SPOOPY HALLOWEEN! | Happy Wheels – Part 83

SPOOPY HALLOWEEN! | Happy Wheels – Part 83

Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to… Happy Wheels! tis the season to be spoopy fa la la la la la la So, since it’s Halloween we’re going to continue to tradition and keep the Halloween train A-Rollin ain’t no stopping us now We’re going to go into browse levels and hopefully search search my name let’s search for Halloween As soon as I searched my mouse landed on Halloween Jackseptic. ha ha nice, okay Let’s play this ah Whoo, who are we going play as? There’s no Spider-Man Where’s Spider-Man when you need him, since I have no idea what this level is we’re going to go in with ol’ Stevie boy Steve-a- Rooney here we go complete this and you’re a boss ste- F*cking Steve what about Billy Bobby okay? If we go like this we save Bobby. Oh Billy I was going to make you the sacrificial lamb, but it’s okay. Oh go dudes. Yes. Oh, Billy died anyway Well, that’s good. Oh no. Now I’m stuck get off get get up kids. It doesn’t matter a** of steel hu ya ha ha ha ha ha ha I jumped off the bike and won woohoo oooo Halloween jet fall JSE. We have another one. We have another contender. Let’s go with this, I mean. I’m not Jackspeticeye I’m Spider-Man whoosh. Oh whoosh Happy Halloween Happy Halloween dudes. Oh balls. Oh, no. Pete. You’re gonna have to like over that pogo I know, it’s your lifeblood and essence but- ah the pogo made it AAAAA F*cking pogo man. oh, I can hit the Septiceye *laughs* Okay, let’s do this again now fall off here. There we go, swan dive into Masculine ball at-a-boy Pete at-a-boy- there’s the pogo stick again how’s he doing all that sh*t here we go Oh thread the needle thread the f*cking needle there pete yes. Yes Oh, I can smell victory. I can smell victory like a set of burning loins. Here we go, all the way down. It’s right there It’s right there. Yes, woo Halloween JSE and M What’s The M Oh and markiplier. Okay? Fine. Fine. Fine. We share a level with mark. I don’t know what he ever shared of me I can’t even see that for Jacksepticeye and Markiplier it f*cking killed me already Billy got farder than me. How dare, I will not be bested by this bullsh*t go billy Are you f*cking little a**. Do you ever feel like a piece of sh*t? no I don’t, but Billy really does, bye bike F*ck Billy, off the Bike, There we– OH *studering* Yaaa, I made it yes, yes-. *Willy screams* What was that? You see what you can accomplish when you don’t have a little Billy bi*ch Okay, what the h*ll is going on, fail, Why is that a fail? I’m winning C-Could you could you could you mind Billy and Betty, would you f*cking move? go- OOOO O Bobby that’s just great, does your mother love you? Nope, get off me Billy. You little a**, okay, Here we go (x2) Close your eyes (x2). *Willy screams again* I forgot how loud that was, Aaah run, run…..AAAAAAAAAH There we go. Yes. I did it. I did it, wooshy woosh Yes, okay now out over all these, out over all these, Betty, could you move your mayonnaise loving a** out of the way, AAAH! F*ck, Halloween Superman. What do I do okay? Oh, wait can they fit? Yes! Go Bobby! I *loud* always knew you were Superman *victory sound* *victory stops* oh, oh Halloween Spike fall, that’s what I’m all about. That’s what I’m waiting for, oh yes, OH YES, OH, y-no I can’t see man. Oh, that’s too far as well, HA, okay there we go. OOOOOOOOH Nooooohohoho, AAH you know what *giggles* I can still be Spiderman, but take the f*cking mask off and be able to see sh*t, here we go, y’all ready for this doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo there we go You see the skills when I’m not blinded. Do you see them? Ya …..ow….They’re just fake muscles they’re not padding ow, Oh it’s time for a bottle do you see these +1 biceps It’s time to use them to good use, f*cking pumpkins for days. I don’t know what that said, touch it touch it oh, Oh, I want to touch it. Oh let me touch it so, oh God d*mn it. What are you, AH… ‘Happy Halloween stay safe. Bwuahahaha’ BOOOOOOBER Duper, ha there we go, not the cool bonus again, surprise, unlock win there we go, Now you’re talking my language unlock win again. That’s fine, not the death, surprise! Betty, that’s a sh*t surprise, go back to f*cking Walmart. WOWA That’s-that’s nothing that’s fine. That’s better than death. That’s three balls. They’re not balls, they’re pumpkins, cool bonus I don’t want a cool bonus, I want to win the way I’m supposed to, I wanna win in the proper way, three