So You Want an Acura TL

So You Want an Acura TL

– Guys, the times are changing. The social media outlets are no longer simply the powerhouse of Facebook and the image hosting site of Instagram. It is with some concern
that we let you know that Fitment Industries
now has joined TikTok. (bass music) (bass music) I’m sorry, (laughs) I’m not really sure how
to feel about it either. It’s kinda sorta worth it so feel free to join us if you want. But don’t tell anyone publicly because we’re not really sure when TikTok is going to be socially acceptable and when people actually talk about it outside the scope of their close friends. In terms of what is
socially acceptable though, there is a car out there that accomplishes everything that an “adult” would want that still loves cars. Okay, a car out there that looks nice, has four doors, is more
than just a Subaru, and allows some modification out there without having to worry
about the insurance company jacking up your rates. Okay? It’s a car that’s refined and says no, I pay for my parents meals when I go home to, you know, Red Lobster. I’m Alex, Alex Stouff on Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking about the car that continues to
be a consistent favorite in the world: The Acura TL. (bass music) (bass music) (engine revving) (bass music) Alright, sorry, I’m done. And while we’re talking
about being a productive member of society, since we’re chatting about Acura TL’s, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you’re looking for
wheels, tires, or suspension be sure to hit us up
at where we have it all. For your adult Acura TL or if you’re still a
teenager at heart like me, pretty much everything else that, you know, it’s Christmas. You could celebrate. It’s the holidays if you don’t do that. Get yourself some wheels okay? The Acura TL was originally an entry level luxury car that was made by Acura to replace the Acura
Vigor back in early 1990s. Okay? The car had a few different names depending on the time frame and country that you were looking at. Right off the bat, the Acura TL came out of
the gate doing pretty well. Ultimately becoming one of
Acura’s bets selling models in their lineup and ranked the best selling luxury Sedan right behind the 3 Series. 3 Series has it on lock. Taking into the origin story, the Touring Luxury, or TL debuted with two
different motor options. Either a bunky little
2.5 liter or a 3.2 liter and had quite a few
little quirks and features that made it stand out. For example, the TL was
the first Acura to be named as such because Acura wanted consumers
to focus on the Acura name versus the model name, okay? Gives it a little more
prestige, I think, not sure. The 3.2 liter was mounted
in a longitudinal- it was done the other way. The 3.2 liter was mounted
in a longitudinal position. Why do I have to say that so angry, I just don’t wanna mess it up. Which ultimately gave it
better weight distribution and gave it the long
hood that everyone knows and loves today. Now way back in the beginning, the TL wasn’t anything to really blow the doors off the market. It was just a luxury Japanese car and for the most part, the first generation
didn’t really make any creative ways in the aftermarket scene. It did have some overseas popularity, but most of us in the USA don’t really have a huge focus on the first generation. But then, then, the second
generation came, oh yeah! That one didn’t really have a whole lot of heavy modification background either. I’m sorry, okay? The second generation
would be released in 1998. Featuring new motor, new
electronic transmission, and new overall look. However, probably would stay
away a little bit from the second generation, we’ll get
into that in a little bit. But! Reliability failed to
follow from the first generation with the transmissions just
kinda, sorta, commonly failing in the US models. There’s this like little itsy
bitsy clutch pad that wore then ultimately caused the car to suddenly downshift regardless of speed. So you can imagine what
would happen on a highway. There were some lawsuits, some extended warranties, a few angry people if you will, that weren’t happy about
their car stopping on 441. And that ultimately tainted
the second generation TL from ever really doing fantastic. But then, finally, finally, after a few more years
of revisions and changes, the 3rd generation finally rolled out and it’s a good thing
that they did because that’s pretty much what
this video is about. The 3rd generation’s a banger. In 2004 Acura introduced
the TL that everyone knows and loves. The reason that it hit
so well was due to the American Honda designer John Akita. And the fact that this was going to be a North American exclusive. It was a whole new design. It was kicked and nickeled. 270 horsepower, had an automatic
or manual option brambo, 4 piston brakes, a limited slip diff baby. Stiffer roll bars and
a new front end to boot and people actually loved it. Acura would introduce a tuner package and call it the Aspec. Which was tuned by Makoto Tomamura, and even included the
original factory warranty. Which is kind of a big deal. The car was a banger, alright? The interior had upgraded
6 disk audio system, had 8 speakers, it had
Bluetooth, it had XM radio, it had things. It had more stuff. And it had all the
goodies that the Acura TL became Acura’s best selling Sedan in 2004 with a little under 80,000 units sold. Their only major revision was in 2007 when they gave it some
