Soda Blaster on My Classic Car from Eastwood

Soda Blaster on My Classic Car from Eastwood

shopping day I’ve got John Sloan from
the eastwood company John how you doing today I’m doing great great to be here
dance we know media blasting is something we
all need doing we’re doing a restoration something but the thing is kind of
trendy these days you’re an awful lot about is is is soda blasting soda as the
media baking soda right that’s right it’s a it is especially treated baking
soda product it’s not like the baking soda that you might pick up at your
grocery store it’s a it’s a tree crystal that has more impact and can remove the
pain but it also is it’s it’s a it’s more friendly I mean environmentally but
also it is easier on the the surface is your blasting right i mean you can get
around glass with you can get around chrome is a true without catching it
yeah you’re gonna love that well here’s a guy i love you i love your
cheat with demos and here’s another one of these this is this is a kind of why
soda right very much so here you can see a couple
samples of that blasted with soda this is a steel pal and this is aluminum
pound both of which were blasted with the baking soda and you can see there’s
very little warp there’s a just a slight bit of warpage
on the aluminum but also very smooth surface is a very smooth surface on the
other hand I have a couple panels here that I blasted with the aluminum oxide
abrasive this again is steel and this is aluminum and you can see even with the
steal that there is someone ridge there well and it’s crazy in the in aluminum
case and and the surfaces i mean it’s it’s very edged it’s very
rough yeah and if you want to avoid that and the people do yes yeah you don’t want to warp your car
before you paint and so does the way to go and this is I mean these are a couple
of different the Saudi media that you use right now
the most popular is probably the medium media this is a fine crystal size especially
treated baking soda particle that is the most effective media to use when you’re
removing paint if you have harder coatings perhaps like a powder coat
finish you may want to use crystal excel how
about these two this is the same as the medium and XL
that we just talked about but the crystals further treated with a
hydrophobic he coding to prevent moisture from being absolutely in a
clump up on you and it doesn’t have an atmosphere is that it doesn’t like this
doesn’t look at least like pure soda no this is a combination of baking soda
and aluminum oxide since soda itself isn’t sufficiently aggressive to remove
rust you need the added aluminum oxide to do
that but you probably want to keep that away from glass and chrome absolutely because a legit well that’s
all well and good but the really cool thing is eastwards new soda blast unit
here and this this is it i mean this is the whole this whole thing the
handy-dandy little sore blast right it sure is and when you buy a soda
blaster from eastwood you get pretty much what you see here with the abrasive
manifold attached uh-huh the abrasive manifold is good for
aluminum oxide silicon carbide other very good rust cutting type media but if
you want to go saudia swap it out with with the man wampa down there now
manifold here which is included with the soda blast kit I’m gonna fill this with soda right
that’s that’s like a soda we sell the Soudan 50-pound bags and this is the
action and the whole process right here it’s the dead man valve opening the dead
man valve allows the media to flow through and it’s called that’s work
because if something happened to let her go she shut herself all stops it right
away now what this will do that well this is
a popular option to keep the dust generation down because so it does
generate a lot of dust this will allow you to miss water over
the spray and it cuts out about fifty percent of that dust now this is over here that this doesn’t
actually go with this unit but it’s a soda blaster good conversion of my head
can’t know if you already have a an abrasive
blaster similar to what you see here you could very likely attach this to it and
convert it to so the operation was a lot of advantages to soda and
environmentally is it is certainly one of them we probably have more problem with what
you’re taking off then the with the soda itself that’s right yeah in addition to
what leaving the surface very nice and clean and also leaves a and hip thrust
inhibiting coding behind that frankly needs to be removed before you paint and
you remove that by rinsing repeatedly with water now you guys also supply all the safety
gear and it’s not really as as owners as if you’re painting I mean you really
just a good dust respirator dust mask and hood in a suit to protect you from
the bounce back of the dust nice little of the face shield and a
good pair of gloves and and you’re ready to go that’s it man and you can get this kind
of finish instead of that kind of finish that’s what you got a lot hey do you
want anything more about soda blasting this really cool new so blessing unit
from these would company log on to my yeah i’m dying to check
one of those that’s got a lot of it all right I know I visit Eastwood garage . com your trusted
source for professional auto restoration tools and techniques for over 30 years

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  1. USA is way ahead than Europe in his means to restore classic cars, this is a fine example… affordable tools for DIY

  2. Soda and media blasting is great! Explodes on impact. Video is right on. Great Job. I have a Mobile blasting pot and it works wonderful.

  3. I have polished aluminum wheels with clear coat , want to remove the clear coat and keep the nice polished look, will soda work …or another media ?

  4. I have a knowledgeable friend who has warned me about soda. He is saying it is very difficult to get the soda off or out of the metal and leads to paint failure. Is he correct? Is crushed glass a similar problem?

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