So You Want a Honda Civic Si

So You Want a Honda Civic Si

– How do you even start a video when you talk about one of the OGs? I mean, do we bring it back to my history with like an old friend watching her shift out of like an SI high
hatch-looking thing. The shifter was up by the radio. It was uncomfortable. She had short arms. So it was like one of these, you know. Do you bring it back to
the historical nature of the car that it brought
to the automotive scene? Okay, we could talk about an
emotional uplifting story. You know, it’s been there. It’s been a part of the scene longer than most of us have even really
like been alive, all right? A thought in your dad’s eye. It’s been a genre of cars that
has been huge in our scene and it could steal the hell
out of some DVD players out of the back of a semi. I’m Alex. Alex.FI in Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking about one of the most popular cars out there right now. The car that we sometimes forget about until we see a clean one
rolling down the street. And we say to ourselves,
“Damn, I kind of want one.” Today, ladies and gentlemen,
we’re talking about the one, the only, the Honda Civic SI. (car engine roars) (upbeat music) (car engine roars) And if this is the first time you’re watching a
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entered into win. It’s like our biggest one we’ve ever done. So with that out of the
way, let’s get into it. The Honda civic SI or sport injection was birthed into this world in 1986 and that was their version of fuel injection model back then. That was pretty much, it’s pretty much enough to
give it a good chunk of power. That was it. Okay, good, good, so you are. Well, actually no. The SI was actually originally introduced in the good old CRX,
but the civic SI though, it came with a Pepe and
existing 91 horsepower to 1.5 liter fuel injected
single overhead cam inline four. It was Honda’s first
take in a fuel injection offering the public more of a
performance-oriented vehicle. For the most part though, it was still in its infancy
and little baby Yoda years, if you will. And that’s pretty much all it needed. Now as you jumped into
the fourth generation SI which came around in 1988 had a whopping 105 horsepower to 1.6. And now Honda was cooking
with a little bit of gasoline at a five speed manual,
larger exhaust, booked seats, stabilizer bars, attack combiner, color matching rear bumpers, and even an A arm suspension
on all four corners to give a better planting
to the ground, okay. The car was actually
extremely well received and a lot of enthusiasts now, this is really where
the civic SI truly began to grow interest in the tuner world. Then the fifth gen came
about in the early 90s and boy was it a banger. Boys and girls, SI has
absolutely nothing to do with horsepower though, and
it’s important you remember that ’cause you’re not gonna be
excited about those numbers. It wasn’t really even about
the 1/4 mile, brother. It was about focus. The fifth generation really
started to narrow this in because these cars were built with the heart of a high revving engine, sleek gearboxes and a
sharp driving experience that would put a smile on your face. And this generation did that with nothing more than 125 horsepower out of a 1.6 liter
engine, five speed manual. Had a 9,000 tack with
a 4,200 RPM red line. People really started to notice this because if you look back at the early 90s, if you wanted something JDM world, you’d addition up some
serious cash, brother. The Civic SI on the other hand, didn’t have the bro tax, okay. And allow me to introduce my
extremely credible resource. Ron, who’s our oldest employee. He’s 65,000 years old,
25 years in the military. Here’s what he had to say about the fifth gen Honda Civic SI. “The Civic SI hatchback was
one of the most modifiable cars “back in the 90s in Miami.” He had a friend that had a 25 inch sub by Rockford Fosgate that was
custom molded in the back. It was red, everything interior was white. Okay, no tints so
everyone could see inside. Roll cage was red inside and people stopped tinting their windows because this car was so popular. It made his friends super happy but then angry because
everybody started copying him so he ended up tinting the windows. I’m not entirely sure what that story has to do with anything, but I just figured you would know ’cause the dude’s like 80 years old and somehow he still remembers that. The following generation
would be a personal favorite and existed for just a couple of years. It would revote to eight KRPM
and it was the first time the Civic SI would come in a coupe. It’d be the first time it would
feature dual overhead cams and it had a dialed-in Vtech
and that pretty much just slap. If there’s an SI to get
this, probably this one and people would say that this is probably one of the most iconic
SIs out of the bunch for new generation enthusiasts because even though it wasn’t a hatch, it still carried everything that made the previous
generation successful and essentially just made it even better. The blue, Civic SI is a banger. The civic SI would continue
to generations after this, but would start to get a little bit weird. 2002 to 2005 had a tuned
down 6,500 RPM red line and a good old dash mounted shifter, which was a little bit odd. The eighth generation went
back to its roots though, by bringing the RPMs back
up and the budget down, limited slip differential,
a decent horsepower to boot made the car a banging front
wheel drive sports car, okay. And this generation, it was big because it came in at another $20,000. That was huge for Honda back then and a lot of ton of people
to get into the fun car that packed quite a bit of punch, you know, while still being able to