new gages, new lights, a little new steering
wheel for it, you know. Overall though, the generation did fantastic and I love it and if I could just stay
with this design forever I probably would. I think I’m forgetting something. Oh. Yeah, there’s a 4th generation too. I’m kinda kidding, but I’m kinda not. The 4th generation came
along for a few short years and then it had some like
kind of edgy teenager vibe to it that they
called Keen Edge Dynamic. It had a power plenum upper grill that not many people liked. And although it featured improvements, technically over the previous generation, not many people would end
up snagging this bad boy because people just really weren’t about the car too much. But, it was still good. It had refinements on the
all-wheel drive system, it had a better self
adjusting dual mask clutch. It had improvements to the transmission, it had improved weight reduction, it had better multifunction display. People just didn’t jelb with it, you know? They just didn’t vibe with
the bro of the 4th generation. But the 3rd gen, you’re my boy. But we’re not here to talk
about the history, oh no. We’re here to talk about
what it’s like to own an Acura TL. So you want an Acura TL,
well set down the 401k and put away the readers, okay? Because we’re about the
talk about what it’s like to own one of these bad, but ultimately still had a 9-5 job, boys. Okay? The first and second
generation aren’t where many people spend their
time in the TL lineup. Although you can snag one of these for a pretty good price. The first gen’s just
so much don’t host the same sort of community
as the 3rd generation. The second generation, transmission issues
haunt the car constantly. So even though you could pick up one, have some fun with it, we probably just recommend
staying away from them. Because stopping on the highway is scary. Now now, the third
generation is where it’s at. This bad boy has all the thing right. It’s got the angry little headlights, the sharp nose, the nice interior, and a body style that
just doesn’t seem to age. Wheels range from your
Aodhan’s to your Wed’s. Tires from Nexen all the way to your Michelin pilots portforecent’s pretty much everything is common on these cars. Or you can even go into
like TruHart coilovers or airlift. Airlift suspension for if you wanna put it on the ground ’cause it looks good there. I’m not sure what it is about these cars but everything on the styling aspect of it are pretty well locked in. Like how the headlights line up to match the upper door body line or how the indentation on the hood flows from the bumper all
the way back to the glass. Everything is just decent and when you look at it,
no matter form what angle, the car looks proper. Now when it comes to
reliability the 3rd generation did fairly well. With most of it’s issues coming from driving it to the point of rust or just your overall typical
maintenance repairs. But, try to get the
manual variance of the TL if you can. Not the auto. The automatic’s reliability
reputation across nearly every generation is not, not the dandiest. Okay? A lot of people that
own TLs daily drive them because of their comfort and the fact that they have 4 doors. It’s not a car you have to put away in the winter. It’s one that you can if you wanted to. A few things to look into though if you are looking to pick one up is: the rust on the rear quarters as they have a tendency to
get weak over the years. Tiny belts, need to be swapped
out every 100,000 miles or 8 years. So you’ll wanna see that
in the mess of paperwork you get when you’re trying
to actually buy the car from the one person on craigslist that only responds at very
awkward times of the night because apparently that’s the only time he’s available. Then he makes the fake
phone call talking about how the car is still
available in front of you in hopes that you get the price. Anyways, the 4th generation
we don’t talk about much because the enthusiasts
keep the old buying process between the 2004 and 2008 years. The Acura TL is a legendary car for the everyday driver
that wants something cool, calm, collected, but still
gets you to your day job. With your, you know, 5 week
old donations in the back, you know? It’s got a trunk, it’s
got space, it comes with a manual transmission and vtech that makes you feel like you’re the next Sena, but you’re still comfortable enough to take it across the
country without having to worry too much about it. Modifications exist for it,
but you never see it become too excessive. Because the person modifying it has a 9am the next morning to talk
about the Q4 financials. It’s just a car that gets it done. And if you’re looking
for something that you can moderately modify without having to change the world with it, a
lot of people love Acura TLs. So what do you think about the Acura TLs? Let us know in the comment section below and of course, if you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension hit up your boys at I just wanna get a T-shirt
with my face that has that. With more hair, so that way it looks, you know, more realistic. Anyways, and if you guys
haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to do so. I’m Alex from FitmenIndustries. We will see you later, hope you like the sweatshirt
that’s not released yet. I’m definitely gonna
keep wearing it in videos because it’s super comfortable. Okay, bye.

