a Ford Focus, or even the ST trim package, for relatively very little cost, and something that VW and
other competitors weren’t doing at the time with their
same competitor models, they’ve got these cars in
almost everyone’s hands, the more you know. Over the years, the Focus
continued to get improved styling for the car, we saw 2015 styling update
with a little crazier design for the enthusiast, more noise insulation because apparently that was a problem, and suspension retuning,
and some of the goodies to add just a little bit more
sugar, to the sugar cookie, the Ford Focus ST came
in three trim levels, you had that ST one, you just, if you were looking for that ST without any of the goodies, just never let anybody ride in your car and get the ST one, the ST two was like that middle ground like it had the Recaro mixy boy seats where some of it was leather
and some of it wasn’t, then you had the ST three, which was like the banging one, that one had the full
Recaro leather seats, it had the nice interior, it had the radio that was very nice, and everything was just very well done, the ST two was like halfway then the ST one was like, if you want the ST with
nothing on the inside good sir, it’s yours, if you’re looking to pick
up which one you wanted, it really came down to how much are willing to save some cash, because the ST one was
actually and is very easy to jump into, while the ST two and the
ST three have a tendency to hold their value just a wee bit more, because they have a couple more goodies on the inside, but let me be clear, it is still a Ford, so the ST one package is
going to have a Ford interior at an entry level price point, so if you’re looking to have
something that looks good and feels good on the inside, you’re probably gonna wanna
save a couple more pennies. But we’re not here to talk history, we’re here to talk about you wanting one, so you want a Ford Focus ST, well buckle up there bud
and let’s dive into it. The Focus ST is platform
that was initially taken up by enthusiast and just ran with, every state had some sort of ST club and immediately the cobb
access port angels cry as two became to get released
for this specific platform. You’d begin to see these things get used for pretty much
everything, and everywhere, you had the daily driving, you had the autocross,
you had the car shows, you had the stance boys, everything in between, however, do I feel bad for if you bought one these when they were first launched because if you’re watching this now and you’re looking to buy one, you’re are in a hot, you are in a good, you’re in a good old spot there bud, because if you’re outside of that, if you bought it when it first released, I feel bad for Dakota, because they moment released, the prices really just
diminished extremely fast, overproduction and of
course the release of the RS actually crippled resale value and the ST platform is still feeling it year over year. If you’re looking to jump into one, be mindful that these
may not really be worth a whole heck of a lot
coming in a few years, because they were still a mass produced entry level performance sport compact hot hatched car. Also, because of Ford
deciding to be different, and having a five by 108 bolt pad, it means that you are
limited in wheel choices, compared to the plenty of other platforms, that carry that five by 114 point three, even though a lot of wheel manufacturers have a tendency to prefer
the German enthusiast, the five by 108 doesn’t really
leave you with a whole lot, it keeps you in the NK 1552 market, unless you want to pay the big dollars and get yourself some multi piece wheels. You’ll see STs on everything
from Otsus to Needos, depending on the person, you’ll need to get over the fact that it is front wheel drive, which means that you’ll
be battle cork steer, slappy steering and some other negativos when you begin modifying the car passed it stock platform. The 250ish bench mark for the horsepower when it came out of the
gate was right about where a lot of people felt comfortable with the car, and of course nobody likes keeping anything stock around here, so you have to pay attention to the fact that as you add more power, it
is going to the front wheels, not the back one, and you have to understand
that everyone assumes that your just about to
terrorize the neighborhood when they see you because your
focus has a red badge on it, apparently that’s just a thing that seems to happen, now their loud match this, there kind of like I guess our T4s, the seats can get uncomfortable if you’re you know, if you’re
aventi versus a sample size, if you’re a little bit bigger guy, because the seats just don’t give, especially if you get the Recaro seats, the car is kind of like a computer, it requires updates which if you don’t do, you can send your infotainment
system into a frenzy and it will just refuse to work, there’s an electrical gremlin that will cause the car to stall, and sometimes just misbehave entirely, something that was an
extremely common occurrence in the 2014 STs as well as other years, but these are almost all things that come from an entry level, hot
hatch performance guy. Am I telling everyone to get over it? No. The Focus ST is truly a dynamic and extremely well received car, get over the depreciation
and the fact that there’s a few recalls out there, and you’ll find yourself
that you have a fun daily that is close to its competitors, they are modifiable, they
look good, they perform and guess what, it’s a
Ford, so it’s gonna be like a okay car, you don’t have to worry about
things getting super crazy on them because it’s still a Ford. However a lot of people
that end up buying Focuses then they go drive a Fiesta ST and then they just go
back and they buy a Fiesta because the Focus was apparently not as fun as the Fiesta, Fiesta guys are a whole
different breed though, so what do you think about the ST, why don’t you drop a comment 1 to 10 telling us what you think and also don’t forget to drop a comment on what you’ll like us to cover next, if you’re looking for
wheels tires and suspension, you know you gotta go
to right, you know that, because we only say it 9,000 times, and if you prefer to get your name in for winning a free set of wheels, because you have an addiction
to a shirt collection, check out the link below and pick up on the Konig T-shirts, every purchase also helps
us to make a donation to the ASPCA, arms of angel, I’m not singing it this time, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we hope you guys enjoyed this video, we will see you later, peace. (upbeat music)

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  1. Focus ST or Focus RS!? Comment below!
    Remember we are giving away a set of Konig wheels and time is almost out! Enter here:

  2. i’m 16 and there’s a 2014 one that i want really badly but probably can’t get. rip. the stuff i like about it is the turbo and how it’s a manual car.