go to a 8:00 a.m lecture without having to lose any money. Now following generation, the ninth one, that wasn’t that bad, but people usually started to stick around the sixth or eighth generations because they just were
a little bit more fun. And now, the 10th generation. Now that’s probably the most recent one. It’s got a turbo, a
limited slip differential and the car tout’s a
fun-driving experience, okay? That’s what the ads tell ya. But a massively longer
wheelbase than it’s predecessor. It was in a little bit of a
different driving experience than most would be used to if they came from any previous gens. So why spend so much time
on these generations? Well, because Honda has
always been at the forefront of being awesome like
affordable fun sports cars in their line up that a
metric ton of people loved. They were just like fast
and the furious though, I mean, they haven’t really
always gotten it right. And when you look at some
of the videos, you’re like, “It’s a little odd.” But we’re not here to
talk about the history. We’re talking here about you
wanting to own one, okay? One of these bad boys. So you want to own a Honda civic SI. Well, drop your precalc homework, okay? And grab your favorite Honda hat because we’re about to
jump into what it’s like to own one of these bad boys. The first two generations are bangers, but not overly common these days, okay. Picking them up is fun. But besides fuel injection and
a slightly upgraded brakes, there’s really not too much
of current day fun you can do with these cars. A lot of the fun actually
begins in the fifth generations from 1992 to 1995. The Vtech and the single
overhead cam, 7,200 RPM and a lightweight body made it
a bang car to throw power at. So many people will slap a
big old turbo on the front, throw some drags into there and then just line up on every possible car street
stop light, turn signal everything you could possibly do to go next to another
car and race, they did. And if you’re going for a car that can deliver some serious laughs and speed for not that much
money with a few modifications, this is the generation. Not only that, but these
cars aren’t bad to look at. Throw some smaller NK or Koenig’s on them and some Toyo tyres and my
friend, we are set, okay. You can throw 25 and truck
of Foskett sub in there, but that’s a little weird. But if you want the generation that most people think is like the generation
of the Honda civic SI, then you’d probably be looking
at the 1999 till 2000 years. Some people don’t like that the SI came in a non-hatch variant
but it looks super good. The modifications for
this generation are huge and you can snag in the
electron blue paint, some Volks, a set of coil overs and
you’re pretty much set. One of the best things about these cars is their price to modify. Honda Civic SIs are impossible to beat. They’re built as a budget sports car. They’re Honda, which generally speaking, makes them reliable and
at the end of the 90s which was, they were truly
in their heyday at the top. Now the 2002 to 2004 have some perks like coming in a hatch
and a lower RPM range, but not people really
like the lower RPM range and it doesn’t really have
the same mass interest as the previous generations. Who went through the
generations of Honda Civic SIs in the 2000s and all the way
up to the current generation with the turbo starts to really
become a personal preference versus an overall performance improvement. The newest generation does feature a turbo which allows some fun tunes, intakes in exhaust while
still having a comfortable budget-friendly car. But the Honda civic SI
has too long of a history to just generalize the whole
thing within a few generations because each generation
has their own pro and con and when you look at them, some of them are almost
entirely different vehicles that would make you think
that it’s not even a Civic. If you’re looking for a new fun car that fits larger wheels like ESRS or PBS or Volks, I mean then the new generation
is probably gonna do that. Hell? Air suspension is on these cars. It’s actually an incredibly popular. As you jump into the late 90s though, it’s all about period correctness and building something sleek and timeless. It’s less about the new new and more about appreciating
what Honda was capable of back then and dialing in that style. The older generations and
their good old bubble wonder are unlike pretty much anything
else out there right now and it’s awesome because
it’s still supported very heavily by companies. Fifth generation is pretty
much just a lego block. You can do just about anything you could possibly want to it. Owning a Honda Civic SI
is for someone that enjoys having a fun car but
not one that takes away from the necessity of having, well, a car, you know, it provides smiles and laughter without the pains of
breaking down constantly or liability issues. It’s a car that you can
do pretty much anything without losing much at all. And it’s a car that nearly
anyone can jump into. It has a massive community
behind it to boot. And son, just about everything to it than you can possibly imagine. When it comes down to parts availability, it’s one of the most well supported cars that we have for wheels, tyres, suspension over And that can be said
for performance as well. There’s not many people these days that pick up a brand new SI due to the now current
competition from Focuses and things like that but to those that do, a lot of them end up with
a smile on their face. And if you go back to the early 2000s, I don’t think you’ll ever stop smiling. So what do you think about Honda Civic SI? Let us know below and of course,
let us know what you think. If you’d like us to talk about
something different next, drop a comment below. And if you’re looking
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references, I’m gonna cry. Anyway, I’m Alex from Fitment industries. We will see you guys later, peace.