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  1. What's your thoughts on the 4th gen TL? Comment below! Also, pick up your hoodie to get entered to win a free set of wheels, tires, and suspension!

  2. When he Showed that tic tok video the first thing I thought was, " he is probably questioning his existence at that moment"

  3. Both my 2003 & 2007 TL made it past 200k still ran like clockwork. Only problem was the 03 needed a new torque converter around 190k

  4. Had an 07 TSX myself. Love the RSX/Integras that came before hand as well. I still miss my 07 TSX to this day. One of the best cars I've ever owned in more than one category. Now I'm thinking of getting an 08 TL Type S, as they have aged so well like a fine wine. The third gen Acuras were the last truly great Acuras imo. They haven't looked as good since. The 4th gen TL's for example are much bulkier and even though are newer haven't aged as well as the 3rd gens. Even the brand new Acura's have a funny looking grill and just don't look as sporty as the third gen's.

  5. Not all 3G TL has Brembo brake and LSD, sadly most of the TL show in this video is AT version. BTW the 4th gen TL clutch isn't self adjustable.

    Sadly I had seen the tuning scene of 3G TL since new and now its totally 2 differences owner mentality. Any of OG 3G owner will understand.

  6. 4th gen owner here. I got it 2 years ago as my first car and although the 'boy racer' in me gets bored at times, I couldn't be more thankful for its practicality and reliability.

  7. First bought a 07 type S and totalled it. Bought an 08 Type S (Both Silver) And loving the fuck out of it.

    Got it at 111km and its at 180km driving like a dream. Hope I can run it to 300+KM as its mostly highway.

  8. This is the video I been waiting for!!! I drive an 08 base auto. Love this car. Bought if from the original owner, my sister. It only has 49,000 miles on it. To anyone out there with an auto 3rd gen tl be sure to do a 3×3 drain and fill on the tranny and change out your 3rd and 4th gear pressure switches with oem switches and you'll be fine

  9. Picked up a 3rd gen after my Hyundai Sonata was totaled and after a couple months of ownership I can say it's definitely a banger! An upgrade in every way! Styling is subtle while aggressive, I love how it has some angles and that wedge shape but doesn't go overboard like the 4th gen. Great power and all around a very competent daily driver

  10. Beautiful car when revealed and just as beautiful today l bought mine as a two year old certified from the dealer Hands down the best car i ever owned. 15 years old and there's not really another car i'd rather go out and get… Why spend money l don't have too
    Few issues
    1) my dashboard cracked in several places (forums say this isn't that uncommon but what ever didn't happen until a cpl years ago, the car IS old)
    2) the front columns are so wide they create a huge blind spot i've had a few close call not seeing an approaching car
    3) turning radius is not as tight as and aircraft carrier
    4) wish it was AWD or RWD l hate torque steer
    No rust issue and i'm in the north east where they salt the roads
    lf you are thinking about buying one just do it, You wont be sorry
    l love this car

  11. Auto trans and seats my only issue. Accord front suspension bolts right up. I have 198k still whisper quiet love this car.