  3. I just got rid of my ST a few months ago. Even though I had to replace entire motor at 55k miles due to pre ignition, no oil catch can, and a little bit of lugging the engine from my girlfriend at times. I noticed one time when we were on a road trip in it that she would skip fourth and fifth and jump to sixth and floor it. I asked her what the fuck she was doing. She said saving gas. 3 months later my number 1 piston lost compression and inspection and data logging proved the cause. Oil catch can only contributed to problem but the lugging caused pre ignition and cracked piston.

    The ST needed awd worse than 95 percent of the cars that have awd.

  4. Horrible car… recalls on blown head gaskets, and the transmissions are faulty.. ford knew it but put them in anyways… ford fiesta st…. lmfao… everytime one tries to race me…. I just let him go.. what's the point in humiliating him…

  5. You do the ST1 package a disservice. First off, not all ST buyers a narrow-assed 20-somethings. Mine was a retirement present to myself. Yes, I am 67 years old and the last time by butt fit a Recaro seat was when I was in the Army many decades ago. None of the gizmos and farkles offered in the ST2 and ST3 packages add to the performance of the car, but, the do add weight. I've been driving long enough to remember that having a radio with an FM capability was A Big Deal, so the additional electronics offered in the ST2 and ST3 packages are not that important. The ST1 has the rear camera (a great help to Us Of A Certain Age), can play my Ancient Rock Music that I store on my phone, has a nifty trip computer to keep me amused when traveling across Oklahoma or some such place, and most important, comfy seats for the long haul. Certainly the two deluxe packages are attractive, but I contend that potential buyers should not shun the ST1 as you suggest. But what do I know? I'm just an old retired gearhead.

  6. Owned a 02 SVTF and a 13 focus st3. loved both…bought a 2013 wrx hatch … and missed my st very much. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

  7. I own a 2017 ST ST3 package and just a few things come to mind after 10k miles:

    1) The fuel tank is TINY.
    You have 12-ish gallons (?), 10 of which are usable before the car keeps reminding you to fill up. Filling up all the time can get annoying.

    2) It is extremely hard to heel toe, if not impossible.
    The gas pedal is WAY lower than the brake so unless you are on the brakes hard, you are not blipping the throttle for a downshift. People claim they just roll their toe over but they must have superwide feet. You can buy a spacer to bring the pedal up even with the brake but doing so raises your knees about 1.5 inches. The seats don't have knee-support adjustment so it gets uncomfortable.

    3) Things start to rattle.
    I mean, this is not ST specific (every non-luxury car has rattles), but keep in mind. I had to smack a couple interior panels into the right place to get it to stop.

    4) It is a drivers car.
    Pros and cons. All my female passengers complain that their shoulders are squeezed in between the seats if they are on the shorter side. It is also a stiff ride stock. It is not unbearable especially if you are the driver, but for the passenger it is not a GT car.

    5) You are going to want to modify this car.
    Tuning the car with a $500 off the shelf tune/tuner gives a potential extra 100 lb/ft of torque and makes a HUGE difference, it really wakes the car up. The exhaust is silent on the outside (sound is piped into the cabin though). The premium Sony sound system is okay, can be better.

    6) The trunk heats up.
    No idea why. It is not insulated from the exhaust? It can gets pretty warm especially with the factory trunk space cover. The trunk has melted and spoiled a couple ice creams so far.

    Still, an excellent car, 100% would still recommend. I've driven an M3 and this is akin to a mini-M3. It can keep up with the V6 muscle cars and the like.

  8. I have a 14 ST. Decent car. Had it for 3 months and the throw out bearing started going bad. Besides that, it’s great I love ripping through the streets in it.

  9. 2014 ST3. Daily driver for my wife, who demanded the replacement for our 2000 SVT Contour to have a manual transmission. Fit the budget and drove like a go-kart. Wheel hop is a bit of pain, but that only happens when I'm driving. 😉

  10. I wanna do a exhaust and downpipe on my focus st and I want it to be loud but not to the point where it makes it drown in the cabin…any suggestions?

  11. A little late but it's like he forgot about the 2002-2005 SVT Focus. 170 hp 145 lb/ft. It was no slouch and beat out all hot hatches on the market during the time. Kind of sad it didn't get a nod.

  12. I wish it had a LSD

    side note, 2years of ownership…. bought it at 30k miles now close to 60k.. only thing ive broken was a rear sway bar link.

