[SOLD] 1968 Chevrolet Camaro For Sale

[SOLD] 1968 Chevrolet Camaro For Sale

this is our 68 Chevy Camaro so this
video will cover a few different things first off there will be a very slow
paced walk around of the car following that there will be a second walk around
we’re also close-ups of each of the cosmetic blemishes and then there’ll be
some clips of the interior as well as under the hood with the car running so
we purchased the car from a gentleman in Texas who we had it for four years he
told us he had bought the car out of Billings Montana
the car wears a respray of a glacier blue kind of a silver blue that looks
really really nice in the sunlight it’s a cool color over black vinyl interior
car has a 350 v8 in it it was a factory v8 car but it’s not the original motor
not positive as to the mileage on the current motor odometer indicates 29,000
chassis miles obviously a five digit odometer likely at least 129 body is
really nice and straight no dents or dings to know minimal for blemishes as
well I mean you’ll see them later but it’s really just a handful of chips the glass is all clear and crack free as
are the light lenses wheels are in excellent shape no curb
rash or damaged tires are nice shape as well eight thirty seconds all the way
around probably a little bit older but uh they’re not dry rot or anything like
that they’re in Nice shape lights and signals are all functional chrome is
mirror-like throughout no damage very very good window trim is all nice as
well you know everything fits properly panel
fitments excellent doors open and close nice and smooth underbody is definitely
a strong suit on this car take a look through the photos there in the listing
but it’s super dry floors are rock solid lots of nice-looking black metal under
there as you’ll notice the car does have 302 and z28 badges on there obviously
it’s not a z28 it’s just a clone kind of tribute car now here are all the
blemishes most glaring there’s a crack there on the lower splitter and then
these it looks pretty bad there under direct sunlight but the front bit of the
Striped is a little bit uh a little yellowed doesn’t match the rest of the
striping then a handful of small chips they’re scattered around the front end and then get down low there’s a tiny
tiny little it’s not even a bubble but just a tiny little paint blemish down
there you can see it better in the photos than in the video but very minor
down low there is a decent chip on the filler cap right there and then little
blemish underneath driver’s side to underneath the bumper looks like just a
big chip or a small scratch that was touched up but the rocker areas on these cut on
this car is very very nice you know pretty clean on both sides
no body rust in there nothing like that and they’re just a closer look at the
trim it’s consistent throughout then the roof obviously no damage nice and clean
and on to the interior the interior does have a few signs of age on that driver
door and the armrest there’s a little burst in the vinyl on that little
armrest the dash top is very clean no cracks or any damage there is a handful
of chips so you can see just a little bit of wear on the glovebox
there’s also some chips around the steering wheel no hairline cracks in the
wood down there which is nice to see see somewhere on the center console there
carpets in good shape driver’s floor has some fraying and it will come with a set
of floor mats for the front you can see the gauge faces are fairly oxidized but
the odometer reads 29 and change and is functional it’s a five digit odometer so
can’t tell you exact mileage it’s also not another’s magic motor so fairly
irrelevant the black vinyl interior is in really nice shape though seats likely
were reupholstered not too too long ago because there’s no wear on the outer
bolsters seats are a nice shape rears much of the same very very nice some age
on the seat belts but the vinyl itself is nice other things on the interior the
am/fm cassette radio is functional the blower motor is functional the gauges
all do work no air-conditioning none of the
components are present

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