[SOLD] 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Twin Cam For Sale

[SOLD] 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Twin Cam For Sale

this is our 75 Casa Vega twin-cam so
this video will be you first a slow walk around and then I will do the second
walk around in which I will show close-ups of cosmetic blemishes on the
car Oh domitor reads
25,000 and change it’s a five digit so it’s it could very well be 125 about
half the car is original paint pretty much the bottom half under the the mid
line stripe is original whereas the roof trunk lid and the hood and tops of the
fenders were all resprayed at some point body is in really nice shape there is
one tiny ding that I will show you a close up up in a little bit but it’s on
the rear deck lid since purchasing the car we have we put
tires on it we put a carpet in it we put a fuel pump in it change the oil that’s
really is car runs and drives nicely weatherstripping isn’t great we replaced
some of it there were 3,500 Cosworth Vega it’s made
this was the 430 second so 3,500 Cosworth videos versus 190,000 regular
Vegas for this year but here the blemishes there’s some bubbles there at
the passenger front corner of the hood as well as a chip because it you know
does the hood does fold forward so made contact there for ding on the hood like
something that closed it with a wrench in there or something like that see a
little ding there on the pillar and now the trunk lid is the ugliest part of the
car you can see a bunch of these little spots yeah so trunk lid is pretty
chipped up and there’s that ding that I had mentioned that’s probably the most
severe spot on the car the glass and all the light lenses are
clear and crack-free a couple little more touch-up spots there overall tonight it’s a nice driver level
car it’s not quite show quality but it’s certainly presentable it’s gonna get
inside the lights there a little bit of Aging interior is in really really nice shape
as I mentioned we did the carpets but the seats are in nice shape
the ergonomics of this car are actually great just the placement of the gear
lever the whole setup is really nice the twin-cam actually makes a great kind
of humming exhaust and over

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