  13. This is the first video I have watched by you guys and I'm at 3 minutes and nothing has been said yet. Get to the point. Stop trying to sell me things. It takes this 9 minutes and 30 seconds to get to the point! He even says "you aren't here for the history.. Let's get into it" no shit we aren't here for the history we are here Bc we want an ST.. Not the history of the focus. Man this video pisses off

  14. Does anyone know where he got that bumper I’ve been trying to look for a good place for I new bumper for my SE ( I’ve been modding the hell outta it for the past few months) and I need a bumper

  15. So, with much regret, I sold my completely stock Focus ST. I have had this little joy of a hellhound , running at 146 MPH at 3:00 am on a summer Wednesday morning heading south on I-275 just south of Michigan Avenue. I took the big curve just before the I-94 at 135 MPH and the joy I experienced as it hunkered down and took that curve, warmed the cockles of me ole heart. Sadly, today I sold it to a young man of 17. Heck, I guess I have been a kid long enough, time to accept that I am now an Escape driver, mmmhhhhh. I reckon I most certainly did mean to go that fast and if I had just another half mile before the curve I would have easily gotten 155 MPH out of it.

  16. I wave to focus st drivers while driving my fiesta st. It’s like it’s big brother in the cool club…then ford had to slap the badge on the fuckin escape. Now I feel like de badging my car 😂 disgraceful money grab

  17. I got a ‘17 Focus ST. I have a set of Team Dynamic 1.2 18×9 +45 and a set of ESR SR11 18×9.5 +35. The 1.2s will work with a lowered car even on 255s, but the 9.5+35 of the SR11s rub hard even on 245s with a lowered car. My favorite set up is the ESR SR11s with 245/40R18 on stock height. They poke a bit but the meat of the tire makes it look so mean.

  18. I love my fusion because it has the same 2.0 engine from the focus, so I've got all those beautiful performance mods and tunes on my comfy sedan. Great stuff!

  19. I bought my 2016 RaceRed ST1 FoST in August of 2016 (0 miles).
    I went in for a test drive of a used, light mile base model focus hatchback for a daily driver. Knew nothing about ST's.
    Driving around the back of the dealership with a salesman, we passed a red ST sitting there..dual tip center exhaust, rear wing, and I said 'Whoah whats the story on that one?!"
    I test drove it… it wasn't super comfortable but it had a nice little punch to it and I was used to FWD power problems as I had just sold my 2004 Cavalier with an LSJ motor and ported blower (300fwhp). Base model, manual windows/locks, 5spd, etc so I was used to torque steer and a harsh ride.
    I bought it. 0% APR, 72 months, fairly cheap payments.
    Little did I know out the door with a maintenance package (16 oil changes, tire rotations, etc) I way over paid. I also did not know until a day or two later, the ST was pretty popular and had multiple trim packages. ST2 and ST3.
    I liked the ST seat and headlight upgrades but my ST1 'technically' is faster stock for stock…same performance, less electronics, glass, motors, etc that all the gimmicks come with… same power, less weight..its science baby! (^_^)

    Moral of this useless story to anyone reading it…. due to depreciation (more so on these cars than most), get one lightly used and your wallet will thank you. Also, I have a flawless driving record (as far back that matters) and insurance is expensive on an 'ST'. I'm in my 30's, no tickets, no accidents, $190/month is the cheapest I can find in south Texas. Its a 'teenager/tuner car'…so it automatically gets put into a higher risk bracket to insurance companies. But it is worth buying, bolting on whatever you can afford, and just enjoying it.

  20. I'm 14 and me and my parents have agreed on getting one for me im 18 (I'm in Australia so they are about 13k)

  21. i want one but cant afford one until april because im a 16 year old who works a shitty job and wont make enough money til i switch jobs in april

  22. While I want to, I can't imagine adding more power to my ST. The torque steer and hop is terrible. And, while I miss my '11 Camaro SS (RIP), this has to be the most practical and fun car that I've ever owned. Love it.

  23. One of my most favorite YT series to date, great production quality and witty banter from Alex. However it still hurts my heart when he says the ST has dual exhaust, just a single boi that splits at the very end for dual tips

  24. I bought a new 2014 Focus ST over the Mustang GT at the time purely based on practical space and "what if I have a kid". I've never regretted it. I still love the mustang but the ST's are a lot of fun to push on back roads. I'd buy one again if they made them when I finally go to replace mine in a few years.

  25. I'm looking at downsizing from 3.0 diesel to 2.0 petrol so looking at a pre facelift Focus ST (2012-2014). Any reliability issues to look out for? I do 10k+ miles per year, a lot of motorway.

    I don't mod my cars because of reliability so I'm looking for any issues with stock ST's.

    My mate has a diesel ST and says he'd never get the petrol because one of his mate's had a stock one with blew up at 30k miles, personally I dont believe that at all, must have modded it or fucked up servicing himself. Or literally redlined from start up and everywhere maybe.

    I've seen loads for sale with 70k+ miles on. Highest is 110k miles so surely I won't have any issues getting one around 35k miles and taking it up to 70k miles over a few years right?

    Appreciate your feedback.

  26. Haha all the issues he was listing don’t apply to the ST1 package. It has a standard stereo system so no updates required and the st1 seats are much wider on the bolsters 🤣

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