So You Want a Mercedes-Benz AMG

(gong) (karate sound) – Think we could get
some comfortable chairs. There’s a time in every
man’s, or woman’s life where they look at their
V8 cylinder options in the good ol’ United
States of America and say, “you know,
(eagle cries) I feel like there’s more.” Sometimes it happens to
be when you’re young. Sometimes, when you’re old as (beep), son. Sometimes, people don’t want to pick up the New Balances and tucked
in t-shirt for a corvette. Sometimes, they still want a nice interior that doesn’t rattle plastic bits apart and question why you spent
$45 thousand dollars. Sometimes, they want a car
that will depreciate harder than a five-day old pack of glaziers. If you’ve never had glaziers,
I feel terrible for you. I’ll send one your way,
if you can send me coffee. That’s where we’re at. Either way, when that little
notion comes across your noggin that you want some sort
of high horsepower V8 counterpart to the domestic options, you usually end up searching up that ol’ three-letter
acronym that has spawned some of the craziest
road cars in existence. I’m Alex, on Instagram,
and on today’s episode of So You Want, we’re
talking about the diabolical, downright ludicrous, the how in the (beep) are those only $12 thousand dollars, the Mercedes-Benz AMG platform. (upbeat techno music) It’s an amazing car. (car engine revs) (upbeat techno music continues) Don’t forget to subscribe, and of course, if you’re looking for wheels,
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if you just want a t-shirt, we have a BBS wheel giveaway right now. Pick up a t-shirt, it’s awesome. Front, boush. Back, zoush. What more do you want? AMG goes back to the ’60s,
where racing engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher– I don’t have German accents,
and I can’t even try to do it as good as James
did, but I’m, you know… But anyway, they’re hanging
out at Aufrecht’s house, pretty much being like, “mom,
can Erhard stay the night? “We promise we keep it down.” The acronym, AMG, stands for their names. A for Aufrecht, M for Melcher, and G for Grossaspach, Germany. The two engineers would
continue to develop motors, actually, together in their
spare time outside of work because the original engine for
the Daimler’s racing program would get axed by Mercedes-Benz, and they just wanted to do
it because they were bros. And bros don’t give up,
bros hang out like this. Forever. And it don’t matter. You wanna know why? Because they built the
son of a (beep) anyway. They ended up winning the
German Touring Car championship ten times with the motor
that they built together in their little old basement. Suck it. You wanna know why? Bros. Bros to the end. Once AMG established itself
in that initial race, their growth came rapidly. You would see AMG begin their
engineering firm in 1967, compete in the 24 Hours of Spa in 1971, which they took first place in its class and second place overall. Just lettin’ you know. Not too shabby for a big,
heavy German car, eh? Times continued to do the
engineering firm well, because instead of just playing
the free to play version of engine tuning, they
actually bought the DLC pack and ended up becoming a full-fledged engine manufacturer by 1984. They would continue to
introduce massive milestones into the automotive community by releasing if I had a prop, it’d be a hammer, and I’d swing it. Like a sword. Because they released the
Hammer in the mid-1980s which pretty much destroyed
everything about the world. The Hammer is the car; if there was a car that you could pick for the
rest of your life forever, it was the Hammer, because it was bangin’. It was so well done. The Hammer just out-performed
about everything in the world. And still probably outperforms
a good chunk of it today. AMG would make all
sorts of high horsepower crazy Mercedes-Benz, and it did so well that they eventually just created a co-op with Daimler-Benz so that
the AMG parts could be sold and maintained at any
Mercedes-Benz dealership. Now, up until this
point, AMG was a partner, not a model for the company. It wasn’t until the first true production Mercedes-Benz AMG car hit the road from the manufacturer directly. It was a C36 AMG. They were known for just making
boring German cars crazy. And they did it with
everything they possibly could. I mean, they even fit a 7.3
liter, seven, I’m not lying, into an SL roadster for the hell of it. That’s the motor that they
use in the Pagani Zonda, for crying out loud, which was bangin’. Because why not? AMG would continue to grow and manifest into about a billion different models as they entered the 21st
century, and created a strangle hold in the high
horsepower German marketplace. Barking up the old territories
of BMW, Audi, Porche, and even, Ferrari. The 5.4 liter supercharged V8 of the E55 would be coined one of the
best motors of the year. That’s about it, we’re
not going to talk about the (mumbles) of the 62, okay? But hey, enough history. You know most of this stuff already. Because, guess what, people like you, people like me, we know
this stuff anymore. Okay, this isn’t no surprise. What you do want to know is what to expect when owning one, right? That’s why we’re here. So you want a Mercedes-Benz AMG. Well, strap in there bud,
because there’s a little bit of extra sauce on this one,
and besides you’re probably actually going to need a seatbelt, ’cause if you’ve ever gotten into an AMG, especially a tuned one before, you’re probably going to
need to have something to keep you in the seat, or
you’ll probably just die. – Off the break. (Cheers)
(Engine revs) Whoa! – Mercedes-Benz as a
modifiable car is a bit like dropping your first swear
word in front of your family after you’ve moved out, and
you’ve come back for a dinner. You’re not sure why you
did it, you’re sweating, because you have no idea if