balls Whatever, death, no no no no, I’m holding on to this pumpkin. I’m not letting go I am not dying I-I refuse, this, outcome. That’s about to happen. AAAAH Oh, I’m not-oh…I was gonna say I’m not dead but I’m dead now aren’t I, it’s supposed to be spoopy, you motherf*cker *steve screams in pain* Happy Halloween Happy Halloween y’all okay. There’s too many f*cking pumpkins on this motherf*cking plane, okay, Here we go nice, nice. Not as nice. Go pumpkins, go before me, go! I’ll crush you all you see what I did your brother’s? okay, Now. I have to go like this. Oh this the one, oh Oh Spider Nipples, *weird mouth giggle* OOH That’s not it. That’s not it. That’s not it. That’s not it. I always that the one oh, OH OOOOOH You took my helmet off. You know what that means? F*ck all, oh Balls Aroni F*ck *gasp* OOOH The pumkins almost helped! oh pumpkin bros pump-bros. Here we are I’m gonna push you all off So maybe you’ll save the day, here we go, all the pumpkins, *yelling* let loose the pumpkin fury. AAAAH Oh, that’s not good that-oh, OH *victory sound* OOOOOOOOH YAAA *singing* Spider-Man, is here to say, to all the Halloween let’s plays. If people don’t like him That’s too bad, because I think he is pretty rad, what ah yeah, break it down now (wut m8) *laughs* Follow the blue arrows OH Okay, I gotta start again. I got it. I got it. I got you Jeff. Oh the blue arrows, OH That was a yellow or a green eor It’s not a blue. I hear ya , you’re very angry, whoAAAAAAA WHOOSHIE WHOOSH, yes. I did it, all the way down, those look like teeth. That’s awesome. AAAHh what am I grabbing? What am I grabbing? I grabbed the hand. AAAWOah OOW well then? Oh, My leg was blocking it What do I do I have no idea what I’m doing, okay, Okay Okay, oh, OOH don’t crush me, don’t crush me. Yes, all the way around ,and go, I followed the blue arrow perfectly. Yes Y-Y-Yes, it’s okay. You can lose your legs. That’s fine. You don’t need them Oh Whooshie Whooshiee f*ckie doo, *singing* and they say that a hero can save us Not gonna stand here and wait Wait, that’s Nickelback, nevermind. I hold on to the wings of the eagle What is your flyway? AAH no I lost the arm, AAAAHAHAHAAAhaha hahaha, Halloween legacy what have you got up your Jimmy jams for me? Okay, are you a pumpkin? crap I picked the wrong character, Steve! Why are you all the suck lately, you know what that means? Billy and Bobby F*cking Steve not…living up to what he’s supposed to, Godd*mnit Steve, you had one job. This is pretty cool I like this. OH Willy, Jesus Christ. Willy almost got me in the Willy, That wasn’t gonna be very nice On my-on my-on my gooles *gasp* the h*ll is happening, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH whooshie whoosh I thought that was a whoosher Happy Halloween F*cking h*ll, OOOHh Halloween Arrow run, are you ready for this? Are you ready for this? Let me see let me see your game faces! RRRRRR Yeah, let’s f*cking do this, here we go. Here we-Oh look at this can’t see me. My time is now, Go It’s okay. I always wanted to be a porcupine, that’s fine. Yes! That actually surprisingly easy. Halloween murder Future you Okay, I don’t get what’s going on. There’s an apple Cool. I got lots of pumpkins. Run! He is invincible! Who? I don’t know what’s happening ‘stop, hear that? oh no He is coming! I don’t hear anything!..AAAAAAAA— *victory sound* *giggles* What? *laughs* Halloween of Terror what’s so terrifying about it? Oh, Jesus Oh, God? You guys having a good time. I hate you. You killed my friends (one hour later.) Thank you so much for taking him to jail’ What? Happy Halloween F*ck sake, Halloween for Jacksepticeye Here we go, now we’re talking now we’re talking, into Steve town go slow Do you know who I am? You made the level for me speed is key and all that, okay I’ll go slow *tsk* Oh look, how lame oh r.i.p Bob the turtle That’s sad, I always loved you R.i.p, Sophie, rose. Oh God I can go down into the f*cking grave if I want Sophie rose writes, died being fabulous if there’s a way to go, it’s being fabulous That’s for sure, ah the f*cking Billy’s hanging up. I like it (yeah) What else we got? I’m spooked already. spooky scary, slow. Okay? This is a–*crush* Did i just kill a bunch of Billy’s, please tell me I did. Oh, please, yes! They’re all dead Jacksepticeye Yeah! You kill me at the end Halloween bottle run look at all the dead people. There’s a witch, hi, okay All right, r.i.p r.i.p r.i.p OOOOH Mustard jars. Oh yes, keep her going, keep her lit. Now you’re