  12. Ive owened several Acura TL. Starting with the early 2000 TL then i had 02,Several 3g TL and ive driven the 4g. Best choice is manual transmission 3g or 4g tl and they are very higly dependable cars. Only problems ive had was the common bluetooth module that eats up your battery in 2 days. Most expensive of course the timing belt service which should be replaced every 100k plus miles. Not too many boost options sadly. Its either the old comptec supercharger or custom turbo or finally the rotrex supercharger made by gerzand that i think its the best choice but it eliminates your cold ac :(.Engine tuning has gotten better since we now have Hondata and Ktuner!

  13. I own a 3rd gen TL on bc coils with custom springs its slammed and running -16 camber all around and it also has other mods check me out on instagram @AggressiveClub

  14. I’ve had 3g and I have a 4g ….I like the third gen but love ❤️ my 4g especially if you have all wheel drive 3.7 She is a beast and love the curves of her body!!!!!

  15. You only want a 3rd gen if its a Type S auto or 6speed you dont want a base model at all. I cant believe yall didnt even mention the Type S

  16. I love it. Had my 06 TL for over 10 years now. Don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon either!! Another problem you forgot to include this is the cracking Dashboards and failing power steerings. Other than that the car is very reliable and easy to maintain!

  17. They put all these features in the TL, and yet my RDX… they couldn't even figure out how to put an auto dimming rearview mirror. C'mon, Acura.

  18. How you gonna make a TL video without talking about the 3rd generation Type S? That would be like making a video about the mustang without talking about the GT or the camero without the SS. You can't just skip out on the best model.

  19. I have a 2010 Acura TSX was wondering on a good fitment size ing on wheels. From front to rear. I ridding Ksport coilovers. Not fully lowered at the moment.

  20. The early 3rd gen had the same transmission problems as the 2nd gen. It wasn't fixed until 06. Poor fluid flow to the converter and second gear causing scorching. The 2nd gen fix is to use an 06/07 Honda Accord V6 transmission and swap the range selectors because the connectors are different. Also have to swap the trans warmer because the inlet/outlets face the wrong direction. Otherwise it's the same case. Every sensor and solenoid is the same.

  21. I heard you talking smack about my 2.5 and I'll be in the parking lot vaping if you wanna talk about it and maybe apologize

  22. “We’re not here to talk about the history of the TL”….. talks about the history of the TL for 70% of the video.

  23. im torn between a tl and a tsx 2005 -2006, I have a 2002 acura rl right now but i'm having problems so i wanna upgrade before its to late. My rl has been an amazing car tho I would definitely recommend one if anyone finds a decent one. Mine has been through almost 300,000 miles of abuse and is still going i drive a ton for pleasure and work.

  24. I loved my ‘06 TL. It has the full stock body kit and looked beautiful.

    People didn’t like the 4th one because of the grill. The beak killed it.

  25. Just sold my 2008 Type S White Diamond Pearl last month – man do I miss it already!

    Too bad I love my Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model 3 even more!

  26. I own an ‘01 TL, never had any major problems with it except that It’s not really repair/maintenance friendly. Doing simple fixes and repairs that shouldn’t take long end up taking forever to get done because it’s so tedious. I mean there’s nothing really crazy or exciting to say about them. They’re cars that work welll

  27. When it comes to hauling ass through 3-4 states and still net decent gas mileage the 3rd gen TL-S is irreplaceable. I just put in 16hrs averaging 80mph and here watching youtube instead of doing homework 🙄

  28. I have a 6speedtl and I love that car I have it lowered on bc racing coilovers and it’s so much fun to drive if you guys want to see it go to my I Instagram @6speedtl or my YouTube that you can get to by my ig and tell me what you guys think and lot more to come

  29. How do you feel about using SenSen complete shocks for the Honda Accord or Acura TL 2004-08? Rear 9213-0082 Front 9214-0335

  30. This Popped Up In My Notifications and I’m not even subscribed and I was thinking about the TL Yesterday this Thing Reads Your Mind

  31. Yeah the transmission in the 2nd gen tl is annoying because I have an 03 3.2 tl type s and when you’re driving in the rain and you accelerate hard and it spins the wheels for some reason after the wheels spin it sometimes locks up the transmission and it literally just won’t shift gears to the point that you have to put it into neutral to get it to shift out

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