it was actually a good idea, but hey, it felt good at the time and no one else has done it
yet so you figured, “why not?” The AMG platform is an already
up-tuned Mercedes-Benz, which is something to
remember right off the bat, if you go into owning one. The cars themselves are pretty decent. You’re gonna have to not
really do a whole lot out of the gate because
you got the badge, man. The badge was to make ’em fast, and they’re pretty quick
right out of the gate. Most have an above-300 horsepower number, decent torque, rear-wheel drive, and a little exhaust adjustment and intake can make the car sound like
a more refined, proper V8. (engine revs) Versus its noisy and unnecessary untamed domestic counterparts. I don’t need you, I’ve
got leather interiors. And here’s what’s so great about them. They are fantastic cars to cruise in. After all, it’s a Mercedes-Benz, right? Leather interior, a million
different seat adjustments, incredible sound dampening material that makes it sound like you
could be running something over and you wouldn’t even know. A beautiful exhaust note,
and a blast to cruise with your friends in the backseat, and still walk past most sports cars. I would say probably the biggest thing to take a look at, especially
out of some platforms like the E55 and C-Series, the four doors, is that you can still fit a
bunch of stuff in the car, and still race about everything. At the end of the day, people
like you and people like me are going to end up looking
at the following AMG models: the W204, which was a C63 AMG, the W211 E55 and E63 AMG,
and if you’re feeling a little bit dangerous, because
you just want to risk it, the W221 S63 AMG. Allow me to start this out by saying that if you’re buying
any one of these cars, you’re gonna want to have
a few dollars saved up in the back of the old
pocket as insurance. ‘Cause it’s not a matter
of if they’ll break, it’s just a matter of when. These cars are high performance, mass produced German executive cars that happen to be just a bit used. And usually, they’re abused to (beep). They’re gonna have issues,
almost all of them. E55s, when they first started coming out, eventually became plagued with some little electrical gremlins, due to
the overly sophisticated seats, or your entertainment
system that eventually started to get fixed up
towards the end of its series, but ultimately still had a
couple two-three problems. The C63 pre-face lift doesn’t
like its own head studs and can cause issues. The S63s will begin to have sluggish and clonky transmissions. Clonky is not a word. If you can get past their
independent occasional issues, you’ll probably run into their overall “I’m a Mercedes, hear me roar” issues. Such as– I love these cars, but damn, they don’t make it easy to love ’em. Airmatic suspension failure, you had your heat blower
premature failure, you had some central
gateway module problems. Those ones were a doozy to figure out, don’t even get me started. And it’s not just all
oil changes here, bud, there’s a few extra
goodies that AMGs just love to let you know are going out. ‘Cause it’s an AMG. But does that mean you
shouldn’t buy any of them? Hell no! AMGs are the bomb dot com, and
I am biased and I don’t care. They are fast as (beep),
they are comfortable as hell, they depreciated as
hard as humanly possible and out of any known
German car manufacturer, because it’s a Mercedes-Benz. But they don’t look half bad, anyone that’s ridden in one wants one. Anyone that’s owned one has been like, “Yeah, it was pricey, but it was fun.” And they’re, a couple years later, like “I want another one.” And anyone who has no idea what an AMG is has probably just looked at it and said, “That is an ugly old
Mercedes; why would anybody “under the age of 50
actually drive one of those?” Don’t be the last one, okay? AMGs are fun, they’re automatics. I’m sorry, they don’t come in a manual because AMG doesn’t trust you with that. They don’t trust you
with that sort of power. But get a TCU tune on an old E55 AMG, and you’ll be havin’ a
spankin’ good time, I promise. (car engine revs and accelerates) Mercedes-Benz AMGs hold a
special place in our hearts. They look best with a
meaty staggered set up. Usually on some Borsheimers, Rotiforms, or, probably, Rohanas because
of their massive breaks which, if you have to replace
those, bless your heart. Tire choices have gotta be the grippy boys because it’s an AMG. Get your Michelins,
(mumbles), or even Toyos, since you’ll have some wider
tire options for the rear and since most of them
run a staggered set up. And for suspension,
most people just end up ripping out the old airmatic, since it’s a pain in the ass to replace, and they replace it with your
BC Racer or KW counterparts. Sometimes they’ll even throw a
little bit of a lowering link in there until the air
suspension does go out, which makes it look like you have air, and you’re technically not lying when you say your car’s on air. AMGs are fantastic cars,
they give domestic muscles a true run for your money
when it comes down to sound, performance, and overall quality. Sure, they can be a little bit of a pain in the tooshie, kind of like a puppy, like, you want one until
you have to own one, and then you’re like, “oh, this
maybe was a terrible idea.” But, they’re fun to have around. You know they’re gonna occasionally (beep) on your rug, but
hey, it’s just a rug, kay? It’s worth it in the end. So what do you think about AMGs? Drop a comment below, and let us know what you guys want us to talk about next. Don’t forget to subscribe, and of course, check out for all your wheel, tire
and suspension needs. Like Varrstoen, Rotiform, Rohana. If you’ve got the good ol’ AMG already, just lettin’ you know. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later, yet again, peace.

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