sucking dazzle AHHH you hairy monkey nipple! I have Steely determination f*ck I mess it up ah f*ck AAAAAHh Here we go. That’s the one, billy. Oh Billy, are you proud of daddy? are you proud of your Papa, You should be! AAH Spooky Halloween jumpscare am I just waiting for a jumpscare to happen Hello! Hi, come a little closer to the screen. No closer. No. I’m not doing it closer I don’t like it *loud scream* F*ck h*ll ah jeez I knew it was gonna happen anyway, but God, I don’t like you, halloween sword throw This is my kind of stuff This is my kind of level, just sitting– ah f*cks sake Steve. a f*cks sake Steve. It’s rain blood Hallelujah, it’s rain and blood, okay Steve Do you think you can take your head out of that bag of d*cks that you’re eating long enough to be able to finish this? level? there you go nice, two in one blob monster. Why didn’t you die? there you go. Oh kill her? oh yes (nope) There you..*exhale* why aren’t you guys dying? This is making me very sad, and you don’t want a sad Jack aaaha ha, oho right in your f*cking neck aha ha ha that was awesome. Pete. Oh I’ll get you, oh, I would if I could get the f*cking swords but I can’t, oh there we go. HA WHOoshie whoosh get him, get him! Yes, I got them all, it counts! bye!, Halloween run on Ah! it started on it’s own! Jesus f*cking Christ. (yep) Yes I got this I got this I got this heart of a warrior speed is key bullsh*t f*ck WHO OSHIE WHOOSH Shimmy Shimmy Sham, This is harder than it looks, getting over these ones is what f*cks you up, AAAAH Shimmy shamma shimmy shimmy shimma shimmy ah f*ck. I got an idea. I got an idea. I got an idea. AAAAAAAA WHOOOOOS HIE WHOOSH *victory* *laughs* YEAHAHAH AH, the best Halloween impossible okay, this is for Dashie and not me so, we’re just going to play it anyway I’ll still f-I’ll still pass it. first try watch, ha whoosh a-whoosher a-whoosher whoosh, a-whoosher! *inhale* I was so close, BOINGY BOINGY Roundy Towny That’s what you gotta do, you gotta get rid of the mines and then you might, aa-f*ck Pete, ha-whoosh There we go *harpoons fired & Pete in pain* YEAH *Ear Blasting Victory* AAAAAAAHAHA Okay now that does it for this Episode of Happy Wheels or Halloween Wheels as you call it ha ha ha. I’m deaf now You think I’d be deaf from all the shouting. I do all the time because the voices inside my own head and my eardrums are getting bombarded all the time, but not really maybe that’s why I keep hearing this constant ringing You guys hear that? *laughs* But anyway, thank you guys so much for watching this video. if you liked it, punch that like button in that face like a boss, and *low pitch* high-fives all round *whipsh* *whipsh* But thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes in the next video *weird russian english* Feel so strong and muscular inside this suit, maybe I should go fight bear, din’t new *normal english* i don’t know why Spider-man is Russian but, why not? Russia Spider-man. why not *giggle*

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  1. why is everyone hating on billy, I mean sure itโ€™s billy but if you look at 8:25 he can be a meat shield.

    So billy is useful to some degree

  2. this comment was posted 4 years later after this video was made. Happy spooktober peeps bc it's october 23 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Trick or treaters: (trick or treat)
    Sean: (opens door) hello there
    One second I got somthing for you
    (1 minutes later)
    Sean:here (gives all potatoโ€™s)
    All trick or treaters: -_-
    One trick or treater: I like you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A video showing an introvert talking to fictional character in a video game where you can slaughter them down to their organs and launch them to kill more people.

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  6. Spider man is here to say, to do all the halloween letโ€™s plays , if people dont like him thatโ€™s to bad, Because I think he is pretty rad, WHAT, UHH, YEA BREAK IT DOWN NOW.

    – Sean the rapper. 6:19

  7. You know people at 9:45 he played the same game in the 59th video he made but with different reactions just sayin ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Œ


  9. I could be wrong on this but has anyone else wondered if the "voices" Sean joked about at the end of the vid is really just Anti subtlety trying to say "ayy lmao"?

    No? Just me? Ok I'll leave… ๐Ÿ˜‚

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