Souped Up School Bus: Custom Motor Helps Charities Across The World

Souped Up School Bus: Custom Motor Helps Charities Across The World

JERRY: Once you see it, you never forget it! COMM: Shortcut High is a custom built hot rod school bus, and it was the creation of
Jerry Bowers. JERRY: I like to build something I can drive on the street and really enjoy more than working
on all the time. MAN: I’ve been to a lot of car shows, seen a lot of different street rides but that one is unique. JERRY: We get a lot of beeping, lot of cameras, people slow down, we cause quite a few traffic
jams. JERRY: We’re sitting around one night at a car show and start talking about chopping
a school bus, and nobody had ever really chopped a school bus, or lowered a school bus and
I got to thinking that would look pretty cool, so we did it. COMM: Jerry customised the body of a 1949 Ford school bus to fit a Cadillac Eldorado
frame. JERRY: It was about seven feet longer than what it actually is, about three and a half
feet taller than what it actually is and we started cutting it and shortening it and dropping
it down because once we set on this Eldorado frame, everything had to fit the wheels and
tyres and all like that. When it was done I wanted it to look like everything flowed
together. It took us five years to build it, and we’ve been on the road about fifteen years,
we’ve been all over the United States, up in Canada. COMM: As well as it’s 6.6 litre 403 Oldsmobile engine, shortcut high has several other features
you won’t find on an ordinary school bus. JERRY: The blower is just really for looks and all. The first two years we didn’t have
a blower on it, and then when we changed the name to Shortcut High I said I want to kick
it up just another notch, so we put a blower on top of the motor. JERRY: I wanted a wing that fit with the design, so we made this wing from scratch. One of
the main features is your school buses do not have a driver’s door. I knew getting in
and out of this thing was going to be a problem so we made a door from scratch. JERRY: The seats that we have are of a Toyota Supra, super comfortable. COMM: Jerry takes the bus to car shows and schools, and it’s always had a positive message
attached. Doing charity work and encouraging kids to stay in education. JERRY: We’ve been with several charities now, helping kids, collecting school supplies for
kids over in Iraq, Afghanistan and like that. Trying to promote kids staying in school
and kids becoming entrepreneurs. JERRY: This bus will be going long after I’m gone, and I’m hoping to get some major sponsorship
so it can be doing a whole lot more.

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  1. Ok so yea its badass but really… this guy went and took seats out of a supra he could have put the supra motor in the damn bus 😂😂

  2. Cruising on down Main Street your relaxed and feeling good next thing that you know you see 0:32

  3. Weell if you guys knoe phillipines that small school bus its more like jeepney in phillipines you can search if you want just saying.

  4. 0:57 is that a BMW logo I see? Why did you scrap it off and put a different logo on it? (Just a question and an opinion)

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