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  1. What's the best generation Si? Comment below! Also, go pick up a shirt, hoodie, or windbreaker and get entered to win ESR multi piece wheels!

  2. I've got a 9th gen with over 200 on her, great daily that still hits 7k like it's nothing. It isn't a crazy fast car, but it's reliable and is definitely enough to put a smile on your face. (Btw, to all the 10th gen lovers, still ain't been beat by one yet)

  3. The EP3 is one of the most under rated cars ever made. People over look it. If you don't appreciate it you must not have driven it.

  4. Do one for the Volvo C30 that would be a dream come true as I own one and it’s amazing it’s the hidden euro car that people don’t even know exist in America almost

  5. hey bro’ just want to asked something’
    do you think 225/45/18 on 2017 civic hatchback lx stock everything are ok?
    i bought an OEM hatchaback wheels’
    it’s not gonna rub? i dont like 225/40/18 coz it’s too low’ i want a higher sidewall’ thanks’

  6. Man I started out in Honda Civic’s 94,96,00 prelude 91, integra 99. My god the new civics look so f ing ugly. I will always love Honda regardless because this is where I started now have a bmw 335i 2014 and Audi A4 2012 let me tell you I am selling both of them and going back to Japanese cars my next car is a Lexus is350. God though I miss my 96 civic that I turned into an 00 si with a b18 motor. God the good old days. 1999-2000 si was the best civic to me ever.

  7. I’ve had a 90 Si, a 2000 Si and now a 18 Si. I love them all and still have the 90 20 years later. BTW stance is gay! ?

  8. Loved my si. I had a 2008 si sedan with just over 85k miles. Then someone ran a red light and totaled my car 🙁 I miss it everyday.

  9. I think Honda deliberately made this trim as a nod (pun) to Spanish speaking folks to let them know that THIS is a good buy (unlike the Nova). Bad wordplay for the latter, good image for both. Please make E9X video.

  10. The 8th gen Civic Si sedan is the ultimate first car for an enthusiast. Kinda fast, great handling, safe, economical, cheap to insure, reliable, easy to learn manual, practical, super fun to drive, huge aftermarket, and incredibly reliable.

  11. The 9th gen lost a cam and weighed 2900 lbs. If you pick on the EP3 you can’t ignore that, it was a huge shift in priorities in the Si line.

  12. The 9th gen lost a cam and weighed 2900 lbs. If you pick on the EP3 you can’t ignore that, it was a huge shift in priorities in the Si line.

  13. 8th gen any day… Revs higher than the 9th or 10th gen SI. After 8th gen say good bye to 8000rpm.
    My 2011 SI got hit on the right rear quarter panel. People here in Vegas all high and don't pay attention lol…
    I bought a 96 4door dx with 5speed,a/c and heater then later swapped everything to my dx hehehehe…

  14. Loved them all but the ep3 overall package is hard to beat you get the reliable k20a3 which is chain driven and proven while it’s not the type r it’s still a strong fun motor , the interior is one of a kind so pretty much you get practically and fun

  15. Bought a 2019 Honda Civic SI White. Week later Cold Air intake Invidia exhaust Hondata Tuner and plan on doing more and taking it to the Dyno this thing is nice to daily drive.

  16. Si is not a sports car. Selling mine once the salt clears off the roads. Amazing daily! I’ve owned 8th and 9th gens. Mostly stock.

  17. 8th gen is overall best rounded Si. Classic Honda feel, newer body but can be stanced or full race car. Fun to drive and can make a lot of power stock. I make just over 500whp onna stock block and trans.

  18. So it had a 9,000 Tach ( you spelled it tack ) with a 4,200 RPM red line with 7200* Flashing Large across the screen …… um wtf is goin on here?

  19. I love the older gen honda civics but living in Ohio it's almost impossible to find one without rust on the quarters and everywhere else really. But I've owned my 8th gen si for over 6 years and it's my baby. Don't think I'll ever sell it. Ive given that car HELL and it still runs like a champ and never left me stranded (knock on wood). I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun daily that won't break the bank. Just wish you guys talked about the 8th more ?

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