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  1. I enjoyed this episode of Art of the Scene because I never really understood what the big deal was about the scene. Even as a kid watching the movie, I thought the jump was laughably ridiculous. And more so now that I've had a few physics courses. For me, the impossiblity was just too much to swallow. But I can see now how the other elements make it fit into the rest if the movie.


  3. Easily the best director is David Fincher. Someone did a video essay not to long ago about how he hides VFX work and it blew my mind

  4. Speed is such a great action movie. Seems like such a tame, simple concept these days, but it's so well executed, with great set pieces, likable characters, cool stunts, good pacing, a memorable villain etc that I can't think of much that needs improving.Ah, the 90's. When a runaway bus was the height of action blockbusters and gritty realism combined.

  5. Justin Lin. Fast and Furious movies are only stupid in retrospect, in the moment they have some of the most effective, seamless, over-the-top action that somehow resonates even when you know full well they're not abiding by the real laws of physics.

  6. I think you're wrong about suspension of disbelief. Did anybody ever seriously believe the bus could make the jump? Of course not. It's not that the brain is "tricked" into believing it. It's that you're having so much fun watching, that you just don't care. The Fast & Furious series is another good example of this. Obviously, there's no way the ridiculous stunts portrayed are realistic. But it doesn't matter; they're fun movies so people don't care.

  7. holy crap i couldn't take that guy's voice anymore and his lame ass jokes. get to the f'ing point! that should only have been a 3 minute video…tops!

  8. 1. Thank you for bringing this back.
    2. First time for you? It looked like. Nice.
    3. I think you got lost in the details too much. The first "jokey" part with the 2 minute physics explanation was way too long, if not unnecesary, IMO. The Halo theory was kind of interesting but, again, way too long for the purpose of this video.
    4. The rest was great.

  9. 8:12 The shadows are being cast from left to right, so that shadow you're talking about is not from the missing piece of the road, but from the piece to the left.

  10. For some reason I remember this movie by a different name. I think it was called: The Bus that Couldn't Slow Down…

  11. Runaway Train was a better movie than Speed, had better writing and included a tour de force performance from Jon Voight. Yes, it absolutely looked like a made for TV flick but under the drab exterior was a deep, thrilling and heartbreaking story. Just goes to show you that Quality doesn't matter compared to box office returns.

  12. Art of the Scene is a great series, GREAT WORK!
    I'd like to hear your take on the "the Death Star trench run" from Star Wars. I've heard it described as an example of the perfect scene.
    Anyway, great work, I'm a fan!

  13. Please, guys, do an Art Of The Scene for the final race from Speed Racer! The way it ramps up the level of excitement while staying true to the cartoon origins is just about perfect!

  14. George Miller is the obvious choice, of course cough MadMax cough
    But, on the change I'll still be being obvious, I'll say Spielberg has a great grasp on it. He is a great action director and his use of CG is (almost) always to the benefit of our feeling of the scene, instead of the scene itself cough Fast cough Furious phlegm

  15. what about art of the scene for Eye in the Sky?? man that movie had me not knowing what was going to happen. so tense.

  16. Jack allowed the bus to run into a big ass airplane where it exploded.  An airplane that could have hundreds of passengers on it.

  17. Just rewatched Speed after moving to LA. It's hilarious now. There's no way the freeways are that open between 8-10am on a weekday.

  18. Just curious what would the opposite of the "halo effect" be? Because I catch myself many times feeling like, what good is a hero if he never knows what it's like be human. to bleed. It's the biggest reason people don't like Superman. It's the reason the last Terminator movie was so weird and had people guessing the protagonist was actually a Terminator the entire time. I don't feel for characters who don't struggle. And for those that do I am far more invested.

  19. Great Art of the Scene video once again. This scene ruined an excelent movie imo … the jump is impossible since there is no ramp in the movie for the bus to reach that height. Total waste of special effects …

  20. My father never "bought in to the bus jump", he's a Doctor of Science and he thought it was stupid. But then he thinks all movies are stupid.

  21. A great director working today who uses CGI in a relevant manner is David Fincher (Shout out to Denis Villeneuve, Ang Lee and J.J. Abrams).

  22. George Miller with Mad Max: Fury Road.. maybe that doesn't count because he didn't do a whole lot of CGI in that movie I don't think

  23. Aaaand "Runaway Train" was basically based on the japanese "Shinkansen daibakuha", which was about one of the first Bullet Trains in the world, with a bomb on board.

  24. Dude if you're gonna use a Simpsons clip for this video it's gotta be this one:


  25. Wow that 7:07 that Madea joke was lame and unfunny. Don't ever in yall life tell another joke like that. I'm calling yall out for that one and I don't even like Madea. Just so yall understand how distasteful that joke was.

  26. Actually, Graham Yost had watched an entirely different film, which was a Japanese 70s film titled "The Bullet Train", which was about a Bullet train rigged with a bomb that would be triggered to explode if the train's speed dropped, which Yost later reworked it as "Speed", just changing it to a bus instead.

  27. I cant imagine anyone else other than keanu and Bullock in Speed. I dont think Id have even liked it w/ Baldwin and Ellen. 🙁

  28. I have literally seen this movie more than 10 times now. In fact, just last night, I thought I'd pop it in and watch the intro Lift sequence and close it. Next thing I know I finished watching the whole movie. Such a brilliantly crafted and well paced movie. Love it!

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