[SOLD] 1986 Shelby Omni GLHS For Sale

[SOLD] 1986 Shelby Omni GLHS For Sale

so this is our 86 shelby omni glhs we’re
selling this car in consignment for the second owner he purchased the car when
it was less than a year old so he’s had it since early 87 the car sat in that
clamp controlled garage you just saw throughout the 90s 2000s until we pulled
it out in late 2017 since then we have given it a pretty thorough run through
sort of the fuel system and flushed all the fluids and it runs and drives
extremely well so the structure of this video it will be a very slow walk around
and then I will show close-ups of each of the cosmetic blemishes following that
and then there will be some running and driving clips so the car is entirely
original all the paint I put an L commoner on it and paint
gauge reads you know about a two and a half to a three on every panel the glass
is all original clear and crack free wheels are excellent no curb rash or any
damage whatsoever the tires are brand new we took the originals off they had
some pretty serious flat spots on them as this was the glhs it stir boat about
175 horsepower 170 foot-pounds and driven to the front wheels through a
five-speed tons of fun to drive a pretty serious turbo lag which is a lot of fun
to play with loud loud loud induction noise car will come with villa sale from early
1987 as well as all the original manuals and then also the receipts for the
services which we have done as you can see the the you know the
quality of the cars is pretty outstanding it’s a true survivor so here
are all the blemishes on the car there are some very very light chips there on
the front bumper you know consistent with the 90 200
miles that are on the car it’s the most severe blemish right there is a couple
little scratches on the hood and then there is a tiny little chip
there on the wheel well again very minor and then a little marking there on the
rear bumper there are two very small PDR Bell dings
on that rear door we have a PDR guy that you know should tend to this before we
ship it out and the last blemish is a little bit of
discoloring there on the top of the driver’s door panel interior is it’s
pretty unbelievable very much time capsule absolutely looks like a 9,000
mile car that’s been in climate-controlled storage the dash is
perfect the air conditioning blows ice cold and remains on our 12 a fridge Iran
the seats show no you know blemishes or tears I mean even the driver outer
bolster is perfect gauges are all functional the fuel gauge is actually
not functional but radio air heat fan all that stuff all the lights and
signals or functional seats are very comfortable 5-speed makes it a ton of
fun to drive this is car number 148 of the 500 built the underbody is just
about perfect Sippi little fun series

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